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This baby elephant landed itself in a right old mess after falling down a railway embankment. While one commuter enticed the elephant to the top of the ditch by holding out tree branches for it to eat, others joined the rescue and eventually pulled the animal out of its predicament. The calf suffered no injuries in the fall and probably learned not to stray too far from the herd in future following its muddy misadventure. Officials say the elephant had been walking across rail tracks in Goalpara, in the state of Assam, north-east India, when it fell into the ditch.
And seven elephants died when a train rammed them at 50mph in November – prompting calls to restrict rail speeds to protect India’s wild elephant population, estimated to be about 26,000. Kishor Kale, 20, was selling nail polish to women on a train journey, from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Belapur, in Mumbai, India, when he noticed an abandoned bag sitting on the side of a carriage. Hoping it had money and other valuables inside, Mr Kale picked up the bag and exited the train. But when Mr Kale later unzipped the green bag on the station platform he found a baby’s hand reach out to him. Shocked, Mr Kale tried to flee and further abandon the little baby but a vigilant station ticket collector caught him.
Soon, a crowd assembled and everyone was staring at the adorable 15-day-old baby sleeping inside the bag.

Luckily, a train was passing by and passengers, upset to see the forlorn animal in a pickle, convinced the driver to stop so they could free it.
Police are now trying to trace the two-week-old’s parents and, fortunately, the child is healthy and sent to a rescue home. Little did he know that the abandoned backpack he had picked up from a train compartment on Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai-Belapur Harbour line would not contain cash and valuables he was hoping for. Instead, when he unzipped the bag after reaching Kurla station, a newborn baby showed up from it, and with its little hands the baby reached out for the 20-year-old hawker.
As Kale tried to explain his situation, a crowd gathered at the spot, making things even more difficult for him.
He tried his best, but his words failed to convince the crowd that was too excited by the unfolding drama. The 15-day-old baby, a boy, was rescued from the bag, and doctors from Bhabha Hospital confirmed that the baby was in good health.
He has now been sent to Asha Sadan, a welfare home in Dongri.Initially, it was suspected that Kale had some connection with the baby and it was he who had planned to abandon it. In his defence, Kale had said that he was just an impoverished hawker who sells nail paint and was only hoping to find some money in the bag for buying himself a meal. We have released him on Tuesday," said police inspector Jitendra Singh Rathod of the Wadala Government Railway Police (GRP) that is investigating the case.

One officer said that had not Kale mistaken the bag as containing money, because of its heavy weight, the baby would never have been saved.The little baby boy is just 15-days oldPreliminary investigations revealed that the baby was not stolen. However, none of these areas have reported about any stolen baby in the last 15 days," Rathod said. Wadala GRP teams are now enquiring at hospitals in the city to collate the names and addresses of parents of newborn babies. Police will find out from these parents whether their babies are still with them.Investigators are looking into several angles, like whether the baby was born out of marriage, besides checking the CCTV footage between CST and Kurla stations to ascertain who was carrying the bag in the first place. Rathod said since the baby is a boy, possibility of anyone abandoning the baby because of gender - as happens in case of a girl child born to a poor family - has been ruled out.
Also, since the baby boy was found in good health, no one could have abandoned him because of any serious ailment as was found in several such cases, Rathod reasoned.Meanwhile, Asha Sadan and the GRP have been flooded with calls from couples who want to adopt the baby. However, both the Sadan authorities and the police said no decision in this regard can be taken till the baby's parents are identified.

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