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Are you wondering about how to potty train your puppy?  Have you been searching for effective methods to accomplish this?
Housetraining a puppy is not  always an easy task, but with time, patience and consistency, it can be done. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to take them out every hour, after naps and play sessions, and after eating. A crate should be big enough for the puppy to comfortably stand, lie down, and turn around. If you work, it’s a good idea to come home during lunch or to have a dog sitter let your puppy out during the day.

Your entire family should be ready to help with this process as it makes things a lot easier and increases  your chances of  success. The more consistency in the puppy’s life, and the more consistent that you are, the faster you’ll see results. Before long, your puppy would begin to understand that this is an action that you approve of. If you see signs of possible elimination, like circling and sniffing, take your puppy out immediately to their bathroom spot. Allowing your puppy to continue to use the bathroom in the house will only lead to confusion on his part, frustration on your part, and a prolonging of the housetraining process.

Remember, some breeds may be a little bit slower on the uptake, but every breed can be eventually house broken. Once you find the soiled area, do nothing more than take your puppy outside, then clean up the mess – don’t punish your dog for the accident.
Discipline and punishment will do nothing more than hinder the process, and can also lead to your puppy being afraid of you or going potty in your presence.

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