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You should follow a personalized approach when preparing your little girl for potty training. Some parents simply declare one day “no more diapers” and they do just fine; while some parents dedicate weeks and weeks in preparation without any success. Before starting girl potty training, take your little girl to the department store to pick out new panties for her.
If you are starting girl potty training and if the girl has never seen one in use before, she will find it threatening. It’s a good idea to give your little girl the air that she has grown up and she is a big girl now.

You can also get special toys and keep them near the potty so that they are available to the girl when she uses the toilet. When your little girl sits on the toilet and uses exciting toys available for the duration of the sitting, half the battle is won. If your little girl is in dominating stage, it will be advantageous for girl potty training.
If all these tricks fail for girl potty training and it becomes a battle than anything else, back off and try again after few months. Your little girl will not listen when you tell her about the potty; but when she hears from her favorite character or music CD, she is more likely to get motivated.

Girls love to imitate people; so if mummy makes a trip to the toilet, it seems most exciting thing to them. But it is always better to allow your little girl say when she is ready for potty training.

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