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If you are wondering about the best method to toilet train children, you will be hard-pressed to find any objective study with the answer. Researchers in Belgium addressed this issue by putting together all published data on toilet training healthy children. The structured endpoint-oriented training consisted of actively teaching the child several independent toilet training behaviors. What helped me train my daughter quickly was placing her in princess underwear and then a pull up over the underwear. Inspite of my half hearted efforts to potty train, when my daughter decided that she want to use the potty, she did. A lot of fun, combined with cloth diapering it is a natural extension to your daily activities, nothing more really.
P.S My name link clicks over to my site with lots of resources to help you get going in a positive way! Toilet Training in Less Than a Day: A Tested Method for Teaching Your Child Quickly and Happily! For smaller canines you may make use of a kitty litter tray to hold the newspaper however for larger breeds you may simply protect a specific part of the floor using the paper. First thing each morning, last thing during the night time, right after eating, drinks or even play periods you need to take your dog to the paper area and then wait for him to wee or poop after which reward him. As soon as your dog has learned wee and poop over the paper then you can certainly begin to train him to go outdoors. This entry was posted in How to Potty Train Your Dog and tagged How to Potty Train Your Dog, The Paper Toilet Training Method on November 10, 2011 by Flores.
Candy – Some parents don’t believe in this method because they don’t want to spoil their kids with things that are unhealthy for them. Pick Out Underwear – Kids have fun picking out their outfits, so why not let them pick out their big kid underwear before they get to use it? Stuffed Animals – Have a special stuffed animal that your child gets to play with after they use the potty.
A New Pet – Promising a pet is serious business, so only use this bribe if you mean to stick with it and are prepared to take responsibility for an animal your child is too young to properly care for without assistance.
Read a Favorite Book – Some kids know they have to go to the bathroom, but it takes them a while to actually go. Hugs – While you are probably giving your child hugs often already, giving an enthusiastic hug after going potty is a way to encourage that behavior in the future.
Potty Dance – Parents have sworn by “The Potty Dance” song and routine fervently, insisting that it helped their child learn to use the potty. Fill Up that Piggy Bank – If your child has a piggy bank, it’s likely she loves filling it up with coins.

Add to a Collection – If your child has an established collection of favorite things, you may be able to use it to your potty training advantage. Computer or Tablet Use – Is your young one addicted to technology despite your efforts to curb his budding habit? If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
This would involve having the child sit on the potty at predetermined times and using positive reinforcement methods. Further, there is no overall consensus to the optimal age for starting to toilet train, and no consensus on the expected mean of age of completed toilet training. And in the end, nothing worked until she was ready– more than 2 months after she had turned 4. She did it a few months before she turned three, and she never went back to diaper safe a few accidents. We tried the predetermined time of sitting on the potty, but after a couple weeks of this my son started screaming every time he had to sit on the potty. With this you may use newspaper or perhaps the special potty training pads made available from your neighborhood pet shop (newspaper is cheaper). In the beginning you may need a big space layered with paper however you may slowly reduce the area right up until the dog consistently makes use of the same area. It is necessary not to use two toilet training strategies simultaneously simply because this will only confuse your pet dog and that he won’t be sure where you want him to go. Some kids, for their own reasons, are terrified of going potty on the toilet and need a little extra incentive to do it. Kids love stickers, and it’s a special treat to receive a shiny, colorful decal to put anywhere they want. Others swear that it’s the most effective and fastest method of potty training a reluctant toddler. Explain to your child what the underwear is for and that they will be allowed to wear their new favorite undies when they go to the bathroom on the toilet. They get their favorite snacks as a reward for using the bathroom and after a few days, they will remember that’s what happens when they go. If your child has always wanted a kitten and you promise to deliver one after a specified amount of time without accidents, you’d better stick to your guns. While they are on the toilet, read a book with them and then promise to read their favorite book after they go.
They get excited when you are excited and they catch on to the fact that it’s a good thing they used the restroom. This is an energetic and exciting dance that takes place by all members of the family who are present after the success of the child learning to use the toilet.

Promise to add to her budding collection if she uses the bathroom to go potty and doesn’t rely on a diaper. So, turn bath time into something super fun by promising to add bubble bath to the water for each time she goes to the bathroom on the toilet. Only allow him to use the computer or tablet for games if he goes to the bathroom using the potty instead of going in his diaper.
You can either let your child have a whole packet of fruit snacks or just one or two, saving the rest for later in the day.
She will see that going to the bathroom when she needs to is an easy way to have fun with her video games. Doing so will not only break the bond of trust between you and your child, but you’ll likely experience potty training setbacks as well. Parents who have already experienced trying to potty train their kids know what tactics work. Be sure they know what they are getting the sticker for so they know what to do to receive it again. Just a couple of small pieces of your child’s favorite treat can be enough to encourage them to use the potty. If your child loves going to the zoo, promise a trip to the zoo when they go a full week with no accidents. Otherwise, your child may revert back to being in diapers for a bit longer than you’d like.
Each time he uses the toilet to go to the bathroom and is successful, take away a piece of paper so he will slowly see what the poster is and be more excited to uncover it as the picture is revealed. Once she has mastered the art of using the potty, use the money in the bank to buy a toy she’s been asking for lately. Even during potty training, however, it’s important to remember that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two years of age have extremely limited screen time. I just let her do her own thing for the most part she has always been a strong willed child.
Remember that each child is different and that you always need to have patience for your reluctant child.
So, wrap up a cheap little toy or trinket and give him one for every time he goes in the toilet.

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