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Q How can I persuade my eight-month-old cat to give up her litter tray and go to the toilet outside? Behaviourist Francesca Riccomini answers: Some cats do take a while to start going to the toilet outdoors and a number of things can influence them. You can often help by looking at your outdoor area to see how many hiding places she has near to her exit door where she can wait and adjust to the new environment before she moves further afield.
If you don’t think this is affecting her behaviour, make sure that she has a suitable latrine site that is not too far away. Provide privacy with mature shrubs that give lots of cover, and you could also help by constructing a dedicated latrine in a suitable area of your garden by digging a pit, placing gravel in the bottom and mixing the soil with good quality playground sand (not builders’ sand!) Preferably construct a roof to keep the substrate dry and maintain it as you would a litter tray. When you have found a suitable site for her latrine, place some of the soiled litter from her tray in the area — but be patient and don’t be tempted to remove the tray until she is reliably using earth outside as a loo.
Puppy Tweets is programmed with pre-recorded doggy tweets that are activated by what it senses your dog is actually doing. It would be super cool if the pet owner could also program the tweets themselves, as who knows their dog like they do? Is your dog getting into the trash, jumping on the furniture or the beds, eating off the kitchen counter and the dining room table, or hounding your baby? Here at Super Cool Pets we generally shy away from products that deliver shock correction to pets, no matter how mild.
The PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier requires no training or installation and runs on batteries. These fun multi-colored heart pattern collars are perfect for Valentine's Day and can be worn year-round. The Pop Hearts Cat Collar and Pink Heart Cat Collar are breakaway collars that will release under pressure. It has three 2" wooden pegs to hold your leashes, collars or any other pet stuff you want easily accessible. This striking Japanese Koichi Futatsumata Hammock combines beauty and function for the cat household.
Cat lovers, this post isn't so much about a pet product as protecting your beloved tech products from your kitty.
The portable Flexi PC Pet ID Tag is a desktop storage device that plugs into your computer's USB port. Both have an elevated drinking basin to help keep guzzlers from guzzling, while smaller dogs and cats can drink from below. This ceramic Bridgeport Onyx Waterer Fountain above is stylish and will keep your pets' water cool. The Dog It Fresh and Clear Large Pet Fountain is, despite its name, also suitable for cats and dogs. The book is chock full of expert advice, backed up by entertaining stories and spectacular photos. This morning we had an "eureka" moment over canine skin symptoms that have confounded us for over a year. From the site: "DoggedHealth is the most comprehensive and authoritative canine health and wellness site on the Internet. With all the training pads used in the puppy-training phase, you need a way to keep odors from permeating your home. Dogs of all breeds will compete at the 134th annual 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Monday and Tuesday, February 15th and 16th at Madison Square Garden in New York City. If you have a mischievous bird like this, these Sure-Lock Food and Water Dishes have a crisscross base grip that installs on most any cage. Next time you travel to Japan with your dog, or if you are already there, check out the premium services offered at Tokyo's Wag Style dog salon.
Developed by Air Press, this steel and glass enclosed cylindrical chamber provides oxygen therapy to dogs. Like most of us you probably have an indoor cat who must do his business indoors, even though it runs against the feline natural instinct.
The Wall Street Journal has a short discussion of cat toilet training methodology, pros and cons, including other products such as the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit and Feline Evolution CatSeat Cat Toilet Training Seat.
We don't begrudge anyone the right to make a living, but vet bills sure mount up very quickly these days. And, sad to say, the line between medical care and salesmanship is starting to look a little blurry. Consumers need to be careful, since many pet policies can be as confusing as coverage you buy for yourself.
Pet insurance often places strict limits on how much it will pay for particular procedures. And policies can have tricky designs that can leave consumers with big out-of-pocket bills for their animals. Premiums vary from around $10 a month to $75 a month, depending on factors including the richness of the plan, your location and your animal's breed and age.
On the dog clock, the hours are represented by the Labrador Retriever at noon, followed by the Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, Dachshund, Bulldog, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
The cat clock includes the Persian, Birman, Siamese, Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Exotic, Oriental, Sphynx, Burmese, and American Shorthair.
Just so you aren't counting dogs and cats all night, a built-in light sensor detects darkness, disabling the sound.
