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It may be alarming to see green poop in your toilet bowl, but it isn't necessarily a cause for concern. Your poop may be green if you eat a lot of green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, because these foods contain large amounts of the green pigment chlorophyll. Other dietary causes for green stool are iron supplements and green food coloring, which can be found in flavored drink mixes, ice pops and birthday-cake icing. However, if food is moving through your large intestine too quickly, the bile doesn't have time to break down completely and stains your stool green, rather than brown.
Certain infections, like those caused by the bacterium Salmonella or the parasite Giardia, can also cause green stool.
If you have fever, severe abdominal pains or notice blood in your stools call the doctor immediately! All foods that cause runny stools or flatulence should be avoided until your digestion returns to its normal state. If you are having green poop or stools on a regular basis then you may have a different problem, if in doubt it is always best to go to the doctor and have it checked up. First things if your doctor has recommended a treatment then that is what you should follow. On this page we are going into a little bit of biology, lets have a look at the over view of the digestive system and what normally happens.To start with you have to eat something, as you munch away, saliva is crunched up with your food in your mouth.
But there are three other organs that are important to the digestive system, there are actually quite a few others but these are the big ones, and not always associated with digestion, they are the liver and the pancreas, along with the gallbladder which is a storage container.
If our food goes through our digestive system too quickly and our stool is green this is one of the causes of green poop. Why is my poop green Poop is how the body get rids of waste, this can be in what you have eaten as well as other body material like dead blood cells. Black stools, for example, can result from eating blueberries or taking medications that contain bismuth subsalicylate, such as Pepto-Bismol. For example, cancer patients who undergo a donor bone-marrow transplant may develop graft-versus-host disease, which is marked by a number of gastrointestinal symptoms, including watery, green diarrhea, according to the National Cancer Institute. Green runny poop, in both adults and babies, may be a sign of gastro-intestinal disorder that needs to be reported to your doctor. Runny poop ( diarrhea) is a sign of abnormally fast digestion, by the means of which your body attempts to get rid of the toxin or the infection that invaded the digestive tract. If you have no other symptoms besides the green runny poop, the problem can resolve all by itself in a few days is you eat the right diet.

That will help you avoid dehydration and at the same time let your digestive tract cleanse itself of the pathogenic invaders and toxins. Sorry I digress, back to the green poop in children, again something they have eaten, and this time not necessarily food, younger kids will put anything in their mouths, for instance have they been drawing, esp. Most of the time it is just what you have eaten, but if there is blood in your stool, or you are getting green poop for more that a couple of days, get it checked. From this point on the food is being prepared to be absorbed into you body as food, energy. The green bile has not had chance to work on our food properly and is still there at the end, hence a green stool. There can also be a lot in our diet, that the body is just not geared up to, take for instance some food colourings, if the enzymes, and other ingredients that brake down our food, can not touch the additives then they are going to pass straight through, and color our waist.
Well the answer that question is, there are a number of reasons, most of which are completely harmless. His work covers all areas of science, from the quirky mating behaviors of different animals, to the drug and alcohol habits of ancient cultures, to new advances in solar cell technology. Please, read the information below carefully and contact your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your stools. Think about it, if what you are eating is not coming out as it should, then something inside is not working as it should, or is working to much. And think about taking a colon cleanse, but make sure that it is a natural one, with no side effects. But in this article I want to dwell a bit on what happens when you eat food, and then you will hopefully understand some of the reasons a bit more. The chances are that it is still the same cause, for both adults as well as children, that being what they have eaten.
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In such cases, diarrhea can be the cause of green poop because the bile leaves you body unconverted. Green veg, is green, obvious, and this comes from chlorophyll in the greens, and although having greens with a meal will have no effect, if you eat a large amount on their own it can. A colon cleanse is highly recommended if you have been having trouble like diarrhoea, or constipation. Once the food enters the small intestine, then the pancreas produces enzymes, which brake down fat carbohydrate and protein.

As I mentioned before that is the main cause by a long way, it is something that we have eaten that is couloring what comes out the other end. Milk imbalance may result in your baby taking too much lactose, which causes not just green poop but other unpleasant symptoms like colic and gases. Whether you need to see your doctor or not, depends on how sever the intoxication is and how long the green runny poop continues. On day 3, include steamed or boiled lean meat with vegetables and keep to this diet for a couple of more days. If your green stool, has any blood, read no further, pick up the phone and make an appointment to see your doctor. It goes from your mouth, then down into your esophagus, that is the small bit of tube that goes between the mouth and the stomach, into the stomach, which is like a bag, container where the food stays for a while as acids etc are added to the mix.
Quite often, adult patients complain of passing green stools after parties where they drank plenty of alcohol and mixed foods which should but be mixed, eating low quality products or foods they are intolerant to.
If diarrhea stops, your next step is preparing your bowels for digesting common foods by restoring your intestine’s natural flora. If this only happens every now and then, the chances are that it is something that you have eaten, it has been known that ice cream sauces have caused green poop, one example where someone had ice cream once a week and next day, green poop. There are quite a few people who have them on a regular basis, like a clean out every now and then. Such a cocktail may not just make your stools runny but also give it a very strong, unpleasant smell.
Healthy baby stool is soft and loose, sometimes grainy, so inexperienced parents sometimes think that it’s runny and the baby has diarrhea. In addition, some of the foods and drinks, frequently served at parties, may also give you neon green stools without intoxication (for the list, see neon green poop page). Babies may poo several times a day after or even during breastfeeding sessions in the first weeks of life, that’s normal. However, very runny or watery stool is a warning sign and needs your pediatrician attention.

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