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Over the last month, we have embarked on the Potty Training journey with MillerBug ( Jenn son),Now many people have said ita€™s too early. After our trip to Taiwan, I decided I wanted to transition Kaye into sleeping in a big girl bed before potty training her. If you have read all the ready signs of potty training, looked into it a bit and decided to give it a go, here are a few tips that might help you in this arduous task. Read other potty training articlesa€¦A back to basics tip for auto-flush toilets, your potty training questions answered, download a free potty training chart, 5 children’s potty books and adventures of modern mom story about when they revert. For us it took putting my little girl in boys briefs because they had diego on them and a Diego Jeep on display in the bathroom for graduation.
We usually just clapped and shouted hooray when she went potty and that is good enough for her. We try to get him to just sit on the potty, but we screams and cries when he just does that.
However, with training pants the way they are today, you can still give your child a super cool motivation to use the potty.
Then set the expectation that when they successfully use the potty, they get to get one treat out of the bag.
I read all the materials on how to make it work a€“ but what felt like it was missing from many of those articles was the FUN! Potty training is one of those moments where you need to give your child uninterrupted attention. You will be surprised how long they will stand and longingly look at the board and once they figure out what it takes to put a sticker on it, theya€™ll be waiting for you at the potty each time. The process of gently introducing your potty is comfortable and that their feet are resting flat. Bringing home a little one, who of course was also in diapers was a little too much after a few week of spending far too much time changing diapers. Seems intense, but I try to live by the motto anything worth having is worth working for, and potty training my toddler was SO very worth a 3 days of sacrifice! We started after breakfast.  We made a ‘camp’ in our bedroom, right next to the bathroom and near toys and the TV for movies. The potty chart was literally a piece of paper with Poo and Pee across the top in columns.  When she would do one, she put a sticker on the right column. Since we were both tired of sitting in the same room all day, we found a new spot in the house.
I’m not gonna lie, I was super nervous she was going to unload urine all over my floors this day, but she did really good and never made me deal with that mess! Let me start out by saying V has always waken up with a completely soaked diaper every morning since she was an infant.  She had never, ever woken up dry.

I was SO very excited when I saw she didn’t pee all night that I jumped up and down, laughed and said good girl about 25 times. Every hour or so I would just tell her “lets go potty”.  I made the mistake on day two of asking “do you need to potty” when the answer is always no, which led to a break down crying fit when she ended up sitting on the potty. I knew it all ‘clicked’ for her this day because each time we would sit on the potty, she would completely empty her bladder.  This also was the first day she pooped in the toilet. We did keep her in a pull-up, I know some may frown at this, but she wakes up dry 99% of the time.  So this past week we stopped the pull up and she’s only in underwear now.
She got it, I got to stop buying diapers and wipes for 2 babies, and all was well in the house! My advice, being so very clueless as to what I should do to help train my own daughter, try this method.  If you have 3 days to devote to staying home and being a potty training guru….
Get these free potty training charts for a fun way to help your child learn how to use the potty. Once Kaye turned 2, she still showed signs of readiness of potty training, but took no interest in it. I think it helped that we potty trained him after the baby was born, so there wasn’t a reversion issue.
We took a 2 week period when my husband was on vacation to focus on potty training our 2 year old son. Diapers just seem too easy for me, so I wonder if it is worth all the headache to enforce potty training with an uninterested two year-old, even though he has been physically capable of it for awhile. So, stop thinking of it as a task and start thinking of it as a great reason to have fun and celebrate a super fabulous milestone! List each day of the week and then make a box for each time you want your child to use the potty. Then, each time your child successfully uses the potty, allow them to take one sticker out of the bag and place it on the poster board. Each time you put them on, explain that they are super special big kid pants and that he or she can only wear them while they are working on going to the potty. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Get this reward chart for potty training or any other task that your child is working towards! So, thinking about this I realize that we’ve moved twice since he started potty training, but neither of those moves was planned when we started potty training.
Get a brown paper bag, glue a picture of a potty and your child on the front and add some ribbons to make it festive.
It told me exactly how my child was going to react to potty training and the different tactics they will use when faced with this situation.

Then explain that going to the potty is a special event and that they need a special place for it to happen. My oldest daughter, Kaye, was almost 2 when she started to show signs of readiness of potty training.
Now that I’ve sufficiently amped myself up, there has been one last thing on my list of things to prepare for our big 4 day weekend of potty-training. With different brand choices, you can find pretty much an character you want on training pants. We had a collection of children potty books.A Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day is a book with themes, ideas and activities for potty parties. We might makeA anotherA one (as in Wyndham and I) on bristol board that we can hang up in the hallway where he often sits on his potty. Unless you are potty training at 1 years old or your child has special circumstances or disabilities, they should be able to grasp the concept. Here are a few tips that are helping us on our journey to a toddler who pee-pees in the potty with a big old smile on his face! As I spent some time researching this title, she had the funniest way to potty train your little one !! My daughter is stinkin smart and everything else that I have found on how to potty train make it sound like they just don’t understand it. The not fun part is taking them away if your child does not attempt to use the potty but youa€™ll quickly see that they want to earn the privilege of wearing the super fun training pants. By adding a little song and dance to potty training time, your kiddo will be all to anxious to use the potty. Training seats are nice because they get your child used to going to the toilet in the first place. In the beginning, you will remind them constantly to go potty, and sometimes taking them to the potty even if they don’t need to go. Then, by only performing it when they use the potty, youa€™ll encourage your child to head to the potty any chance they get in order to have a celebration!
If you are traveling or moving shortly before or during potty training, you are sabotaging yourself and your child.A Stay at home and potty train.
Although it can be tricky for your child to get on a step, pull down pants and turn around to sit on the potty alone without falling.

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