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I don’t care if you slowly teach your kid over a year and a half or become a drill sergeant and do it in a weekend. Yeah yeah, I know that’s only one reason, but it should count as numerous reasons because of how crappy it is.
Then there’s the time when your kid actually does have to go to the bathroom in public. Suddenly you’re in a race against the clock to find an acceptable place for your child to do his business.
So if you hate poopy messes, hate stress, and hate public restrooms, may I offer some advice?
About LaurenIf you enjoy picture-perfect home decor, perfectly prepared recipes, and perfectly behaved children, you've come to the wrong place. I may have exaggerated a bit for the sake of humor ?? However, I do think there’s some truth to what I wrote. My oldest daughter took forever, but my second, watching her big sister, picked it up fast.
We have done more of elimination communication but it is always good to remember that there will be set backs as we are starting to get to the age to push more peeing on the potty consistently. So while you attempt the Olympic feat of holding your child over the toilet without actually touching it, you’ll also precariously balance the baby on your raised knee while holding her in place with your chin.

Our first we trained early (and forever) and he refused to poop on the potty for the LONGEST time. I wonder if it would have worked for the one I had a tough time with or if he just needed extra time. My almost 3 year old has no interest in potty training, but her well-intentioned grandmothers are interested. My son turned 3 in December, and he’s doing pretty well with going on the toilet, but the #2 aspect has been more difficult for him. We are currently potty training our little girl and it is so easy to overreact when she has an accident, and it often feels like we will never fully get there.
Either way, he’s potty trained now and I am soooo glad those days are behind us, haha!
We would literally be confined to a very small kitchen (hello, wall-to-wall carpeting), so…yeah. When not busy meeting deadlines and chasing cats and kids, she enjoys acting in community theatre (where she met her husband), watching old movies, and sharpening her history buff skills.
I’ve tried the charts, candy, toys, pull ups, undies and would try naked but he hates it. Diapers are expensive, so it would be nice to cross them permanently off the shopping list.

Because when they tell you they actually need to go, that fear suddenly gets a lot closer to reality.
If you push a child early on and they’re not ready, put the idea to rest for awhile longer. I would rather change diapers on two kids (his baby brother was born this past December) than scrub the carpet several times a day.
We also have a few friends who are in the training stage and it is very interesting to hear the different methods that they are trying and how this adventure is different for every kiddo. I’m just not knowing what to do now after a few weeks try last time we but got to frustrated and I stopped because it was getting to stressful for us all. I definitely learned by now that I like diapers better too…at least until they are like 5. Our second was very resistant to the whole thing, so we saw no point in stressing everyone out.

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