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Our commitment to our customers is also defined by the ingredients we avoid and the ingredient choices we offer. Because we do not add artificial colors, the appearance of our products may vary from batch to batch. Our support of non-animal-testing models also includes the belief that we don't need to use animal ingredients to create effective products. In 1995, our original formula with fluoride was deemed safe and effective by the American Dental Association (ADA), becoming the first natural toothpaste to bear the ADA's Seal of Acceptance. At Tom's of Maine, we are as serious about good science and effective products as we are about our belief in sustainability and social responsibility. Please take a peek into the professional activities of our product research and development team (both past and present)a€” we're very proud of the work they do.

Posted by Amanda, Citizens' Advocacy Representative Did you know one of the cleansing ingredients in our natural soap is sodium cocoate, or coconut oil? Toothcare Training KitGreat for Infants and ToddlersThe Toothcare Training Kit contains products made specifically for the safe introduction of dental care to infants and young children. Our customers prefer the fresh, natural taste and smell of herbs, fruits, and flowers (or no fragrance at all!). Just one example: glycerin, used in toothpastes and soaps, is often made from animal ingredients, but ours is vegetable-based. Toma€™s of Maine product certifications reflect important choices we offer in response.The American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance, first awarded in 1931, is a trusted symbol of a dental product's safety and effectiveness. Our team of distinguished dentists, scientists, and herbal experts are leaders in their fields, and their innovative methods and extensive research result in effective natural products that deliver key benefits using plants and minerals.

In my role as Citizens' Advocacy Representative, it's my job to answer all of your Tom's of Maine product questions.
Wea€™re proud of our ingredients and want you to know about each one, including its purpose and source.

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