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Being a step-parent is an extremely difficult job, and a position where the roles aren’t clearly defined. This site is for mothers from all types of families, but has a section on step-parenting for new stepmothers.
Bella Online is geared primarily towards women, but its step parenting forum is designed for both stepdads and stepmoms. This popular forum receives posts asking for help dealing with teenage stepchildren, disagreement over punishment, and telling the stepchildren about a new baby. If you are Christian, this is a site geared towards raising stepchildren in the Christian tradition. While it’s based in England, this forum still contains valuable advice from across the pond that could be relevant to step-parents here.
There are many blended families in the world who are available to help you go through the adjustment process.

Posters ask questions about how they should handle blended family situations or connect with new stepchildren. If any of these issues seem relevant, you can visit this forum and check out some of the responses. Some posts deal with religious issues, while others explore more common problems such as in-laws and rebellious teenagers.
Don’t mind the British English spelling- there are plenty of step-parents on this forum who can help you with any problems you may be experiencing in your blended family. It’s worth a look to see how families across the world deal with step-parenting issues. Get out on the Internet and start meeting other parents who are going through the same daily issues as you are. Without sugar-coating the truth or pretending to be perfect, we address the issues that come up in our daily lives and in conversations with our friends–and explore every option for developing successfully as a blended family.

The Internet is filled with step-parenting forums where you can get valuable advice from families who have gone through this before. Lastly, it also has a host of resources pertaining to the family court system in case you’re involved in a custody battle. If you are attempting to raise stepchildren in a religious household, this site has good tips on how to get your new stepkids interested in religion.

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