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Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer Seat by Kalencom is a portable potty and trainer seat all in one.
Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty is a portable potty chair that can be used without a toilet making it great for long car trips or camping. Fisher Price Potty on the Go is a sturdy, portable potty training chair perfect for parents on the go. The 3 Best potty training chairs for parents on the go are the Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer, the Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty, and the Fisher Price Potty to Go. The Cool Gear Folding Travel Potty is a portable potty chair that can be used without a toilet making it great for long car trips or camping.
Fisher Price Potty on the Go is portable potty training chair that has received high marks for its sturdy tripod base and easy set up. To recap, the Potett Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty & Trainer is my top choice because it doubles as both a training chair and seat while still having the lowest price amongst the three.
SnackTime container – The top section on this snack container has freezer gel, so your child can drink his juice cold.
I’m definitely not a believer in wasting money buying travel size products, but what do you do if you’re traveling with just a carry on?
I’ve been searching for a slim travel potty to keep in the car for our longer road trip needs.

When we traveled last time, I found it easiest to pack kid trail mix in a larger container and then pour some in to a snack cup. It's time to discard those pesky diapers and get little ones to go potty like a big person.
Graco Travel Potty is perfect for trips to the park when invariably quick access during training is needed. The most common products available are potty seats, potty chairs, potty benches, and multi-function potties. The Cool Gear chair is second because reviewers found it to be highly portable and it conveniently folds into an easy to carry briefcase. Since I try to be semi-crunchy, I’d upcycle my produce bags for this instead of constantly using new ones. However, if you travel a lot with your child you need to find a potty chair that you can use on the road without a toilet so you don’t miss any opportunities to potty train. It uses standard gallon size Ziploc storage bags and users have found that it works with other types of plastic bags as well.
However, its lack of splash guard and inability to double as a seat make it come in second place.
Obviously, this will help you for long car rides (or even a local trip with easy car access)  – though on a plane, you may want to pause the training.

It’s the smallest product of my top 3 choices at less than 1 lbs which makes it easy to fold into a diaper bag and carry around with you on excursions where you need to walk around for a length of time. The two large storage compartments provide room for supplies, and it comes with 4 zip lock disposable gallon bags. The Fisher Price Potty to Go is third pick because it is portable, has sturdy legs and folds into a discreet carrying case, however, it is too large to be carried around for walking excursions and has a much higher price than the other three. It’s really lightweight so if you are traveling by air with a weight limit, you can pack it in your suitcase with no weight worries. Though you can purchase special branded bags to work with it, the chair works with regular shopping bags and other bags as well.
With our curly hair, my husband and I are very concerned with which shampoos we use, both for ourselves and our baby. This is a perfect way to bring some along – even if we are just visiting relatives for a weekend! While managing my home, family, and life, I post to my Etsy shop, write tutorials, and work as a freelance graphic designer.

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