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Recently a bunch of weird pictures found on the internet, allegedly from Japan, were posted on an English-language website, which claimed that the wackiest pics always come from Japan. The moving, miraculous story of these cheerleaders who followed their dreams and rose as a team from their obscurity was apparently broadcast on Nippon Television.
Japanese netizens berated the pics above as full of misconceptions and not portraying a balanced picture of Japan.

This is the Rei Ayanami doll we’ve been anticipating since last year—and it was worth the wait! Enter your email address to follow RocketNews24 and receive notifications of new posts by email. We just love art and here is a very interesting and cute collection of japanese painted train wagons!!!
Masters of the art of panchira tosatsu (filming someone’s panties without their knowledge or consent) proliferate on subway escalators, as seen in cinematic masterpiece Love Exposure (Ai no mukidashi), one of the best transvestite ninja Christian hentai films ever made.
One person had apparently even seen the old man from the second picture in person, with fish bowls hanging from his ears, leading us to believe that this isn’t quite the online conspiracy that many would prefer to believe.

By inserting the silicon rubber mouthpiece and exercising by forming vowel sounds for just three minutes a day, you too can achieve your dream face—a small, tight and toned face without wrinkles or sags.

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