Chop up your chilli, lemongrass, half your spring onions, and crush and chop (I did both to ensure it spreads more thoroughly through the mixture) your garlic. With your hands, form around 12 balls of the pork mixture, and whack them in a walk with a little oil. Don’t forget to eat with chopsticks, or I might have to come over there armed with chopsticks.

Garlic prawnsThe garlic prawns actually called for king prawns, but as I couldn’t find any that were MSC certified I went with the safe option and bought wild caught Atlantic prawns. So with my fiance off to San Francisco, we went to drop Ozzy off at my parent’s for the week as I work full time. The main was prawn and sausage gumbo, a traditional Cajun dish consisting of lots of stuff… cayene pepper, prawns, sausage, bay leaves, okra, tomato, celery, onion, green pepper, and more. The dessert was non existent as I attempted to make pecan praline, but I did this too late and it didn’t set in time. As for a film, we watched Southern Comfort, a film from 1981 directed by Walter Hill with a score by Ry Cooder. A squad of National Guards on an isolated weekend exercise in the Louisiana swamp must fight for their lives when they anger local Cajuns by stealing their canoes.
Yes, there is some dodgy editing, and the script could have been better, but the overall feel of the film is somewhat claustrophobic and very eerie. Disclaimer: We do not approve of cat on bird violence, so we suggest keeping your animals separated just in case your cat is lower on the evolutionary ladder.
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Here we have an example of a cats love for licking and grooming.  We have all seen a cat spend hours licking itself or its cat companions (why does my cat groom so much?). This entry was posted in Blog, Cat Behavior and tagged baby, cat, funny, groom, video on August 16, 2011 by kitty.
My oldest cat likes cages and likes cars, but she dislikes being in a cage in the car (go figure!).
This entry was posted in Cat Behavior and tagged angry, cat, video on August 7, 2011 by catlover. This entry was posted in Cat Health and tagged cat, physical therapy, treadmill, video, water on July 26, 2011 by catlover. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged cat, cute, kitten, video on July 24, 2011 by catlover. Alot of readers have been sending in questions about why their cats see ghosts, spirits, aliens, or invisible monsters. I can’t answer this question matter of factly (as usual, right?), but I do know that cats have senses that are far more sensitive than humans. This entry was posted in Cat Behavior, Cat Health and tagged bugs, cat, ghosts, sees on June 19, 2010 by catlover.
If your cat is peeing outside the litterbox, he may be suffering from health complications, such as a bladder infection.
There are many different types of litters on the market right now: crystals, clay, clumping, and flushable.
This entry was posted in Cat Behavior, Cat Training and tagged accident, box, cat, cat accidents, cat urine, eliminate the smell, litter, outside the litter, pee, problem, smell, train, urine, use the litter, why does my cat on October 3, 2008 by catlover. I have had her since she was eight weeks old and although she explores outside, she still comes in to use her tray. If there are a lot of other cats around, she may not want to stay outside while eliminating because she feels vulnerable.
If there are few or no hiding places, move large plant pots and garden furniture into the area. Sometimes there is nowhere suitable, or if there is, it is firmly in another cat’s territory.
Remember, in winter weather many cats are reluctant to go outside to the toilet so it’s always a good idea to have emergency facilities indoors just in case.
This stylish cable knit Marty's Sweater should keep your pup toasty until the balmy weather returns. It's 100% machine-washable acrylic with a ribbed rear opening and a buttonhole leash opening.
Puppy Tweets will be available at retailers in the fall with a suggested retail price of $29.99. Pull the gate across a hallway or doorway opening and secure it to the holders on the opposite side.
This new Cute Puppies Pictures iPhone and iPod touch app is just the thing when you need a mood pick-up or are bored waiting in line or for an appointment. But we concede there are times that pet owners truly need to keep their dog away from certain areas inside the home.
Customize the treat box with your dog's picture, name and any other personal information you would like to see.
The Pop Hearts Dog Collar is adjustable with a black side release buckle and has a matching Pop Hearts Dog Leash. With 20 categories, dogs, cats, fish and birds are just a small part of their beautiful collection. It is designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case-Real for Japanese furniture distributor, E & Y. Separate forms are stored on the PC Pet ID so you can customize the available information--meds, vet, kennel, photos--and update it at any time. It's waterproof and shock resistant, so the data should be safe while your pet can plays outside in the wet weather, swims, and takes bath. The integrated splashguard reduces water slobber on the floor as your pet drinks from the basin. Of course it should still be snug enough so your dog can't slip out of it--once the harness is on, take a moment to adjust it properly. We arrived at a pretty certain diagnosis over at Dogged Health, found via a newsletter from the American Kennel Club. We are both an information resource as well as community empowering users to make educated healthcare decisions for their dogs.

