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My daughter Scarlett is 8 and she STILL has parts of this toy we got her when she was three.
This soft bag filled with medical toy tools lets kids use their imagination to pretend to be a doctor.
This basket allows kids 6 months and older to enjoy playing with different brightly colored foods and utensils.
A great nap time or bed time buddy, this soft and cuddly unicorn transforms the dark room into an array of stars. So Moms, Dads, and others – which of these toys for 3 year old girls is getting grabbed by you today?
It’s at age three when little girls start getting into girly toys and when kids begin differentiating between gender toys. I cant tell you how many times I’v sat there pretending to be scared of the doctor and she lovingly calms me down and takes my blood pressure. It’s really precious but what I would have done is surprise her with a REAL picnic in her basket. When your child opens up the lid of the picnic basket, she’ll be entertained with cute sound effects and music. Whether it was pre-made like this or something they put together themselves out of blankets and chairs and tables, it turned an ordinary home into an imaginary world.

The pop up tent looks like a princess dream house and kids love to read, nap and play inside the tent. The starts light up the night with different colors and put on a soft, soothing light show. Your child can take her favorite plush buddy along for the shopping trip as she enjoys helping her parents to pick up the groceries. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. There are cup holders inside that are just right for a sippy cup to take along on the trip. This dollhouse allows your child to engage her imagination as she plays with the three piece family which is included.
If the cute hat and onesie she’s wearing gets dirty, the clothes can be tossed into the washer. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). There’s a blood pressure cuff that will let them take blood pressure readings, a stethoscope that allows them to really hear a heartbeat, an othoscope, a syringe and more.
The unicorn runs on batteries and can be set to shut off the display after 20 minutes of play.

Besides the family of dolls, your child will love the bathroom with the toilet lid that opens, the wide staircase, the cozy balcony and the kitchen.
There are safety feet beneath the cart to keep your child from tipping the cart over or falling. The tent has a changing room area and a glass-free mirror that makes it great for dress up fun. Dora the Explorer is a favorite character for kids and they’ll love this purple backpack like the one she carries on the show. There are no chokable pieces with this dollhouse and you can purchase additional sets to go with the house.
The backpack is the perfect bag to pack full of imaginative play items, especially other Dora the Explorer toys.

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