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The Cavoodle is a hybrid breed that has been developed by crossing a purebred King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle. The appearance does vary as there are 4 different colours in a King Charles and many different colours in a Poodle. We are professional breeders specialising in breeding intelligent, non-shedding, devoted companions with beautiful temperaments. Our puppies are bred on a picturesque property located in the O'Connell Valley near Bathurst, 2.5 hours drive west from Sydney. We can arrange the delivery of these beautiful puppies to any location in Australia or overseas. This is mainly due to their loving, gentle outgoing nature and  their non shedding coat makes them very appealing. Unlike certificates offered by most breeders, the Cavoodlelove Vet Health Check certificate includes a detailed analysis and report that includes the following: Dental, musculoskeletal, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, genitourinary system, ears, eyes, parasites, mucus membranes and lymph nodes.

Our puppies are small to medium sized, low maintenance puppies, guaranteed to play happily with families or more mature owners. Our family property is rich in history with the Burton family working on the land for six generations, dating back to 1827. Tom McClelland health checks, vaccinates and microchips our puppies when they are six weeks of age. To hear from some of our satisfied customers, click on the "LOCAL FEEDBACK" or "INTERNATIONAL FEEDBACK" link. We couldn't be more happier, he is adorable & also how professional Fluffy Puppies were with all the information we needed when we picked Charlie up. This helps eliminate any inbreeding and hereditary problems that is quite often done by crossing Cavoodle to Cavoodle or Poodle back to Cavoodle and so on.
Cavoodles are great for apartment style living but do love to go for their short walks as they are very inquisitive.

To help you choose the best puppy to suit your lifestyle, click the CHOOSE THE RIGHT PUPPY link. I couldn't recommend them enough, just so very helpful, so a big thank you from Ron & myself.
The King Charles are well known for their loving, adorable temperaments and the Poodle needs no introduction to their intelligence and gorgeous looks. We gave her a bath, fed her and played with her and all her new toys before she fell asleep on my husband's lap and made it through the night without an accident!

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