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Measure your puppy's neck with a tape measure, and purchase an appropriately-sized, rolled leather collar. Put the collar on your puppy, but make sure you can slide a finger inside of it so it's not too tight. Once your puppy is comfortable wearing his collar anytime you put it on him, you can move to step two.
When he seems comfortable trailing the leash behind him, it's time to move on to step three. Dogs respond best to positive training methods that include praise and rewards rather than bullying.
It's natural for a dog to feel a little territorial about his dinner, but if he growls and shows his teeth when you come near him while he's eating, you've got a case of full-blown food aggression on your hands.
Some dogs have no problem eating what's put before them, while others pick a bite or two and then turn up their noses. If your dog already knows how to follow the sit and down commands, it's time to teach her how to stay.
The real challenge in teaching the stay command is getting your dog to stay in that position when you walk away from her.
Whilst it seems to last forever when you are in the middle of it,A  teaching your Labrador puppy to be clean indoors is actually a fairly short process. When he trots back into the kitchen he will remember again, but by then it will probably be too late. Puppies A have a small bladder capacity, and very little ability to wait before emptying their bladder once it is full. Some eight week old puppies have very immature bladders and need to empty them at 15 to 30 minute intervals for much of their waking day.
Whilst tiny pups may need to wee a lot,A  it is important that you are aware of what is normal and what is not.
If the gaps between wees are not gradually stretching out, day by day,A  get your puppy checked by the vet. If the gaps between wees are getting shorter again after previously A widening,A  this is another sign that you need to get your pup checked by the vet.
Much of housetraining is about teaching your puppy to include your entire house in the area he regards as his den.A A  One of the best ways to do this is to start by giving the puppy access to a very small area in your home and increasing that area gradually as he matures and his memory improves.
It can help you to help your puppy establish a preference for using a designated toilet area outdoors. But it also means that once your puppy has made a large puddle under your dining room table,A  he will try to do so again. Puppies are attracted to the area they have previously used by the smell at the scene of the accident. Otherwise he will be tempted to return to the scene of the crime over and over,A  which you will find extremely annoying. You can buy special cleaning fluids like this one: Urine-Off SprayA A that do not smell of ammonia, to clear up after your puppy. But the very best approach is to throw all your efforts into avoiding accidents for these first few weeks.
The use of punishment is not helpful in the housetraining process.A  Firstly because puppies have such poor memories that unless you catch him in the very act of emptying himself on your hearth rug,A  he will not remember having done so.
Secondly,A  because even if you do catch the puppy in the act,A  he is likely to associate any punishment not with the hearth rug, but with you! This rapidly results in a puppy which sneaks away to wee in secret and behind things in order to avoid your unreasonable reaction to his natural bodily functions.
Check out our crate training articleA  A for more information on using a crate to help with toilet training, A especially night time toilet training.
Keep your puppy off carpets until the pup is reliably dry during the day.A  It is almost impossible to get all traces of urine out of the carpet without thoroughly shampooing it. When he has mastered keeping that area clean and dry (at four to six months old) ,A  you can expand it to include more of the house.
When you take the puppy to his toilet area and he obliges in the right place, A by all means make a big fuss of him.
Don’t be too enthusiastic to begin with or the puppy may stop weeing to come and see what all the fuss is about.
If you can follow this guidelines, A house-training should be almost done and dusted by the time your puppy is six to eight month’s old.

