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One of the most commonly questions asked by parent’s deals with potty training and how it differs between boys and girls.
When it comes to raising kids, most aspects are pretty individual so can we really say that teaching one gender something is harder than the other gender? Statistics are a bunch of  numbers that tell you the in’s and out’s of whatever you wish to know – in this case, potty training boys and girls.
These numbers are pretty close together so it would appear that there is not that much of a difference, at least when it comes to the ages of potty training boys and girls.
These include that they think girls mature faster, that they only have to learn one pottying position, that they are socialized in a different way than boys and that boys are more afraid of the toilet than girls. One of the best things that you can do to help your little boy learn how to use the potty is to show him how it is done. Little boys can be motivated to use the potty (in standing position) by playing target practice. As with boys, it can be helpful to let your daughter go into the bathroom with you so she knows what to do. No matter what techniques you try, remember that no matter what your child’s sex is, they are 100% individual. A father of 2 growing kids myself, I can feel the anxiety & frustrations of first time parents especially when their once cute baby turns 2 year olds. Is your toddler starting to show you signs they are ready to use the “big” potty?
When you have set your mind to potty training your child, read over these 5 tips to make potty time, party time (insert disco music and strobe lights)!
Get a brown paper bag and decorate it with markets, pictures, glitter, you get the idea, then fill it will your child’s favorite snakes. You may not want to go from diaper to real underwear, it may lead to more mess and frustration then necessary.
I am not telling you to lie to your children, but taking the trust and stretching it as far as you can may come handy. Always remember that potty training takes time, regardless if you are dealing with a boy or girl. After potty training both of my kids (one boy and one girl) I’ve developed a list of tips and must haves for potty training that have literally saved my sanity. For each successful pee or poop in the potty, give your child a small reward to encourage them and make it fun. Order dinner out the first night (or have a dinner pre-made) You will be so  tired that the last thing you want to do is worry about what to make for dinner!
For the sake of my sanity, I chose to keep my kids in Pull-Ups for nap time and at night while potty training until they stayed dry on a regular basis. If you child calls them diapers, gently correct them so they know they still are expected to keep them dry and clean.
I hate to say it but most kids (including both of mine) have major oppositions to pooping on the potty.
This is my first time too, my little girl is almost 28 months old and showing all signs of being ready to potty train.
I would slowly get her used to using a normal toilet in an environment she feels comfortable in, like home or Grandma’s house. Yes I know it’s challenging potty training when you have more than one child to care for! I’m not sure on your exact situation but I would say try to do what you can to make it a fun process. So, she *could* have 2 accidents in one night without having to put anything new on her bed!
No matter how much I wanted him to potty train and be out of diapers, until he was ready it would do no good. Our preference was the freestanding potty since we could move it to different locations in the house. Nighttime potty training can be a little bit tricky, so you will want to make sure that you buy a waterproof fitted sheet. Good hygiene is something that I emphasized with Little E from the beginning of potty training. Once you start potty training you are going to want to stock up on flushable wipes and toilet paper, and I mean a lot.
Since you are wanting to make potty training a pleasant experience, you don’t want to have to use toilet paper that is rough or scratchy when wiping your toddler. Regardless of when your little one decides to potty train (for your sake I hope it is earlier rather than later) make sure that you have all of the tools that you will need, including Charmin wipes, Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper, or Bounty paper towels.