With Training Champ Disposal System, simply toss used training pads into this double-sealed odor-control disposal canister. Oxygen therapy is a medical treatment which ups the percentage of oxygen in the air people breathe.
Office fees, lab fees, x-rays, dental care, surgery, vaccinations--we are talking hundreds if not thousands per visit. Do you know how or even if you would cover your pet's veterinary bills if they become seriously ill or need surgery? You need to toilet train this puppy, and people might tell you, ‘Use puppy training pads!
Their music a dreamy quality that for some reason reminds me of the West Coast along the coast (aside from the fact that the band are from LA!). I hope it’ll be ready today - in fact it is still in the fridge and I haven’t check it yet! Without live ammunition and in a strange country, their experience begins to mirror the Vietnam experience. Some cats probably associate the cage with unpleasant things such as going to the vet for checkups or procedures. When the cage is at home, she will let herself into the cage and sometimes shut the door behind her so the other cats cannot join her.
It has a wide shawl collar that can be brought forward and heavy cuffs on the front sleeves for extra protection against the elements. Mattel has plans to release a plastic dog collar tag "Puppy Tweets" with a corresponding USB receiver you connect to your computer. Consult the following diagrams for specific harness design features and choose the one that's right for you. We entered the bare minimum of information in their Diagnostic Dog - Symptom Selector and went from there.
We are not animal doctors, but conceivable uses would be for cats and dogs in respiratory distress or shock, with serious heart problems or allergic attacks. The new Mint Floor Cleaner automatically dusts and mops hard-surface flooring using Swiffer Sweeper Cloths. Unfortunately the pads are white, and now Ozzy associates anything that is white with something that he can pee on. Ozzy was the only one with a white stripe on his chest, and he instantly looked at us in a more curious and inquisitive way than the other puppies had, and was particularly interested in Elliot (I guess it was the facial hair). Preparing the oysters was the toughest part as you have to separate the shell to get at the meat inside, and those things are tough little bastards.
It is also possible that the cage smells like the vet, or some other odour that brings up unpleasant memories for your cat.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
Create a Twitter account for your dog and receive his or her updates all day on your computer or smartphone.
The center hub helps keep the food near the outside of the bowl for better accessibility, so your pups won't end up standing inside the bowl to feed.
It is so hard on the dog's neck, as they pull when they are anxious, and a slipped collar is always a risk. Place the training tray with pad in a warm location convenient for you, and house train your pup to the tray.
This is a combination that works so well, I had to have another glass of wine to celebrate.
He once jumped willingly into a stream when he saw me carrying my old dog Bonnie across a bridge.So although he got on well with Bonnie, who had been around since before he arrived with our family, Ozzy nearly caused him to have a complete nervous breakdown.
Simply put them on the floor and they emit a scent only the dog can smell and encourage them to pee on this.
However, if she is in the car, in a cage, she will usually take a poop and then roll in it. He wouldn’t come into the house, and when he did I had to carry him in from the cold December wind and put him in the part of the house farthest away from where Ozzy was with some food and water to tide him over while he sat with his paws sweating and his fur all fluffed up, growling a low and pitiful warning. I melted butter in a frying pan, then added chopped up spinach and parsley and breadcrumbs and fried these together.
I then added this topping to the oysters and put them under the grill for five minutes max.
To make matters worse, she is one of those cats that really dislikes getting wet, so she usually doesn’t enjoy the cat bath that follows. This perturbed him somewhat.Eventually Cleo held her head high and walked across the room slowly and deliberately, right past Ozzy, who by now had developed a healthy respect and slight fear of her, and she had won the upper hand. He refuses to come when called, so I must resort to scooping him up in my arms to which he groans at, remaining as floppy as he can in protest. This is his bed, and he sometimes feels mildly annoyed that we are taking up so much space on it. I admit that I quite like sharing the sofa with him, especially when it is just the two of us. He snuggled up next to me the other day and I spooned him, and I realised that spooning a puppy is a nice thing to do.

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