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I deeply appreciate everyone who has purchased the book in the past, and I hope each one of you has found some bit of information in the book to help you understand your puppy better.
Karen Pryor is a GREAT trainer with top quality training products for people who LOVE their new puppy and want to train her right! Train for success… When training your puppy you will want to break the training sessions up into many small 3 to 8 minute trainings. Night Time Help… For young puppies it is a good idea to feed the last meal a few hours before bedtime. That way they can eliminate before bedtime and have less problems for both of you during the night.
Visit your vet… A good thing to do while your puppy is still young is to visit your veterinarian. Review of: Karen Pryor Clicker Training This training method uses what is still cutting edge information in dog and puppy training! My Blog ~ Talk On DogsTip of the Week!Here’s your “Tip of the Week” : Leash walk every day… Take your puppy out for a leash walk every day.
Walking with your puppy on a leash is the best way for you to establish a wonderful relationship with your puppy. One of the most important aspects of training a new puppy is that you reward and praise her every time she does the right thing. Take the time to help him learn acceptable behaviors and he will reward you by being the dog of your dreams! A routine will increase the chances that your dog will eliminate in the right place, where you want her to. Eliminating in the right place, in your presence, allows you to praised and reward her for correct behavior. One of the first steps in training your puppy is to develop a little insight as to how your dog is motivated. One of the very best things you can do for yourself and your puppy is to find a good puppy class to attend. Gentle, proper social interactions as a young puppy can make a huge difference in how your dog reacts to things later in life.
The on-line courses, books, videos and equipment that is available on Karen’s websites are state of the art and WILL help you train that new puppy of yours in no time. I have been using the Kong brand toys for my dogs for many years because they are fun for the dogs and they last for a long time. It is easy to read and understand, with chapters on some of the most frequently asked questions about puppy behaviors and training.
I’ve had my own ‘puppy training problems’ in the past that I’ve overcome and I’ve helped others deal with their puppy and dog training and behavior issues over the years.
Instead of trying to train your pup by giving one long lesson a day, make it many short lessons and you will be happy to see how fast she learns her commands! You must be in control of where you go, how fast and when to stop, so your puppy will get in the habit of following your lead.

Rewarding her for going where you want and when you want, decreases the chances that your dog will eliminate in the house. If she does have an accident, it means that you have given her unsupervised access to your house too soon.
To ‘train’ your puppy using a rewards system, you need to determine how your dog is motivated so you can offer him something in exchange for correct behavior. If you start trimming the toenails early in the puppy’s life, your puppy will learn to have his feet handled and that will help in all aspects of grooming and first aid care. You will keep him guessing and always looking for that great treat and you will keep his interest longer.
While still young, introduce your pup to all sorts of people, animals and situations in a safe, low key manner. Your vet will get to meet your new puppy and give you a clean bill of health.  If any problems are found during the exam he can give you advice on how to proceed or options for you to consider at that time. The Karen Pryor Academy has helped thousands of people train their puppies and dogs using the most up to date methods available. The book includes information on some of the most frequently asked questions about puppy behavior, training and equipment as well as what to expect when you first bring your puppy home.
I’ve had some very heavy chewers in the past and even now one of my young pups can really chew through toys and rawhide.
I have three Decker Rat Terriers and they love to chew so I am always on the look-out for good healthy products for them. As you walk more often with your puppy he will start to look to you for direction and security.
What you are doing is developing habits with a reward system for puppy doing what you want, when you want it. If given an opportunity to eliminate elsewhere, they will learn very fast NOT to ‘go’ where they sleep, play and live. Remember, keep your training sessions short and always end them on a positive note with something that he knows and can do well.
A good puppy class will include socializing with the other puppies and the other people who attend the class. Take any paperwork on shots or worming your pup has already had with you so they can put them in their records. The system includes 3 hours of audio lessons, 2 hours of live puppy training footage and over 55+ pages of step-by-step guides, plus much more! Also included is a section that lists items you will need for your new puppy, crate training, what your puppy has gone through before you got him and information on veterinary visits, shots and feeding.
If you leave a strong chewer with a toy, it had better be a good one or you’ll be picking up shreds of it everywhere or worse yet, you might have to take an unplanned trip to the vet.

Ask questions, visit, talk on the phone, ask more questions, find out all you can so you will be prepared for the next 2 years of puppy antics and the next 10 to 16 years of dog ownership.
If a mistake or accident occurs, it’s best to go back to the crate training for awhile. Temporarily confining your puppy to a small area, a crate for example, strongly inhibits the tendency to urinate and defecate. It’s fun and rewarding to be with other people who are having the same fun times as you are raising your new puppy! The best of all scenarios is to find a way to combine your pups training with his play so he has lots of fun and stays engaged in what you are trying to teach him.
I’ve used Chet’s techniques with my puppies successfully and I really like the way it works. If you want to learn the basics about your  new puppy and what you can do to help him grow into the dog you want him to be…this is the book for you!
I want to help you in any way I can so that you can have the relationship you want with your new puppy.
The more time you spend with your puppy the quicker and easier it will be to train her to behave the way you want her to. You need to learn the signs your puppy uses when she needs to eliminate and she needs to develop more bladder and bowel control so she can hold it until she goes out to her spot. As you gradually lengthen the time your puppy stays in the crate, this teaches your puppy to ‘hold it’. The bones last a long time and the little ridges that appear as they chew on the bones help to keep the dogs teeth clean. With this website, the goal is to expand that help to include people all over the world, who are desperately looking for ways to deal with their new puppy and the problems that sometimes come up while raising and training puppies.
You can avoid many health issues and temperament problems by getting you new puppy from someone who really LOVES the breed you are interested in.
If you are spending the time to train your puppy, you will also want to give him the best possible chance to do the right thing. This site is designed to help as many people as possible to have a GREAT relationship and wonderful full life with their puppy or dog. Take him for a long walk, play ball, Frisbee, or fetch or go swimming…whatever it takes to give him the appropriate type and amount of exercise he needs to be a calm and collected little guy in the evening when you are ready to kick back and relax.

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