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That's just what one Manhattan woman did at an outdoor restaurant, allowing the boy to do "No.
Even if you needed to keep your child on a strict schedule, Today show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb suggest moms choose less offensive options, like taking the potty to the bathroom and having the child use it there.
I don't feel it is ever appropriate to allow your child to defecate in a restaurant dining room. I would still provide my child with far more privacy than this, but looking at the picture, she appears to be in a secluded area of a restaurant patio.
Nope, sorry helenhelen97010, but I've also lived OVERSEAS - in a few countries for a few years at a time (but obviously not in the far-East :-D) - and never in all my life have I seen a toddler using a travel potty in public, let alone in a restaurant doing a no.2!!
I do understand that other cultures do not have the mortal fear of poo the way Americans do, though I wonder what health issues they have. WHY Did the person writing this not have the humanity to talk to this woman instead of posting her as an example of distaste?? Overseas, in the country I lived in for two years, I was changing my baby's diaper everywhere.
When I heard that June was National Potty Training Awareness Month, I have to admit that I LOL’d. When you have a a child who tells all the guests at the fancy dinner party that she just pooped in the potty and isn’t that great? I had really great success with "3 day potty training." we followed it exactly and it really worked! I let Abbey drive it; she's the one who asked for underwear, and we basically stayed home for a few days until she got it. Once we start the process we stay very consistent - not undies one day but then pull-ups the next because it's more convenient.
My daughter, on her third birthday, toilet trained herself while we were in a hotel in NYC. Our "method" (if you can call it that) has worked amazing wonders - thanks to our old school pediatrician and advice from the mommy posse (Click for link).
Allow for choices: pick the potty seat, do you want to try now or in two minutes, pick the soap for the bathroom. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I wasn’t sure how to proceed on Monday.  It seemed like she was getting the idea and starting to understand her body, but was she ready?  I decided to hand the reins over to my independent daughter. Before you get started, you should make sure that your boy is showing signs of toilet training readiness.

A?a€“A  If your child is in a play group with other children who are in the potty training process, remark on their progress. When you feel that your child is ready to start potty training, remember to be patient during the process. A?a€“A  After your child is comfortable sitting fully clothed on the potty chair, allow them to sit on the potty chair without their pants or their diaper on. A?a€“A  If your child is at the point where they are signaling to you that they have a dirty diaper, ask them to tell you before it is dirty next time. A?a€“A  If there is another male in the house, allow your boy to watch them using the restroom. A?a€“A  Remember that it may take as long as 6-8 months to completely potty train your child, and that all children develop at different rates.
A?a€“A  Although some pediatricians advise to not bribe children, some parents swear by the method of giving children candy whenever they successfully use the bathroom. A?a€“A  Allow your child some supervised naked time outdoors in the privacy of your own backyard. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. I am not am ignorant American, but I am a mum of four and never in my life would I allow one of my brood to use the potty in public. This does not happen in South Africa either, which is home to us (so, I'm not an "ignorant American" as you assume everyone disgusted by this to be). But my thought is even if she was visiting I feel like the polite thing to do is learn as much about a country's etiquette and manners. They’ve agreed to spread awareness of this parental struggle by offering some expert advice. We commit and stay in undies even if it means staying at home more and maybe some messes.Tracy, blogger and mom of 3. My son brought me down a pair of underwear (also at three) and asked me to put them on him. They won't potty train at the same time as you best friend's child, just as your child and theirs did not walk at the exact same time, or get their first tooth on the same day.
Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. With enthusiasm I took Louisa shopping for “big girl panties” and even thought about buying pull ups, as the book recommended. Boys can be harder to potty train than girls because potty training a boy is a two-step process.

The appropriate thing to do, if you're trying to keep your child on a schedule, is to allow a few minutes to get to the restroom and set his potty up there.
Kids should be taught from as young an age as possible that you use a bathroom and wash your hands. Im all for strong women sticking to the way they want to raise their children but comon before she gave birth what would her reaction have been to someone else doing that while shes eating? Yes, changing diapers in public was relatively common,but people were not actually made aware that the act of pooping was taking place and made to watch it. I know I am learning basic language and about the places we are visiting so I don't look like an rude American.
Don't start too early unless you like doing laundry and making the process even longer than necessary. The night before the big day I skimmed the book frantically making sure I had everything prepared. Boys are usually taught to urinate sitting down first before they are transitioned to urinating while standing up. A diaper being changed is one thing, having to watch the dump taking place while eating is quite another! Remember that all children develop at different rates and while some children may be ready for potty training at 18 months, some children may still be in diapers until the age of three or older.
You should also make sure that your boy is coordinated enough to pull down and pull up his pants by himself, and can ask and answer simple questions. You can raise your kids however you like, but you should still respect other people and I can't see how letting your child poo in a restaurant is respectful of other diners. Second, they now are in wet clothes and know they have done something wrong, again and again. If you try and it doesn't work, then there is no harm in stopping for a little while and trying again later. Some parents may be afraid to start, which is why kids are more like 4 or 5 and being trained, and others push to hard for quick success.
They have been potty training kids for much longer than you have and with many more kids than you probably will ever have (unless you are a Dugger).

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