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If you are planning a birthday party for a toddler, it’s always fun to come up with a cute theme.
Depending on whether your toddler is a girl or a boy, will often make a difference for what theme you choose, but lots of toddler birthday party theme ideas are also gender neutral too. One year olds and even two years olds might not be showing much of a preference for anything in particular yet, so you can choose the theme yourself, or forgo a theme altogether. In this post, we’ll be discussing 15 great toddler birthday party theme ideas that we know are generally big hits at any baby or toddler or even young child birthday party.
Encourage kids to come in sea critter costumes and you can serve cookies and other snacks in sealife shapes.
Choosing your toddler’s favorite animal or insect is always a great choice for a birthday party theme.
To really dress up this theme, liberally display large jungle stuffed animals and potted tropical plants if you can swing the cost. A more specific version of this theme is to go with Disney’s The Lion King and a great location for this type of party might even be at the zoo. If you have a party with this theme in your home, hay bales are a great addition to the decor and maybe some gingham plaid table cloths. Princess parties are pretty gender specific, but you can make this theme more gender neutral by calling it a fairytale theme.
This theme is so popular, most girls already have the costumes at home and you can get princess party decorations from just about anywhere, including a great selection from Amazon. Mermaid themes are a cross between a fairytale party theme and an under the sea party theme. I’ve already discussed Zebra stripe parties under the gender neutral animal party theme. It is a very popular birthday party theme, so you won’t have any problem finding all sorts of ladybug party supplies. But, it is likely more practical to host it at home with rocking horses and broom horses to ride. There are all sorts of great ideas for cowgirl themed birthday parties and Amazon has some fun western party supplies.
Whatever you choose to do, there are quite a lot of available party supplies for a construction or monster truck themed party.
Boys generally like modes of transportation, such as airplanes, trains, and cars and these make for great toddler birthday party themes.
Racing toy cars, playing with toy trains, and flying toy airplanes are definitely part of the activities for this party theme. Read on to check out all the of the playful details, as beautifully captured by Olivia Richards Photography. From heart shaped raindrops to playful elephants with umbrellas, mom-to-be is sure to feel the LOVE with this theme! Create a truly enchanted baby shower celebration with our whimsical Fairytale Forest Party Collection! Let’s define first the meaning of birthday party, a party held on the anniversary of someone’s birth, an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment. Preparing for your kid’s birthday is a very hard obligation especially when you’re not familiar in terms of planning and compiling party ideas like theme of the party, what entertainment to get, what kind of food to prepare, etc.
Roppets offers a long list of various types of entertainment that the crowd most specially the kids will surely enjoy and adapt useful knowledge from. To be entertained is one of life’s joyous opportunities; so take a chance and be mesmerized by what Roppets Edutainment can offer.

