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In my very professional (sense my sarcasm?) opinion, it is never too early to teach your child how to dial 911. It is important that your child understand that spilling his milk on the floor is not cause to dial 911, you have to discuss situations that are emergencies.
It is important that you get your child to understand that even though you are role playing and having fun, calling 911 for fun is not a game. There are always those news stories about a tiny child saving someones life over knowing these skills. I’d say that whenever your kids can comprehend and truly understand the purpose of 911 is the perfect time to start teaching them about it. As families head to beaches and pools this summer, it’s important to focus on water safety, especially when it comes to babies and kids.
If safety isn’t enough to motivate you to enroll in kids’ swimming lessons, here are 11 reasons why your child should learn to swim.
For babies, the tactile experience of feeling the texture and changing temperature of the water with their hands stimulates developing brains. Kids do best with a routine, so regular time in the water gives them some much-needed structure when school’s out.
Like any sport or exercise, incorporating swimming into a child’s life builds passion and a love of physical fitness as well as the discipline to practice and perfect it. Learning to swim and participating in water sports can spark a healthy spirit of competition that will serve your child well for future endeavors. Children who don’t have a ton of interaction with real animals as pets or during other activities are still taught to connect to them through different forms of entertainment.
Introducing animals into your child’s life is a great way to teach them things, encourage activities, peak their interests, and improve their physical and emotional health. Spending time with animals is a great way to teach your child about a number of different things.
Learning about the lineage of dogs from wolves, what an omnivore is, why cats need their claws, why chickens are raised, how to sit on a saddle, what it means to be cold-blooded, or how fish live under water are all great lessons for children to learn firsthand while interacting with an animal.
Children taught to handle pets correctly and understand things like how to hold a kitten without hurting it, how to approach a dog appropriately, and where to avoid standing around a horse can avoid injury to the animal and themselves. Making a conscious effort to have your children spend more time around animals is a great way to appeal to their interests. There are so many projects and learning opportunities that can cross between animals and another activity. Teach them about the jobs they can have with animals when they grow up, what it means for an animal to be endangered, or about animal activism. Of course, not all children are interested in animals – just like not all children enjoy playing video games or learning about history. The important thing to do is to make sure your child isn’t afraid of animals due to a bad experience or not being exposed to them. It’s just our job to make sure they treat animals nicely and understand how to be cautious around them.
From a mental health and emotional standpoint, animals make us happier, give us a sense of purpose, and help us to feel needed. Children are able to learn social cues from animals, feel accepted by them, and how to be responsible by caring for them.
Some dogs are used as support animals to offer a low-stress social interaction to build confidence. From horseback riding to creating an ant farm, there are a ton of animal activities available to children. Author bio: Chelsy is a writer from Montana who graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. Enter your email address to get the best time-saving tips and solutions for busy, working moms in your inbox. In my opinion as soon as your child is able to somewhat understand what a true emergency is is the time to teach them.
I remember having a conversation with my parents when I was 5 or 6 about calling 911 for emergencies.
Then take two fingers holding the upper half of the chest 5 times and check carved his mouth, whether it comes out or not.
According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the fifth leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children under four years of age shouldn’t take formal swimming lessons because they can’t yet voluntarily hold their breath for a significant length of time. Being immersed in water expands this sensory experience because the child feels the water touching his or her entire body.
Time in the water builds a remarkable union between the child and their caregiver simply because the child learns that the adult is their for their safety.

Their favorite television shows and movies are filled with talking animals, we teach them the sounds that animals make, and we give them stuffed animals to sleep with.
For this reason, children are naturally interested in animal companionship in one way or another. Children learn about the sounds they make, how to identify them, and where they live at a young age. Exposing children to a variety of different experiences will help them to be more confident people in the long run. This will build trust for both of them and help your child understand how a dog communicates. Once you are home, research some cool facts about that animal; your child will probably have a lot of questions about it. Big animals like horses can be intimidating for children, horseback riding will show them how gentle they are and the safety measures to take around them. This will teach your child to be gentle when touching animals and the proper way to feed them.
If your child loves Legos have them build a little castle for their fish tank, if they love to play outside create a bug terrarium, if they love drawing look up a new animal and have them draw it. If they already love animals, teach them about the dogs at the animal shelter and teach them about the importance of volunteering or helping the animal community.
Otherwise, a disinterest in animals is okay and children shouldn’t be forced to like animals just like we shouldn’t force them to like riding their bike. From a health standpoint, your pet can lower your child’s likelihood of developing animal related allergies. Even just spending time around an animal or taking care of a pet is enough to get the emotional benefits of animal interaction. Children should have the opportunity to connect with animals on a realistic level in order to learn from them, do activities with them, and decide if they are interested in them. She is passionate about animals, enjoys spending time with her family, and prefers her coffee cold. And turn the child’s head and opened his mouth to check the carved mouth, and put two fingers pull out.
Getting kids and babies swimming and educated about water safety early on will help keep them safe this summer. Hearing a dog bark and reading it in a book are very different experiences for children and allowing your child to observe an animal will teach them a lot about animal behavior.
Being around an animal will help their confidence around animals and teach them to be safe with them. In doing so children are being educated, doing something fun, learning social interactions, and benefiting from them emotionally.
I am a married mom of two who loves making lists, saving money with coupons, and figuring out how to be a sane, working mom. Marie Drouillard nods and shares the solemn sentiment with her fellow mariners but her emotions quickly change once her feet hit the docks and she is filled with joy.It is a sunnyA April morning, and a new day in a new world was ahead of Marie.
She left behind her mother Marie Jeanne, and father Jacques, and the rest of her famille in Ville Marie, Saintonge. As she set her feet on the rickety docks of settlement named Three Rivers, she took the capine from her head and shakes off the last mist of salt water in her hair and thus begins a romantic adventure that she played out in her mind since her youth.Marie takes a look at theA small settlement and all the activity going on around her. It would be a kindness if you would allow me to take you to Father.MARIEVery well Monsieur, I just don't want to put you to any trouble.
I am sure you must have other obligations.PIERREIf you are a friend of Fathers then I am obligated to see you safely to his presence. Now then you would not like the good people of Three Rivers to look down on me as if I were one of the savages walking with empty arms while you tote a heavy load.
My mother's name was Marie Madeleine.A MARIENow I know you are making jest of our conversation.A PIERREHonest! I want to get away from these arrangements.PIERREWhy is that?MARIEWhen I marry, I want to marry for love and to whom I choose. As she stops walking she looks over and sees a man where before she seen only a trusted soldier.
That is if you don't object?A MARIEI would like that Pierre.PIERREWell then we are here at the Chapel. He is an old man and sometimes takes a while for him to answer.A A MARIEThat is not neccesary Pierre. The strikingly beautiful Marie had captured his heart and there is no escaping the feelings he hasA for the demoiselle heA just met. It is the first time he has seen her in years.LALEMANTWell look who is all grown up!MARIEI suppose I have grown a little. How do you feel about Elisabeth marrying at so young a age?LALEMANTIt is long held family tradition to have ones parents betroth their daughter Marie.

