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Sitting near containers filled with assorted plastic K’Nex and Lego Mindstorm pieces, two seventh grade girls laugh as they put the finishing touches on their robot creation, and joke about what to name it. Working in teams around the spacious classroom, students appear engrossed in the building, programming and testing of small multi-colored robots – that in most instances resemble animal-like creatures or race cars. A newly-revised robotics engineering curriculum is just one advanced content unit that middle school math and science students will benefit from as a result of Rohan’s participation in the California Math and Science Partnership.
In early 2011 Rohan was invited by Pajaro Valley educator and local Project Director Frances Whitney to attend a seminar about the Partnership training. Last summer Rohan spent one week completing an in-service workshop held at Watsonville High School and will participate in another this summer. Nestled among the redwoods on 355 mountaintop acres, Mount Madonna is a safe and nurturing college-preparatory school that supports students in becoming caring, self-aware and articulate critical thinkers, who are prepared to meet challenges with perseverance, creativity and integrity. It’s important to make sure your toddler feels supported and that you uphold a positive attitude to ensure success. Most children take several weeks to master potty proficiency – and, at first, you can expect as many steps backwards as forward. Your child sits at laugh on the potty without results, then stands up and immediately drenches the carpet.
Though it might seem logical that withholding liquids would make it easier for a toddler to avoid accidents, this practice is unfair, unwise, unhealthy – and, ultimately, ineffective. Some parents give laxatives, suppositories, or enemas so that a child will have a convenient or timely bowel movement.

Nagging almost always backfires with toddlers, who don’t like to be told what to do once, never mind over and over again. Slow potty learning is neither a reflection on your toddler (late learners are no less bright) on you (parents of late learners are no less competent).
Nearby, other students concentrate on working with the program software and syncing it to correctly control their robot. Middle school mathematics and science teacher James PD Rohan smiles as he observes his students’ progress, and moves from group to group asking questions to check his students understanding. The Partnership is a two-year program with a mandate of bringing teachers up-to-speed on the recently-adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mathematics.
Rohan is the only non-public school teacher participating in the program from the Pajaro area. During the summer session, the group is broken down into smaller working groups charged with researching and designing a lesson and teaching the lesson to students in each teacher’s classroom, along with filming the teaching in one of the classrooms and critiquing the videotaped lesson as a group. Rohan’s coach, Denise Henry, came to MMS last fall and worked with Rohan on rewrite the robotics curriculum the seventh grade is now studying. The CAIS and WASC accredited program emphasizes academic excellence, creative self-expression and positive character development. Setting your expectations too high can dampen your child’s enthusiasm and damage self-confidence. In fact, stepping up fluid intake means that there will be more opportunities for a toddler to use potty and, thus, more opportunities for success.

But not only is this practice unwise (such products should only be used on a doctor’s recommendation), it generally unsuccessful. Even the most resistant will one day decide that going to the potty beats wearing a nappy – and when that happens, toileting will become as routine for your child as it is for you.
Or refuses to go before leaving the house, then soaks the car seat not two minutes out of the driveway. While it might produce the desired results in the short-term, it teaches a child nothing about the bowel control essential for the long-term. Labeling a toddler who’s had success on the potty big or grown-up might stroke his or her ego in just the right way, or, in a toddler whose ambivalent about stepping out of babyhood, might trigger potty regression. Don’t bring the subject up every day, or point out peers who are in underpants, or display anger or hostility when changing nappies.
Your frustrations out on your toddler greater still – yet staying calm in the face of toileting setbacks is crucial to ultimate success. If you meet occasional resistance, pretend you don’t care, and continue your toilet-teaching programme as before. Remember, for someone just learned, occasional or even frequent misinterpretations of body signals are to be excepted, overreacting to lapses can discourage a toddler from future attempts.

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