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I leave Anyu's crate door open and he will go in there when he feels the need for a nice peaceful nap. I have a 6 month old boxer that is starting to be trained in the house if I watch her BUT not in her crate.
I have a 14 week old half chihuahua half min pin and he will not use the potty outside at all. I have a 5 year old chihuahua and shes sapposed to be house broken but she goes potty all over the house! I have a 16 wk labrador who cannot understand that he needs to go potty outside, he thinks that outside is for playing. My puppy refuses to go potty outside, I walk him at least 7 times daily and he will go poop but not urinate. We have a puggle puppy, 4 mos old, he has been doing ok as far as potty training, has his accidents inside. Our puppy is maybe 2 or 3 months old and we are having a hard time getting him to poop outside. I have a 7 month old min pin that is paper trained, and I still can't get her to tell me when she needs to go out. This sounds gross but it works; take the dog feces outside and leave it there so the dog understands that is where it is supposed to be.
AND when you've been doing this for 4 weeks and the puppy still isn't getting any better but getting worse then what do you suggest?
When the child is ready physically and mentally, he or she will achieve pride in the accomplishment of successful potty training and life without diapers!
What I have found to be the best approach hands down is a simple solution called Potty Training By Noon.
Behavior - dog care - daily puppy , Behavior - read about do dogs reach rem?, how is pack behavior manifested?, dogs and newborn puppy care, dog scratching behavior, meal time fights, digital. As summer is about half way over, you have probably had the chance to take at least one vacation, trip to the beach, or some awesome outdoor event or concert.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the craziest, bizarre and most aesthetically-pleasing potties you’ll encounter.
This giant porta potty in Johannesburg is made of fiberglass and blue gloss enamel paint and was made to generate hype for the World Cup. This porta potty was an experimental art piece toying with the concepts of privacy and voyeurism. Apart from writing and music, Jessie enjoys travel and the outdoors, cooking, reading and movies.
I just always try to watch my puppy for the constant sniffing that signifies she has to go. I take my 4mo old bulldog out every 30Min-Hour and let him pee about 3 times each trip (bout 5-10min trip). She seems to urinate at least once a day in her crate and sometimes will have a bowel movement. I will take him out and he just stands there and when we go back inside, its like bombs away. The problem we are having is for the past week or so he has been relieving himself on our bed, peeing and pooping both. The pee is supposed to go through the turf, but it just gets stained and really smelly so I removed it. I am trying to house train her outside and so far every time i take her outside she understands that its time to go to the bathroom. I take him out every 30 min cause he pees so often and stay out with him for a long time if needed. The easiest, fastest most fun way to potty train your child is without a doubt Potty Training By Noon. It is no doubt then, that you have been one of the lucky to find yourself searching for a place to relieve yourself when finally coming across the dreaded porta potty. These aren’t your atypical run-of-the-mill green or blue porta potties.These beautiful porta potties were designed by former Benneton ad guru Oliviero Toscani, and made by the Italian porta-potty company Sebach.

Located on the River Thames in London, this public toilet was completely enclosed in one-way mirrored glass, allowing the user to look at the outside world while they’re doing their, err, business. Technically it’s not a porta potty, but you can bring your iPod in, plug it in and rock out! Having played guitar and sung in several bands, Jessie is no stranger to the entertainment and nightlife scenes, and brings a fresh perspective to Eventective. You suddenly realize that owning a dog is a big responsibility and so you prepare yourself to clean up some messes, but now all you want to do is potty train your new furry friend---fast. We are so frustrated with this action and at our wits end on why and how to stop this bad behavior. Make them realize it's there and be sure to have them smell it, act pleased about it being there. By putting a puppy pad cut to fit inside the basin and then closing the grid on top, the puppy will smell the pad and pee on it, but will not be able to chew it. At night she lets us know she has to go out but during the day it is rare if at all that she lets us know. I needed to find a realistic way to potty train easily, and a way that would put no undue stress on the child as well. Giving a treat for going outside will help a great deal with a dog that is very food motivated.
I am trying to use the training pads as well (because especially in the evenings it seems she has to go like every half hour!), we are getting closer. Also, if anyone knows a great (and cheap) way to get pet stains off the floor, I would love to hear it and try it. I would never use puppy pads because it only teaches them it's okay to go inside the house.

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