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Patty Potty was created by Payne Communications & Associates in collaboration with the San Jacinto River Authority. October 15, 2014 By: Brittany2 CommentsPotty training has been the bain of my parenting existence. You are tricked into a false sense of security that you won’t have to clean up any pee off the floor or wash anymore dirty underwear. Here are some of the lesson I have learned in the always entertaining experience that has been potty training my daughter.
Don’t sob loudly when you are cleaning up the 5th pee accident for the day off the floor.
Don’t cry in the corner of the bathroom because you are so fed up with that tiny little person peeing and pooping everywhere. Don’t try to reason or to get a logical explanation on WHY your child keeps having accidents when they know perfectly well why and how to use the potty.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Loss of Control– For many toddlers, there may be a lot of change going on and running behind the couch to go in their diaper immediately after you sang five versus of the potty song might be the one thing they feel they can control.  New sibling?  Move to a bigger home?  Starting a new daycare or preschool?
Having a busy, happy-go-lucky 22 month old who could care less what’s in his diaper – this was a great article!
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The information and reference materials contained in this blog are intended solely as general information. There is not anything that can compare as a parent thus far to the level of frustration that potty training my oldest has been.
Here is a good article on Potty Training Readiness of how you can know when they are ready.

I don’t know about you but privacy while I use the bathroom has become nonexistent since having kids but when potty training it is actually very useful. There are so many potty reward systems out there and you need to find the one that works best for you. She is also the founder of Love, Play, Learn, sharing kids’ activities, crafts, and fun that encourage learning through play. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. But before you try to potty train your toddler, you need to assess if your child is ready to say goodbye to diapers. My name is Michelle Pierson and I am a wife, mom, and general pediatrician at the Billings Clinic. I have an almost 3 year old that is very stubborn about going on the potty and ill have a newborn anyday now, so we are going through alot of change right now…should be interesting! The information is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of professional medical care. I started too early the first time because my daughter was very verbal and understood the concept but she just wasn’t ready. We tried many of them and the best ones we found was this potty star chart and using a potty watch. But it is very common for toddlers to have fear of going poop in the potty and this one really helped my daughter get over that. She has a passion for learning and play and is dedicated to creating a family full of love. Pushing your child to use the toilet before they are ready will actually make the process more difficult. You can also try having the potty in a more comforting area first, like the living room, and slowly move it closer to the bathroom.

If you have health problems or any questions about your health, consult your health care provider. If you can just accept that it is going to happen and it is part of the process, it may be easier to not get so frustrated about it. Tell them, “Your poop wants to go down the pipe and join the others down at the ‘Poop Party’.”  I know…but desperate times call for desperate measures people. Provide positive reinforcement by letting them decide what rewards they get for going potty. Also buy some potty training pants which your child can take off on his own when he needs to use the potty. Show him how to wipe, dispose of toilet tissue, flush the toilet, pull up the underwear, and wash his hands. You can even use potty training books such as Potty by Leslie Patricelli, A Potty for Me by Karen Katz, and Once upon a Potty by Alona Frankel.
Explain to him that it’s not a big deal and that next time, he should try to use the potty. Potty training tipsTell your child to use the potty whenever needed.Encourage him to sit on the potty patiently and give him a book to read while he waits. While some children can be trained at the age of 18 months and can learn it in a few weeks, others might start potty training at the age of three and take several months to learn.

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