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In total, 19 Adult Special Editions were released, 1 baby special edition, 1 rumored special edition, and 9 cancelled Special Editions.
Released in May of 1999, it was intended to have parents buy for their kids who graduated high school that same month. In September 1999, the Racing Furby was created and was released and exclusive to Kmart Stores.
Originally intended to be released alongside the Santa Furby, it was released on its original release date, unlike the Santa Furby, which was released 1 month early due to shipping mistakes.
In 2000, a new Spring Furby was created and was a baby version of the original Spring Furby. The President Furby is basically a Bear furby with black-colored feet to look like little black shoes and a suit. Released 1999, it is one of the rarest Furby special editions, having only 5,000 ever made.
Not much is known besides the photo, and that it was intended to launch July 4th 2000, but it was cancelled. A Furby was to be released in the year 2000 that looked like Elvis, and was a special edition.

Pawesome Cakes And Cookies Diamond In The Woof Dog Training Ltd PicturePin Pawesome Cakes And Cookies Diamond In The Woof Dog Training Ltd cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. However, 5,000 of these were exclusive to the Windows On The World gift shop inside the north tower of the World Trade Center, because of which this Furby would then get the nickname "World Trade Center Furby". It is a reversal in color from the other one, and this one is easier to find due to having 220,000 created. Only 72,000 were ever made, and this one is rare to find, even rarer to find one in tested and otherwise said working condition. Tropical Furby was released to celebrate summer, but it was delayed after its original set July 1999 release date. The only changed thing is that it has a completely white tummy, the leopard has a lightish-pink tummy.
A number of 100,000 were produced, as evidenced by a fan's own Rockstar Furby, which is number 99,817 out of 100,000. Showcasing our full assortment of electronic talking toy baby in stock and ready for shipping here online. Like a wizard, this fubby is considered magic is told to be able to predict future events, only in fubbish!

It was intended to be released December 1999, but was released in many stores early as an accident.
It was exclusive to Wal-Mart stores worldwide, while in the USA it was exclusive to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.
It was the last Furby to be released in stores worldwide, with the final 2 Furbys being available only on the internet. Famous for their poor training and poor worker ability, JT manufactured Furby colors such as Jester, Lamb and some Kid Cuisine furbys. Most of the Furbys manufactured by JT came with faults, parts missing, or they were just plain broken, straight out of the box.

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