He may still need a few more trips outside than an older dog, A but accidents should be a rare event.
Check out our Labrador PuppiesA section for more help and advice on house training your young dog. The Labrador Handbook looks at all aspects of your Labrador, through daily care and training at each stage of their life. I have a 10 Week old Labrador Retriever mix Border Collie and He urinates everywhere and have feces everywhere. Our 3 month old puppy has some good days with potty training, but other days she will pee in the house after being outside for 20 mins or even after being outside for an hour – she will literally come inside and immediately pee. Hi pippa, my puppy is 4 months old and we’ve been consistently trying to train her with no success. The big dog only goes out about 4 times a day (her choice) but I go out with the puppy about every hour. Hi Pippa I have been following your puppy house training tips for our 9 week old black lab.
The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States, as well as many other countries around the world.
Labrador puppy training is easier than with most dogs, because Labradors are by nature well-meaning and eager to please. The best way to use positive and negative reinforcement is right after or even during the puppy has done something you like or dislike. This wallpaper is Labrador Retriever Puppies Training published under Labrador Retriever dog category.
Rolled leather is very smooth and tends to irritate a puppy less than other types of collars. Only work with your puppy on a leash when you have the time and patience for it, and your training sessions will be much more successful.
Find help with training methods for puppies, helping your adult dog adapt to new situations and get insight into your pet's motivations! If your dog is one of those finicky eaters, teach her to eat her food when it's put in front of her.
This command offers even greater control over your dog's movements, and being able to obey it can keep her safe when chaotic situations arise. After all, what's the point in telling her to stay if you have to stand there and babysit her? We have a utility room off the kitchen and the door is always open so we have a stairgate up. At first he wouldn’t pee in my room which is where he sleeps and when we took him outside he would go almost instantly and we would reward him. Labradors exhibit many qualities that make them excellent as pets, and they do not require as much behavioral training as other dogs. They are excellent with both children and other dogs, and are extremely gentle both while playing and with their teeth. For this reason, many people use a dog training clicker during Labrador puppy training, because this will allow them to tell the dog that what it is doing at the moment of the click is the cause of the scolding or the treat. Labrador puppy training is a great way to get your dog to follow basic household rules, but since Labradors are such smart dogs they can then be taught a number of different tricks.
Let the puppy drag it around for as long as you can supervise him, and it's okay to let him investigate the leash as long as he doesn't chew through it. Instead, call him to you in a happy tone of voice, and reward him with praise and a small treat for coming to you. Make Your Dog Work for His Supper Making your dog work for his food teaches him that you're the one in control, and that you provide the food. Teach Your Dog to Eat Right Away Feed the Right Food Many dogs become finicky because they've had a taste of people food, and their dog food no longer appeals to them. Teach Your Dog to Stay Begin this training by teaching your dog to stay in place while sitting. She needs to learn that stay really means stay whether you happen to be two feet away, 20 feet away or completely out of her sight. A  If you can’t watch the puppy for a few minutes, A and provided he has had chance recently to visit his outdoor toilet area, pop him in his crate for quarter of an hour.
I let her out frequently for 15 minute even up to an hour if I have time and we go out with my older boxer who is trained hoping that she would learn from her.

I read labs are supposed to hate weeing on their bed but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by this.
But now he knows how to use the doggy door and everytime I take him out to use the bathroom he runs back inside and pees in the kitchen and he’s started to pee in my room as well. I understand why he may have done it on my bed as that’s not part of his den but the other places definitely are! That said, Labradors certainly do need to be trained to some extent, and can become quite a hassle if improperly trained. Therefore, if you catch your lab puppy trying to escape from the yard, feel free to scold him. Try a few different ways of teaching your puppy, as each dog takes more quickly to different types of training techniques. Save and download Labrador Retriever Puppies Training free for you and set as desktop background. Continue walking again, and repeat this procedure any time your pup balks at following your lead. Therefore, the first step is to eliminate all table foods from the dog's diet so the dog food is her only option.
Once she sits and stays reliably, practice the same training after giving her the down command. We have tried the urine spray and putting puppy pads by the door but nothing seems to work. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the characteristics in Labradors that you can use to your advantage while training them, as well as some Labrador puppy training tips.
That said, they do love to chew, and many Labradors can make a mess of your home if not taught what to chew and what not to chew.
Daily training sessions over the next several days should have your puppy walking on leash reliably from that point onward. The only thing which stops him doing it, is when I get up at 4am every morning to let him out to the toilet. But recent days he is barking whenever he sees movement outside (i.e, vehicle, person when crossing my house). Whenever he is fed i take him out in the garden for and hour or so but instead of poo and loo, he plays and when after dat he is braught back home, he sleeps and den after some time he poos and loos in the house.
Labradors are also very smart dogs, however, and can be taught most commands with simple positive reinforcement through treats and praise, and negative reinforcement through scolding. It is important to remember that patience is the best virtue to practice during any puppy training, as some puppies learn faster than others. Save and download this wallpaper Labrador Retriever Puppies Training for free here by clicking the image link or right click and view image and set as your desktop background for your Windows PC or Laptop or your Mac. She kicks her bed around and stomps and smears it and I have to change her bedding 5 times a day. After taking the note of time and taking him out in dat particular time wen he poos, no progress whatsoever. Finally if you want to get new and the latest wallpaper related with Labrador Retriever Puppies Training, please follow us on facebook or bookmark this site, we will try our best to deliver you updates with new fresh and new wallpaper 2014. During the night used to get up at 3am to let her out to the toilet, 4days it worked we had a dry bed, then she started it again but going either side of when i was getting up! Also during the day he will only go to the toilet in our back garden he will not go the toilet on a walk at all.
I’ve tried to let her play in the small gated living room after being out and she immediately pees on the carpet.
I’ve tried leaving her out but she would just wee anywhere and then started to chew my sofa. I have lifted him and brought him outside when I have caught him doing it but he still manages to go when I don’t notice. I’ve used a crate and now a playpen nothing works and she goes in her bed and where ever she feels like it.

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