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We keep our prices low because we are passionate about dogs and committed to helping owners in all areas of dog & puppy ownership. With puppy training home visits we can show you the things to avoid & all the areas to focus on. There is a straight forward way to resolve these situations, home visit training from a established professional, a dog behaviourist trainer that fully understands canine behaviour. Sutton at Hone, Sutton Valence, Swale, Swanley, Swanscombe, Swingate, Tatsfield, Tenterden, Teston, Teynham, Thurnham, Thanet, Tonbridge, Tudeley, Tunbridge Wells, Ulcombe, Upstreet, Wadhurst, Walmer, Welling, West Kingsdown, West Malling, Westerham, Westgate-on-Sea, Weybridge, Whitstable, Willesborough, Wingham, Woodchurch, Worth, Wrotham.
Anything you are unsure of from toilet & house training, chewing, socialising, lead walking or any other issue.
We offer guidance and we can make positive changes to resolve the problems with your dog that concern you.
Some dog owners end up with an impossible situation, they have a dog that they cannot control, find situations embarrassing when out dog walking or feel unable to cope with a behaviour that their dog is showing.

Our dog training works because we train you and your dog at the very location the problem occurs, this may be your home, garden or during your dog walk.
All you pay is A?40 for daytime appointments where ever you live in Kent, there is nothinng else to add. We get to the root of dog problems, we understand why issues are happening & we know how to resolve it for you. Sometimes they cannot see any way out except for re-homing the dog (which passes the problem on to someone else and makes the dog confused & unhappy) or at worst even having the dog put to sleep (it really does happen) but this doesnt have to be the case. It may be that your dog has a problem being taken the vets, or traveling in your car, it may be an anti social or an aggressive problem arouund other dogs or people, or it could be a different situation altogether.
We will be happy to help you, work with you and help your dog become a much happier contented dog. Our dog training home visit service allows us to come direct to you, getting to the root of problems and resolving them.

Our home visit dog training service helps in all areas of dog ownership, from behaviour correction, training walks, obedience, soclialisation, dog or puppy training, nutrition, advice & owner support, we can also explain the pitfalls to avoid and the areas to focus on so that you get the best from your dog. We are very hands on and believe in working in a relaxed, friendly manner and will always help with all dog problems no matter how large or small they are. For us it's so good to turn these situations around, leaving you with a dog that is much happier and more balanced than before.
Each appointment usually lasts between 60 - 90 minutes but appointments can over run over if needed, (which doesnt affect the price), we do not charge extra if a session takes longer than expected, the price you see is the price you pay and Free Lifetime Support is offered as standard.

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