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Choose a week when you’ve got the most time available to dedicate to your little diaper graduate. Begin at a time when your child is most attentive and approachable; morning is helpful, but not written in stone. Set up the potty or potty seat insert and keep your pottying doll or plush toy on hand, dressed in panties, of course. Demonstrate how the doll uses the potty by pouring a cup of water behind the doll’s bottom, seated on the potty. Continue just as any normal day, with your gaze fixed on your child, going through these steps time and time again. Having extra mommy snacks around the house is helpful for those frustrating afternoons when you feel as if you’ve spent more hours sitting next to the potty than in your entire lifetime. About JelliJelli is a blogging veteran and avid baker who’s been selling sweets to feed her chocolate addiction for 5+ years. Lacey, consistency really is the key when it comes to helping your child recognize when they’ve gotta go. My daughter is going to be 19 month old in a few days,right now she tells us when she has to go for poo but she is not at all ready to sit in the potty. Change in conventional wisdom: Most parenting experts now advise waiting until the child shows interest in toilet training to start the process. The longer a parent (usually the mother) is a servant for the child, the more difficult it can be to make the child see the parent as an authority figure. Reading these signals, take the baby and hold him over the toilet or place him on a potty-training toilet. As he’s using the toilet, make a special sound (perhaps a “shhh”), so the baby realizes the connection between the sound and the experience.
You can still put your baby in diapers, but when you know he needs to go (if he’s just woken up or just been fed, for instance), you should take the diaper off and place him on or hold him over the toilet. Learn how to get your child out of diapers early with this easy potty training routine that’s worked for both of my children.

Explain to your toddler the importance both of using the potty when we have to go AND of keeping their panties dry. If you’re using a potty chart, be sure to allow him to choose a sticker and help you adhere it. When the polka dotted apron’s hanging up, she’s a full-time mama to two (plus one on the way!) tiny kidlets enjoying the crazy days of motherhood and pumping out brownie recipes from her thrice-dropped-barely-hanging-on laptop in sunny Costa Rica. We have the potty chair that bubbi and sissi both used, but for whatever reason she won’t have anything to do with training. As far as the seat is concerned, have you tried a smaller kid seat attachment for the big potty? Not that potty training can’t be done with more than one child in the house- I trained my son at 14 months with a 2 year-old running around, but it is MUCH easier when you can commit your total attention to the task.
Our son actually potty trained at 14 months (though I still haven’t posted about it) using the same techniques. I snagged the best guy around, birthed three tiny kidlets, scribble down too many dessert recipes, love Jesus, and grow veggies in my front yard. About 50% of the world’s babies will never wear a diaper and are fully potty trained by a year of age. Here’s a quick primer on some common baby sign language terms that most infants as young as 6 months can learn.
You’ll want to have your eyes on your child nearly every waking minute, so be sure to plan wisely. I’d advise to give him at least 3 full days of potty practice before you decide to throw in the towel for lack of progress.
It’s amazing how much a breath of fresh air at the park helps to renew your motivation to continue.
Right now, she gets the concept of going on the potty, but most of the time she pees right BEFORE she tells me that she needs to go pee-pee. Summer Elizabeth sometimes does exactly what you mentioned here, especially if we’re in the car.

Sorry, I don’t have any advice about how to get her back into the excited-to-potty stage.
The other hard task with her is she gives no signs that she needs to use the bathroom, literally will fill her diaper without making a face, gesture, or an oh well.
In fact, I PT’d my son even earlier (an upcoming post, perhaps!) using these same techniques.
Is this change a result of better knowledge about child development or simply because we have better diapers today? Also called natural infant hygiene, potty whispering and infant potty training, supporters contend you can start training a baby to use a potty almost from birth. Even if he only drips a few drops of urine into the potty, throw the same excited praise party for him along with treats & stickers as before. My little girl went through 3 days of intense training at 15 months, and was just not catching on enough to continue. Thankfully we generally sit her atop a folded cloth diaper in case of accidents in the car seat. For some reason my daughter didn’t take to the potty chair either, but the minute we put her on the toilet, she had better success.
If your child wiggles and doesn’t want to sit still, hand him a potty training book for entertainment. Wash his hands and treat him with a few Cheerios or snack of your choice, and then keep an eagle eye on him for signs that he needs to go again. We began on a Thursday and were able to tote her along to church on Sunday morning with no accidents whatsoever. Granted, each child learns at his own pace, but it’s not unrealistic for your child to pick up in just a day or so.

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