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On today's Back On Track Products Wednesday edition we cover the latest horse headlines, check in with Valerie Ashker on week 1 of her cross country trip, learn about nutrient depletion with Tigger and cover the latest from Horse & Country TV. On this Certified Horsemanship Association episode we learn about equine assisted activities to enhance your horsemanship or your riding programs with Gary Miller and Jessica Mohr. Today Fiona Atkins gives us a report from the Royal Windsor Horse Show, architect Heather Lewis talks about designing vet clinics, Horse Nation's Leslie has some new Lady Martha adventures to share and Dr. Debi Lynn Designs presents Alexis Bloomer on her viral video, WPRA Barrel Racer Kelly Tovar and Heather discusses seven social media musts. Hosts: Heather Cannon of Women in Rodeo and Lorinda Van Newkirk and produced by Coach Jenn. Excerpts and links below go into detail on specific techniques to aid a child with difficulty hearing and the specific types of hearing impairments that effect a child with cerebral palsy. Ensure that a visual or tactile clue accompanies all sounds which are presented to stimulate hearing. It may help to judge as well as stimulate a childa€™s hearing if you gradually reduce the volume of a piece of music in a play session. Children with cerebral palsy may have two types of hearing impairment: sensorineural or conductive.
Sensorineural losses result from damage to the inner ear (cochlea), the auditory nerve, or both.
Conductive hearing loss is the more common type of hearing loss in children with cerebral palsy.

Depending on your childa€™s age, the audiologist (hearing specialist) can use a variety of tests to check your childa€™s hearing. Val Jaffee weighs in on preventing post ride soreness for you and your horse, Kate Love tells us about the Texas Trail Challenge, Paige Macqueen explains how dressage helps gaited horses and Alice & Jenn geek out on all things trail and training.
Wendy answers listener questions from the co-host chair about tendon injuries, pink lips and why she does't want you to send her a picture of your horse from your cell phone. Use sign language as well as speech even if your child is not learning to communicate with signing. In an infant or young child, even a mild hearing loss can interfere with language development.
Children with mild to moderate hearing impairment react differently to voices or noises at different times a€“ they seem not to be listening at times. Both types reduce a childa€™s level of sound perception and make speech sound indistinct to her. The impairment can be congenital (present at birth), or acquired later in childhood from meningitis, high fever, or medications such as certain antibiotics.
It is due to middle ear disease (ear infections), anatomic abnormalities such as cleft lip and palate, or malformed ears. For example, to assess the hearing of an infant under six months, the audiologist can use behavioral testing procedures a€“ that is, present a sound, then watch for responses such as a startle, eye blinking, or head turning. To improve a childa€™s responses to sounds, both the audiologist and the speech-language pathologist generally work with her to adjust the hearing aid properly.

Because 5 to 15 percent of children with cerebral palsy have hearing impairments, it is important to have your childa€™s hearing checked early and often. Children with severe to profound hearing impairments usually do not respond to voices or noises.
A common ear infection that can produce hearing loss is viral or bacterial infection of the middle ear. The audiologist can then observe whether the child responds to sound by changes in play activitya€¦.. Disco lights which flash in time to the music can help your child to develop a sense of rhythm. For example, seeing clothes laid out on the bed might tell them that it is time to dress; food on the table might signal them that lunch is ready.
Signs of otitis media are ear pain, fever, ear discharge, or irritability, together with a red, bulging eardrum.
Middle ear fluid (serious otitis media), which may accompany colds or allergies, can also cause a conductive hearing loss.

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