Antonio LiwanagTonc is currently working as an Assistant Director in Roppets Edutainment Production Inc. But, as your toddler gets a little older, you will definitely start to see that they have preferences for certain things and then you can use their preferences as a guide to the birthday party theme you choose. That way, you can invite lots of kids from both genders to the party and everyone has lots of fun.
You can choose bright and cheerful designs or designs in pastel baby colors for your invitations and decorations. Just get the ultimate kit (which contains streamers, wall decorations, table runner, and more) and then add on any additional plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups that you need. Another great site for party supplies is called The Party Works and they have this fun pink whale under the sea party supply kit. You can definitely adds lots of ocean animals on the birthday cake or it can be shaped as one of your child’s favorite sea critters. Often at this time in their lives they have definitely chosen a favorite, whether that be rabbits, monkeys, dogs, frogs, or butterflies.
In this case, your decorations would include all the popular jungle animals, such as zebras, lions, giraffe, hippos, and more.
Often times your kids already have lots of stuffed animals and you can move plants you normally have in one room into the party area. There are even lots of local farms that have set themselves up specifically for these types of parties. That way boys coming to the party can be Prince Charming or a knight or even an ogre if they want.
And you can make it more specific by sticking with a particular Disney princess too if you want. But, in the case of a specific party for girls, the black and white zebra stripes are paired with hot pink for a sassy, chic sort of look. Girls can come in their fanciest zebra print outfits and for decorations you can even hang zebra print paper lanterns, garlands, and balloons. So having props like zebra print mini purses, shoes, hats, and sunglasses would be cute with a hot pink glitter background.
You can find all in one kits and everything you need for a ladybug party at The Party Works as well. It’s a fun theme for a photo booth where you set up western props (hay bales, cacti, rustic wood fences) for the background. Many people will narrow the theme and use Disney’s Cars or the Hot Wheels brand for the basis of a cars or car racing theme party.
For 25 years, Roppets provides the most unique party ideas, birthday party concepts, Children’s entertainment and a one of a kind kid’s party.
The company can help in producing a memorable and an enjoyable birthday party for your kids, two typical entertainments that is in the international wave until now are Puppet Shows and Mascots; these certain shows influences the children with different lessons on every puppet story and the kids get to see their favourite characters in which the get to dance too which makes a powerhouse of fun and excitement. Five of the themes are gender neutral, five are more suited to girls, and five are more suited to boys. You can also find wall stickers that you can easily add to your walls for some simple party decorations. Some people go all out with a circus theme, including hiring circus performers and renting out circus tents. If you have the party on a farm, the kids can have a hayride or help milk a cow or feed the chickens.
Farm theme is also perfect for playing some old fashioned games like the three legged race… although this may need to be reserved for older toddlers.

Add ladybug wall decals and make some cute ladybug cupcakes using black and white polka dot cupcake liners or wrappers. These themes are especially great if you have a garden or sand box for the kids to play in. For us Filipinos, Birthday party is an ordinary or extravagant celebration in which we prepare lots of food, invite lots of relatives and friends, even our neighbours, reserve a big venue, and hire performers for Entertainment for kids even the cost is too much just to see the smile and laughter of their family and friends. By offering different entertainment, an organized party theme and unique puppetry art forms for birthday parties, Roppets excelled in the entertainment market for 25 years and achieved many awards for giving the people the unique trend in children’s entertainment. Be amazed is one of the basic effect of Roppets to the crowd of all ages which is very evident in one of the best-selling shows of all time which is The Bubble Factory; this kind of entertainment is not your typical one because each one has the opportunity to get inside the giant bubble.
Although, you can make any of these themes work for either gender if you are a bit creative. Add a variety of different sea critters and sealife to your birthday party decor, such as to your paper plates, cups, and napkins. Have a few easy carnival games set up that the older kids can play (ring toss or bean bag toss).
As with any other theme, it’s fun if your decorations include all the typical barnyard animals. This is a super easy theme and if your toddler girl likes ladybugs, then it is a perfect choice. For a construction party you can have Little Tikes trucks and Lego Duplo sets and let the kids have fun building roads and cities and whatever they want. Or you can have the kids play train by linking themselves together like train cars and making their way through an obstacle course.
One great style of Roppets’ entertainment is the interaction between the kids and the show itself, it’s like watching a kids’ television show only that it is live and a reality in the kids’ eyes. And maybe have a pinata shaped like a circus animal or play pin the tail on the circus elephant. For monster truck parties, perhaps the kids can bring their own monster truck and have a competition.
The kids also like colourful surroundings or a party place which is like their own playground in which Roppets can offer balloon decorations that will definitely fulfill your extravagant party. Teach the kids a super easy square dance or line dance and play hoe-down or country music for them to dance to. Having cardboard box forts and toddler tools, toolbelts, and hardhats is perfect for a construction party as well. A Birthday Party must have souvenirs in which the kids could get to enjoy for like days or hours even after the part has ended that’s why Roppets offers Face Painting, Henna Tattoo and Glitter Art to give the kids an art that they will take home. Another fun activity for this is to play a game of horseshoes or, using the broom horses, you can set up a fun barrel racing obstacle course and kids can compete in teams for fastest times (probably best for older toddlers). The kids can choose among cartoon characters or designs to stick on any part of their body.
Kids are always amazed by art and colours that is why it’s great to have a birthday party with these.

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