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A signicant proportion of the population still thinks it is OK to drop litter, particularly when they are in their cars. One initiative that is proven to lead to a significant reduction in littering is a Bottle Bill, a 10p refundable deposit on cans and plastic bottles. In the city there is also the possibility that people might be caught and fined for dropping litter. Studies have shown that people are less likely to drop litter in areas which are litter free. Edmund Burke was right: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". It started when I happened to noticed how litter strewn one of my favourite walks in the Cotswolds had become.
Heaped up with straw, fall leaves and compostable cat litter waste, this worm bed should be relatively easy to keep warm this winter!
Back at the beginning of November I wrote about my fall clean-up efforts, and promised to provide you with an update on my outdoor cat litter composting experiment. Given the fact that this ‘regular’ backyard composter is totally unprotected, I knew that something would need to be done in order to make sure that the resident worm population survived the winter (although, have I mentioned that Red Worms tend to surprise me from time to time? Contents of the cat litter composting bin, spread out on one of my garden beds (one not used for food crops, in case you are curious) then moistened. Covered with a first layer of straw – originally planned as my only layer of winter protection. Material from my backyard bin – I figured this bed was as good a spot to add some as any.
Before adding more compostable cat litter I wanted to make sure there was a bit of a buffer zone, so I added some fall leaves. As far as adding new waste materials goes, I plan to only add a relatively small amount at a time from here on out, and I will make sure to create a bit of a buffer zone (using fall leaves I still have left over) around each deposit. I have a question about the kitty poo…is it ok or appropriate (or non lethal!) if we scoop it out of non composting litter (typical clumping clay stuff) and put that into worm habitat?
Cedar is really risky to be totally honest – I definitely would steer well clear of it.
With the potent poops like cat, dog, poultry etc, i would definitely mix them up with a lot of bedding materials then let them aged in an outdoor heap for awhile. I would let it get a good soak before completely covering it, but yeah, no use leaving totally exposed to the rain once it is nice a wet. As this says, the best insurance against problems with pet waste compost is to keep you pets healthy!
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. CAUTION: Following these simple instructions may lead you to forget that you own a litter box, and therefore neglect to clean it. CAUTION: Following these simple instructions may lead you to forget that you own a litter box, and therefore neglect to clean it.
Thank you for this information, since putting together this instructable solution would require me to be more handy than I am.
I've never quite understood that, is it the Pets Mart, or is it implying that the store it self is very pet smart? For others considering this but have a longer distance hose, I suggest using the solid duct pipe, 4" or whatever, because it will have less friction to the air and therefore will be more effective.
Add a small solar panel to the system and you won't need to worry about the power bill.

Hi, I had our litter box set up with a computer fan, specifically the processor fan which runs much leaner than the larger power adapter fan. I meant to say, energy efficient in comparison to a bathroom vent fan, which the link at the bottom uses, in which case they only run the fan intermittently. Daniel Bauen breathes new life into objects that have met their untimely demise in the junk pile. It's aim is to encourage as many people as possible to pick up litter and promote policies that will stop people littering.
Drop a plastic drinks bottle on a city street and the Council will pick it up - it may take a few hours or a few days, but it will be picked up eventually. It is a great excuse to get out in the fresh air, get some exercise and do something useful.
In England and Wales Local Authorities already spend around ?500m per year of our taxes on picking up litter. As some of you will recall, I filled up one of my backyard composters with compostable cat litter, along with peat moss and other compostable materials, and then basically left it to sit (once the level was nearing the top of the bin).
I will also add some final thoughts afterwards, along with links to previous cat litter composting blog posts. Also, be aware that cat litter composting warrants some caution, and should generally only be attempted by those with previous composting experience.
This is actually what got me to start thinking about upgrading the bed to a full-fledged winter composting system.
Most of the litter waste that was added to this bed (apart from the material from the composter, laid down as the first layer) has been sitting in bags, so it certainly hasn’t been given a good opportunity to age and off-gas any ammonia. This should REALLY help since it will not only moisten everything nicely, but it will also likely help to make the cat litter wastes a little more worm friendly.
One thing is for sure – by the time spring rolls around this bed should be absolutely LOADED with fat Red Worms! After reading this post I felt compelled to bring a website I recently stumbled on to your attention.
Closing the cycle of nature is exciting to think about, and so easy to implement, and it creates wonderful soil in the process.
I still haven’t made it all the way through, but I must say he did an excellent job with it!
I recently found BIG worms in plastic bins containing coffee sludge (grounds that had been rained on).
A friend of mine uses cedar sawdust from a local mill and just throws the whole thing out into a composting area.
All the other poop is great too, but generally should be mixed well with some sort of bedding then left to sit for awhile (outside!!!
I can blab about it any time of day or night, but seem to have a real penchant for discussing whats on my mind while we are eating — and what is always on my mind is what to do with all this manure. We have 15 indoor bins but now we are looking at how best to do out door containers beside the one tire.
Maybe add a thick layer of straw over top to discourage various annoying pest (like the flies you mentioned) and to prevent everything from getting drenched constantly (get the feeling you guys get a lot of rain). One of our thoughts was to layer in and out with bedding and poo and other organic materials…let it rain on it a bit here and there but then get it covered. But they do go after the flies in the larval stage, nothing can be done in the adult stage…from these little guys any way. If it is starting to get a bit of an earthy smell (while still a little gamey perhaps) you should be in the right ballpark.

That is, I scoop out clumped litter and feces as soon as I hear my cat in the utility room. By default, we are allowing the people who drop litter to win because we can't be bothered to do anything about it. After that, it was if someone had given me litter spectacles - I started seeing it everywhere. In my last update (WAY back in August) I reported on my pleasant, and unexpected, discovery of a thriving Red Worm population in the bottom of the bin. Any dog or cat waste composting systems should dedicated to those waste materials alone (i.e. I am still going to leave the tarps off for now – and for the next few weeks will likely only use them if I know we are going to receive a heavy snowfall.
I have a compost bin located on a cement slab next to my trash cans, and last summer I found huge worms in the finished compost. These bins don’t have holes in the bottom, so I have no clue how the worms got in there, much less SURVIVED the pretty hostile, anaerobic conditions! Please don’t laugh too hard, but back when I was young and foolish I actually tried to compost ALL of it!
I hate tires but Joel is right, they are free and they keep the worms even warmer through winter *grumble* We rarely have hard winters out here on coast. It is found not only in the water, on sea-beds or on the beaches of densely populated regions, but also in remote places far away from obvious sources. I had been holding off from actually stocking the system with worms simply because I assumed the habitat in the bin would still be inhospitable for them. I settled on the idea of spreading out the contents of the bin on one of my (non-food-crop) garden beds, then simply covering it with a layer of straw. I was getting desperate though because we were all getting chased indoors but the animals had no where to go. I use one of those big plastic clear tubs as one of litter boxes and this would work great with that since it has a removable lid, but I like the corner unit you have.
I bought a hundred of the fly tapes and it worked a little for a short amount of time, but not enough as you can imagine. It consists to a very great extent of plastics, and of metal and glass - materials that do not break down easily or quickly.
Plastic litter is a source of persistent or­ganic substances being spread in the marine environment.
Once we plant the garden, the chickens won’t be let into that part of the yard any more.
It is found in horrendous quantities on the sea­bed, where it kills and injures out of our sight. Marine litter injures and causes physical pain and suffering to a wide range of animals, from the largest to the smallest of creatures. And litter items can function as means of transport for invasive species between sea areas.

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