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As adults, it’s easy to allow our lives to become monotonous and lackluster displays of going through the motions. Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. As adults in a money-hungry world that tells us we need more “stuff” to make us happy and content, we easily miss out on the simple pleasures and joys of life. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. Adults spend their time raising children to be responsible adults, which is a good and necessary thing, but we can’t forget to allow those children to also teach us to be simple, wonder-filled beings who marvel at this precious life we’ve been given. Ashley McIlwain, MA, LMFTA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Ashley is the Founder and CEO of Foundation Restoration, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which offers a wide range of resources committed to helping relationships thrive. Her areas of focus include premarital, marital, and individual therapy working through life transitions, relational issues, personal growth, boundaries, restoration, depression, and anxiety. Ashley loves connecting with, helping, and encouraging people professionally and personally.
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You get caught up in the negative quicksand that can so easily ensnare you and suck you into an abyss of despair, hopelessness, and complaining.
Ricinda said how much of a responsibility it is to know that Victoria is watching her every move and picking up on her behaviors, interactions, and personality. Before Victoria arrived, I ran to the Dollar Store to grab a handful of basic toys to make sure she had something to occupy her, but there was nothing grand or glamorous about our humble stash. Being around her joy, vigor, simplicity, and innocence made me think of Mark 10:14-16 where Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Believing that marriage is the foundation of society, she passionately utilizes her non-profit, therapy, speaking engagements, and writing to prepare, nurture, salvage, and encourage healthy, strong marriages from a biblical perspective. Her heart is to support those hurting and help them to feel understood, cared for, and hopeful on their path to healing. While this is true most of the time, we can’t become so “high and mighty” that we close ourselves off to learning and growing. There is so much beauty around us, and though we are dealt some tough hands at times, there’s always reason to give thanks to the Lord. As I stretched myself to create fun scenarios and games that Victoria and I could enjoy together, I observed how her little mind was like a sponge soaking up everything I did and said.

Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. I’m reminded of a story of a teacher who asked her students to list the 7 wonders of the world. We don’t need more “stuff.” In fact, we need less, so that we aren’t distracted from the abundance of blessings in our life. Truly life is one great learning experience with plenty of opportunities to refine, strengthen, and develop our character, skillset, and mindset. It’s not that we did anything too grand, but it was just that living itself was a gift that she was making the most of.
She would repeat and imitate nearly everything I did, and like a mirror, she reflected the good and bad of who I was in such a short window of time. In fact, she didn’t even really need the toys we got her to keep her entertained and giggling. Gary Chapman as Managing Editor to launch and develop a website focused on premarital preparation. Seeing the world through her eyes made me realize how precious, important, and fleeting this life is.
Spending time with my adorable little niece was just the opportunity I needed to learn some invaluable lessons.
At bedtime she begged for “one more minute” as she wanted to squeeze out every last ounce of offering the day held. She used her imagination and childish wonder to create elaborate scenarios with little to no props. What you are imparting on your children, good or bad, is the foundation their life will be built upon.
That’s a great reminder when we are around our sweet and impressionable children: be cautious, intentional, and wise. Young minds are very impressionable and things they hear and see as children stay with them through adulthood.
So it is important to teach your children in their early years about God and His Son Jesus.
When I mention God and Bible prophecy in relation to the decline of our Country, adults who were not raised in church and taught Christianity are unable to see the correlation. They may even say they believe in God and Jesus as his Son, but see it as "religion", and have no understanding of the significance of God's Word because they do not know it. I am so grateful my parents were Christians and I attended church regularly during my childhood.

These days we don't have untrained children, all we have are untrained adults who cannot train any better than they are! If only 30% of d christians in d world(2.3billion) will buy into this verse of scripture contextually, our world will be a better place. I pray the Holy Spirit ignites the embers of the Word that are still alive in their spirit, and will return to following the Lord. Having raised 4 children I can say they sometimes go astray for a while but at some point the "good" kicks in and if it doesn't a little twist of the arm doesn't hurt. This is simply kjv bible online, so commentators shld learn how to understand it if any1 doesnt. My oldest got saved when I did 3 years ago, but my other two refuse & will not go to church. To give birth to a human being and launch the child into life alone without teaching even the basics for survival is nothing less then child abuse.. Mothers be like Hanna, she gave her one & only son back to God so that He could mould him as He desired.
Praise God!!""PLEASE TELL THIS TO TEEN PARENTS AND FEMALES WITH MULTIPLE BABY DADDIES!!!! Any parents who are not born again cannot be able 2 train their children in the way of the LORD.
I promised her that I would do this and if something should happen to me to keep seeking Him first and foremost for His glory and secondly because I will be waiting for her in Heaven. She is only five and this letter along with countless others are to be given to her when she can understand. He has entrusted us to be responsible for the guidance of a soul in this world, to daily guide them towards GOD. Every day we have to know that they are in GOD's hands and he is going to take care of them, whether they are 5 or 55. I have seen young men and women go off into the world, they come back almost broken, but they come back to the Lord.
Train them up to do so, they may choose to do else wise, however your training and influence will ALWAYS be in them.
I know great Christian folks with children who are out in sin, even myself, but I know they and I did our level best for The Lord in the lives of our children.

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