Why your parents did the same to Gillette, giving her to her first husband and as well as to her second. I pray Elisabeth will be fine.MARIEWhat issues with Julian do you speak of Father?LALEMANTJulien has been known to enjoy his wine and his work habits are less than desirable. Well I have crossed the ocean and I have come to the mind set that I cannot live in the past, or change my families mistakes.
He sold fish in the market place and he took on the resemblance of a halibut in his looks and also his smell; but that was no matter to my father. Do you think it is selfish of me, to want to find happiness in this life and a spouse who is not chosen for me, but one that I choose?LALEMANTMarie some do not understand my choice for a spouse. I believe you will have many suitors Marie.MARIEI have not come this far and sacrificed so much to gamble on a stranger's heart. I presume you have talked over your terms of employment with Monsieur Francois Peron?MARIEYes Father, I will be working at Peron's store as a merchard mercier and will also manage some of his business affairs.LALEMANTExcellent Marie, I am so proud of you. When we were children we promised that we would never allow this to happen to us or our children.LALEMANTNow Marie, you do not want cause a fuss?
After all what is done is done and today is a day of celebration.MARIEMe Father that is the last thing I want to do. Jacques is a locksmith by trade, and he and Gillette have a small farm that barely sustains their 7 children. He is spending most the afternoon in close proximity to the nearestA  keg of brandy and socializing with his rowdy group friends. Besides in his state of drunkenness, he is having trouble remembering which of the Bertault daughters he is suppose to be married too. I cannot remember.A (laughter from the crowd)The amusement is not shared by Elisabeth's father who looks on and glares his disapproval. Gillette has the look of surpriseA on her face.A GILLETTEYou have made the journey across the ocean Marie and arrived on all days the day of the wedding. She is so young and still acts yet like a child.GILLETTEWell I was 13 when I married my first husband Martin.
Should it be any different for my children, Marie?A Gillette looks down at the seven-year-old sister of Elisabeth, Suzanne who she consoles in her arms.
I thought things would be different in New France but in so many ways it is the same as was back in Normandy. Marie do you see life any other way?A MARIEI just hope that Julien takes good care of Elisabeth. Julien has a reputation for sloth and I hear he has a horrible temper when he has been drinking. It seems there is someA doubt on his ability to be a provider.GILLETTEJacques has had several talks with Julien. Julien has been told that he is expected to provide and care for Elisabeth and we think it will all work out.
It is just that everyone is just a step away from starvation with the hostilities with the Iroquois.
Have you given the fish salesman an answer, yes or no to marriage?MARIEI have told the Halibut he will have to wait till my contract with Miser Peron is complete and then I can decide with more certainty on my future. Right now I am glad there is a ocean between us.A GILLETTEAnd does anyone else fit into my dear sisters future? I couldn't help to notice that handsome young soldier escorting you.A MARIEThere is no fit for anyone for a while, I suppose.
To tell you the truth I have days when the thought of living with the Ursulene Sisters seems like the best of all options. I ask myself do I really need a man to take care of and complicate my life?GILLETTEYou are so independent Marie. Gillette rises from her chair and searches for her husband among the crowd but he is no where to be found. Elizabeth is in tears and quite upset by his behavior as Julien mocks and demeans his new bride for some miss cue of her speech and her untidy appearance. Elizabeth looks over to her mother for some help or reassurance but none is forth coming.Marie now sits alone taking in all the activity of the celebration into her heart and again ponders the value of marriage arranged or otherwise. Among the women in line for eggs, flour and assorted food items is the familiar face of the stores newest most frequent customer Pierre. Marie is hurrying as she runs late and holds two large hand sewn quilts in a bundle that the Sisters at the convent had sewn. Marie watches in amusement as Pierre fended off the big winged insect.MARIEPierre you are always so helpful and here when I need you.

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