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Forget the stories you’ve heard about genius babies at ten months old who woke up one morning with full control of their bladders and were fully potty trained by bed time. For the majority of parents and children, potty training is a long, drawn out and difficult process, but it’s worth it in the end – we promise!
If your little one has regular and fairly predictable bowl movements, they might be ready to use the potty.
A toddler ready to be potty trained may start behaving differently when they are doing their business. If they have friends, siblings or cousins using the potty, a ready child will become interested in using it themselves. When your daughter is ready to toilet train, the process will be shorter and more relaxed for both of you. Sit down with your already potty trained first child and tell her that her younger sister needs to learn how to go to the potty in the toilet. Now this method of potty training only works if your younger child is a copy cat and wants to be just like her big sister.
Motivated by that creamy taste of peanut butter in a hard candy shell, I got PK asking Birdie to sit on the potty every 15-30 minutes.

Most toddlers will start showing signs of being ready to potty train from about 18 months and older. The ability to use the potty is not linked to a child’s intellect, so don’t feel pressured into potty training your little one. They may move to another part of the room, interrupt what they are doing, become embarrassed, or cover their face. This works for a while, but every parent has to eventually deal with the source of frustration that is potty training. Whenever your child successfully goes potty, be sure to reward them with a cheap toy, sticker or small treat.
My oldest clearly understands what the potty chair is for and how to use it and simply, flat-out refuses because she's scared to do those things without a diaper on. From that age, children begin developing the cognitive and physical skills needed to control their bladders.
Which gives weight to my theory that you have other-worldly intelligence (& charm, of course) in the designHER home. The frequency can vary from child to child, but don't feel like you are alone if your little of bundle of joy is having problems adjusting.

Make sure they are drinking regularly and take them on a trip to the bathroom every 15 minutes. All of these can be cheaply obtained at the dollar store.Little WeirdosWherever they are sitting, make sure your child sits on a bath mat. He as super jealous that his brother got to wear Thomas the Train underwear – his favorite cartoon character.
After so many centuries of teaching our kids how to do it, you would think that we would have discovered an easier method by now.
Accidents will happen, and this will create a barrier between their bottom and your couch or rug.OjonyeNever make a huge deal about an accident.
I think Travis would of liked the chocolate and peanutbutter better if it was his choice HAHA..
The important part is to explain that there is no diaper to catch their pee or poo, so they have to use the potty if they ever want to go.

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