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One of America's leading trainers helps you channel your hunting dog's huge ambition so he works for you, the way you want, and does so happily. All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners. This is such a commonly held stereotype I had to write about it, partly to give a realistic answer, and partly to reassure! So, two gene pools exists, and still do, the absolutely damn awful puppy farm originating genepool and the quality gene pool.
Therefore their working reputation is regarded with deep suspicion by some groups of people, and generally rightly so because of the poor quality chocolates who in the past have dipped toes into working. The overall negative impression also can come from the fact that whilst there are thousands of chocolates out there there are tens, no hundreds of thousands of blacks and yellows. So as you can see, basically the vast majority of the chocolate gene pool are poorly bred pet dogs with money only in mind when mating. I have new dog obedience classes starting on the 21st and 28th of November, and the 8th of December, if you’re looking to train your family member, new or old, then give me a call on 07843 283370 or 01772 690597.
Owning a gundog isn’t necessarily a cheap undertaking, but then the best things in life never are.
Just to bring things up to date, the Kennel Club has been registering around 45,000 labrador pups a year, making the breed the UK’s most popular dog.
For the first seven months or so – after jabs costing around ?60 – feed is the main overhead; feeding a dog a reputable brand of complete food shouldn’t cost more than about ?4 a week, or slightly more in the shooting season. A gundog puppy sent away for basic training at eight-months old is the preferred option for some.
Part-trained dogs that develop a fault or aren’t progressing well – or perhaps need to be cashed for financial reasons – are often off-loaded for under ?1,000. Fully-trained dogs are advertised from around ?3,000 upwards – still a snip in my book if the dog is good enough. I’m not sure why there is an issue over how much buyers are prepared to pay for working labradors. I contacted Damian as I had reached the end of my patience with Nellie my 18 month old yellow Labrador. If you plan to train with your dog it’s important to instill the qualities you want your dog to possess, as an adult, from an early age with consistent structure ensuring that learning is fun for both of you. I offer various types of training from 1-2-1 sessions to group training classes so if you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your training please contact me. Funny clip on how not to retrieve a dummy from the water bank after his Hungarian Vizsla left it.

I can’t thank Damian enough for his encouragement and support, Ruby and I look forward to many more rewarding lessons.
Ruby was brought to me for an assessment because her strong hunting traits and lack of obedience was becoming a problem for her owner Lisa.  A working breed will seize any opportunity to satisfy their desire to hunt unless instructed otherwise and I believe this is precisely what had happened between Lisa and Ruby.
I advised Lisa to attend my dog obedience training class to work on general obedience commands and strengthening her bond with Ruby.  Since joining my class Lisa has expressed an interest in training Ruby as a working gundog and running her at County fair scurries to offer her new challenges. If you have a working dog that is unruly and in need of mental stimulation and focus feel free to call me to discuss how I can help on 01772 690597 or 07843 283370. Gundog training Bumble the German Shorthaired Pointer and Lizzy the Springer Spaniel, Preston, Lancashire. Bumble is a beautiful and lively Pointer puppy that I first met when she was just 10 weeks old. This week our gundog training session was terrific and the weeks of hard work and dedication from Christine, Derek and myself finally seemed to be paying off.
It was almost considered a mismark and many many chocolates born in litters in the first half of the 1900′s were culled in some manner as fast as possible after birth.
It came back to haunt breeders time and time again until a few took their lives in their hands and decided to let a few live and, indeed (gasp!) exhibit them! If there is to be fair recompense for the time and investment that goes into the bitch having the pups– including all her health tests, which can mop up hundreds of pounds– plus the stud fee and cost of rearing a gundog puppy to a high standard of care and nutrition, the gundog puppy need to be at least ?800. The risk is that if anything goes wrong with a cheaply bought pup’s health and vet costs are incurred, or the pup fails to meet the required standard of work, your bargain becomes 10 years of dissatisfied ownership. Costs vary but good boarding kennels now charge ?10 a day, so adding training fees on top means weekly bills could be ?130 upwards.
Some breeders would be prepared to run a gundog puppy on from a litter and sell it to you later once the training had reached whatever stage you required. But if you are looking for a genuine dog that has been ‘started’, expect to pay at least ?1,500 and probably more. They do come on to the market, sometimes for genuine reasons that can make the hefty investment required look like better value than buying a part-trained dog, especially if you are struggling to find the latter. That may not always be possible but the horror stories are not in short supply on this topic, so proceed with caution.
I certainly don’t want to see it happen, but auction sales of working sheepdogs are still held at leading livestock auctions specialising in providing sheep farmers and sheepdog trial enthusiasts with ample choice. She was extremely well behaved in the home but as soon as we went walking and she was off lead her hunting instincts would kick in and she became heedless.
I contacted Damian around 5 months ago when Ruby was about 4 and a half months old as I was finding her a handful to control, especially with recall. But recently I’ve had numerous enquiries for German Shepherds that have been rescued.

You see one black from 10 you saw on a walk and the other well behaved 9 stay in your mind.
Others are being off-loaded because of a fault, or have been pushed-on hard by clever trainers – a situation that usually sees the wheels fall off the wobbly wagon as soon as the novice owner takes over. If the dog is well-reared, well-trained and from a responsible breeder it won’t be cheap – but you only have to buy this dog once and all the preparation will have been done.
We joined his novice dog training class to provide Ruby with basic obedience, stability and focus. Mostly from quality lines who just *happened* to carry chocolate in there and it was VERY small I might add.
Its just poorly bred labradors of ANY colour are, and there are many poorly bred chocolates! These are not easy figures to calculate because owning a dog always comes with its fair share of surprises. I had done most of my training from books and previous experience but Nellie is a working dog and I knew she wasn’t getting the proper guidance and stimulation from me. I had a one to one session with Damian and he had Nellie doing things properly almost immediately. This breed needs owners who are naturally authoritative over the dog in a calm, but firm, confident and consistent way. He showed me where my energy and body language were going wrong and that consistency was essential. As a result of Damian’s input and advice I am much more confident when handling and training her, she is listening to my commands and is developing into a willing and obedient springer spaniel.
A stable, well-adjusted, and trained dog is for the most part generally good with other pets and excellent with children in the family. Nellie is so much more attentive to me since I stared the training that I have decided to attend a six week obedience training course with Damian to continue to learn how to train Nellie.
German Shepherds who have passive owners and or who’s instincts are not being met can become timid, skittish and may be prone to fear biting and develop a guarding issue.
German Shepherds will not listen if they sense that they are stronger minded than their owner, however they will also not respond well to harsh discipline.

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