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But make sure you read this page first or come back to it, there are many basics covered here!!
I have helped toilet train a lot of little kids over the years and I have tried different methods and procedures, and because I have been there, done that, I am offering you my free toddler potty training advice. First, let's discuss working with the parents, what their thoughts are on potty training problems and their kids.
Why? Potty training problems and potty training resistance can be overwhelming for everyone - that is why, for the child's sake, you have to be on the same page. I am not saying that you have to do everything EXACTLY the same, but keep it similar so the child knows what to expect. Shirley R Wrong starts potty training the kids she watches before the parents are on the same page. If a parent or parents expect YOU to do the training solely at your house and are not taking their child potty at home, STOP! Time after time I will encounter that parent that expects this and is too lax on the weekends or "too busy". Keeping a good sense of humor (you will need it for when you do clean ups- sorry, that's just the way it is!) Always keep a positive attitude for a positive experience for the child- You NEVER want to shame the child (for accidents) or pressure them to go potty.
I keep a roll of paper towels in my bathroom as well as a bottle of bleach solution or disinfectant wipes to clean and sanitize after each use. Children can and will learn to go on the big toilet just fine if you teach them that way- The potty is in the bathroom where it belongs! Age Groups & ProgramsTurtle Cove Early Learning Centres in Strathalbyn and Wandina run the same programs catering for four age groups as outlined below.
We provide long day care or occasional care as well as a kindy-style 3 year old program that runs with the public school term dates.

As your child's needs are evolving all the time in this age group, the Jellyfish program runs on an individual basis with individual routines according to your child's needs.
You  are welcome to come in and breastfeed your child, send formula or express milk and bring it  in. Our staff  are qualified educators and are trained in use of both modern cloth nappies (MCN) and disposables.
Children are welcome to bring sleeping bags or comforters and we adhere to safe sleeping practices. We also have 2 cot rooms available, each with gentle infant-friendly classical music playing as the children sleep. The Starfish Room offers a more structured play based program for your child as they explore and develop their independence. In addition to toilet training, children enjoy a planned program of enjoyable indoor and outdoor experiences including art, craft, music and movement, language and free play. The Clown Fish Room is where we offer a kindy style 3 year old program that runs with the WA public school term dates with the added value of longer care hours if required.
Children are taught by an Early Childhood trained teacher five days a week in 3 hour sessions that alternate between mornings and afternoons on a weekly basis. We pick up and drop off children at a range of Geraldton primary schools located near each centre and  provide a nutritious afternoon tea. You will need to talk with them so you know what their view point is. Their approach to potty training problems may be completely different from how you handle it! I have had parents who have had very strong feelings about how THEY want to do it, and others who have a more easy going approach and are eager to do what ever YOU suggest!

You cannot possibly do one method at your house while the parent is doing something entirely different, this will cause some serious potty training problems for you.
You know, if you can all relax and approach this in a easy-going similar mode, share ideas, and do this TOGETHER the child will benefit as well as you and the parents. Our staff are experienced educators and are happy to plan toilet training strategies with you and utilise methods you are trying at home. So you'll have to explain your method and listen and respect theirs- and if they are completely opposite you'll have to work out a compromise and negotiate!
Course it doesn't help the poor kids have to trudge to the outhouse at Shirley's and at home they think they can use dads shed for a potty! You will become frustrated with endless accidents- pee (and worse), poopie underwear pants!
On the flip side of this- If parents are trying their best at home, you will need to do your best in your daycare home.
I have a child care provider friend who has each child bring their own labeled potty seat and she keeps them in a near-by closet.

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