Share a potty training tip or trick and be entered to win one of 53 $50 Sam’s Club gift cards to help on your own potty training journey!
The most often heard “fact” that parents quote about toilet training is that girls are easier to potty train.
Granted that boys respond better to different techniques than girls do and vice versa, there really is nothing set in stone. I started this site to document my experiences & hopefully my tips, tricks &  information can help you succeed in your parenting journey as well! Come up with a customized song to a familiar tune to sing to your kid when they have successfully went potty. Be mindful that this is a challenging task, but it can be an exciting time for your toddler, just relax and let the party roll! She enjoys time with her 2 kids and husband, trying new recipes, eating, and trying to be crafty. Lot of accidents happen; meltdown occurs and it can be quite a frustrating and a tough time for both kids and the parents.
Pick a time frame, say every 15 minutes and place your kid on the pot even if they say they don’t want to do. Use the power of dad to your advantage and this will be helpful is you are training a boy as he has what a dad has. It is better to keep the furniture in your house covered and keep this practice usually to outside of your house. Educators swear by reward charts as a positive parenting tool, so why not incorporate them into your potty-training strategy?
I’m really struggling with getting my little one to tell me BEFORE that she needs to go.
First time I gave up before the end of day 1 because she cried asking for a diaper, second time she got really sick on day 2 and now we are on our 2nd day with no successful potty trips yet.
We are doing pretty well using the potty during the day, but she is still in diapers at night.
But it was always a little easier when I focused on it and just did it with the best attitude I could muster up! I’ll be starting my last child before I know it, and she has an older sister who will want to get it on all the prizes. One by one it seemed that everyone else’s children were becoming potty trained and yet there I was still changing diapers.
However, before I could be successful with potty training, I knew that I had to have the right tools.
This is important because not only do you want to protect your mattress, but it will also make it much easier if your child has an accident during the night.
With Little E, we didn’t use PullUps much during the day since he seemed to feel that they were too much like diapers and would just go in the PullUps instead of the potty. If I was immediately available to help I would help him wash his hands with soap and water, however, if I wasn’t around I wanted him to know that it was still important that he cleaned his hands.
Between going to the bathroom what I swear is about 100 times a day and needing cleaned after each time, you are going to want to have a good supply of paper and wipes.
Instead, the wipes are perfect for poopies and  the extra soft toilet paper will never leave little bums red and irritated. Thankfully, most of these can be bought all in one trip at your local Sam’s Club so it saves you time AND money.
Having said that, I will share with you the very best advice that I have and show you what other parents are saying as well. While the same can be said for girls, when it comes to boys they are more motivated by seeing dad stand up and pee. While boys may be intrigued by a toilet that plays music for about five minutes, girls seem to adore it! So some horror stories will not apply… but then again we are talking about your child (just kidding).
Get a big poster board and divide it up in days and number of times you want them to visit the potty each day. You can get them in your child’s favorite cartoon character or buy generic and add a sticker to the front.
I have searched a lot for tips and tricks on potty training when I was going through it with my son and these are some which worked for us the best. It could be going to a magical land or a fairy land, maybe it travels all the way to Disneyland. Feeling potty trickle down ones leg is not a good experience and the kids wouldn’t want it to keep happening to them again and again.

Make a reward chart together with your tot or check out this free superhero reward chart printable. We went out tonight for the first time since starting we and brought our potty seat that sits on the toilet seat, so each time she told us she need to go potty we took the seat into the Taco Bell bathroom… Do you have any suggestions?
In our case, Little E started going through the night without having an accident at pretty much the same that he potty trained, however, it can take some children much longer.
However, when it comes to nighttime training, no one wants to be up changing sheets in the middle of the night so you want an extra layer of protection. This is why I put a container of instant hand sanitizer on the counter in the bathroom and showed him how to use just one squirt and rub his hands together.
Plus, since the wipes are flushable you can just use them and flush them down without having to worry about it clogging your pipes. When I'm not changing diapers, I am writing about parenting, crafting, and life in general.
You can get a potty chair that fits what they find most fascinating at the moment and they will want to use it.
The theory behind this is that they are more aware of their bodily functions when there is nothing there (underwear) to catch their “output”. Do not compare them to each other and do not let anyone make you feel bad if your toddler is not potty trained by the time deemed “acceptable” by others. If a parent tries to bribe them with carrot sticks, then it might not prove to be fruitful as it is a boring for them. Whatever is that your kids revel in (cars, barbies etc), use your imagination and theirs to help them get their deed done.
Once they understand that the potty is what they have to do there, we can gradually increase the time period. My son wouldn’t listen to me to go the pot and do potty, but when his dad told him to go and do it, he went in without saying anything. We set the timer on my phone every 30 minutes, run to the potty, and if we go and are dry, then he gets an egg with a treat. She tells me when she has to go potty before hand, but when it comes to going ON the potty she screams and cries. You can however, introduce the concept to your child by reading them a potty training book.
Ok, so there were some times that he got a little carried away and tried to sanitize the entire bathroom, but still he got the concept of cleaning his hands. I am able to buy Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper in packs of XX and Charmin Freshmates flushable wipes in packs of 4. Additionally, Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper is Septic Safe and has the Roto Rooter so you won’t have to worry about clogs or backups. This worked fantastically for me and my kids and I have heard the same praise from other parents. They will make it in their own time and you will be full of pride whenever that time may be. They will be anxious to keep seeing mom be so silly that they will want to continue using the potty.
The next thing to be done is to keep the bribe object in a place where they can see it and be sure that they are going to get it if they do things right. When she finally calms down and sits on it for awhile, she specifically holds it and will go shortly after getting off all over the floor.
In our case, I found an Elmo Goes Potty book at one of our local toy sales which I would read to Little E even before he was actively potty training. Eventually, we moved it up to he would be rewarded if he actually went potty until he was completely potty trained. This is especially important when your child starts wiping his or herself since they will inevitably use enough toilet paper or wipes at one time for 10 people.
I tried showing her she can get special treats that are only for potty time, but it’s not working. It introduces them to the concept and teaches them that potty training is natural and not something to be afraid of.

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