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DistribOz is based in Melbourne is proud to import the UGODOG indoor dog toilet from the manufacturers in California USA. UGODOG is designed to be used without synthetic grass and pee pads, but the option of pet friendly grass has been a popular addition and can assist with training. Excellent product as described our large breed Weimaraner pup had been using puppy pads, so we placed one on top and he used it straight away on the non puppy pad side.
Hi Marcelle, Thank you for your great feedback on how quickly your puppy took to the UGODOG All is going very well. Many dogs seem to prefer a Crate the  where they can still see you and be near to the action even if they are contained. It is helpful to give a command such as a€?go toileta€™ so your dog associates the command with the action, use the command every time until it is accepted by your puppy.
Dog toilet training will not be complete until puppies are about six months old, at this stage you can consider the option of a pet door to give you and your dog freedom. 1, The owners need to learn how to estimated time of dog defecation, defecation generally appears after eating, getting up, or extreme excitement.

2, Before defecation, the dog will send many signals, such as smell the floor, going round in circles, unsettled and so on. 3, Estimated that the dog needs to defecate, you should urge it to your designated place to defecate. 4, The owner should not punish the dog because the dog defecate in the wrong place, because the blame of the owner does not make the dog understand their fault, but will make the dog fear and uncertainty, serious consequences will cause the opposite effect, in order to avoid penalties, the dog may hide the excreta in a hidden place, or simply eat the incriminating evidence. Note Dog toilet training is a long-term work, you must be patient, otherwise it is easy to give up halfway. Pee pads can also assist with early training and these fit under the UGODOG grate and are available from the major supermarkets and pet shops. Each UGODOG is shipped with a training guide as there are specific ways to toilet train our pets, and what not to do. As your puppy becomes more reliable and his bowel and bladder control develops allow him more time out of the crate.
Newspapers are not such a good choice as it can become a problem as the puppy will use any paper it finds lying around.

So, how to teach the dog to go to the toilet, almost a must do homework for each dog owners. The younger dogs, the bladder’s ability to control is more weaker, usually we will find that frequency of urination in puppies is more.
If it wants to defecation in non-designated locations, you should use newspaper to hold it, move to the designated place, the smell of excreta make the dog understand the correct location of defecation.
This is a very popular option with the double UGODOG becoming the largest pet toilet on the market. Please bring cash for payment, or I can send you a PAYPAL invoice (without the freight charge) for payment before you arrive.
Given the right product, environment, training, patience and rewards, our customers and their cherished family dog or puppy are perfectly happy with the result.

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