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To all parents that are thinking of potty training a child and have no experience and don’t know where to start?
It is like any other stage in our lives, as human beings, in which we have to learn how to deal with learning new skills and developing our abilities.
Remember that if you never done this before, you are also learning how to train, as the child will be learning the skill of using the potty. First thing to do is to start reading about the subject to prepare yourself for the task ahead. It is important that you mum, allow your baby girl to come with you to the toilet, it is also very important that you tell her what you are doing so she can understand what is it that you are doing. A very important thing to remember is that with a girl, you must  wipe from front to back, this way you will help to prevent any infections from developing around her vagina. You will find that a child is more motivated and encouraged by lots of praises, being more likely to ask to use the potty or toilet by their own accord.

Most parents prefer to potty train their child around summer time as the child will have less cloths on, which makes it easier in case of any accidents with wees and poos occur.
Remember, you are to have fun together with your baby girl as you teach her and lough together. Patience is a virtue that you will need to acquire to be able to complete the task of potty training your baby girl successfully. Hi I'm Elizabeth and I'm always interested in child development and specially in finding about the best ways to enable a child to achieve those important mile stones; one of them being at what age to start the so called "potty trained".
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If you prefer to get a proven method for quickly and easily potty training even the most stubborn child, you can do so by visiting the product site by clicking here.
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