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Every time you turn around, there’s some new baby advice – and sometimes it’s completely contradictory. That sentence is taken from a book by John Watson called Psychological Care of the Infant and Child published in 1928. Dani from Scary Mommy says “In response to my appeal for help with a bad spell of biting during breastfeeding, my Mom’s best friend told me to bite her arm. Kristen Howerton says on Babble that some of the worst advice she ever heard was to “Just rub a little whiskey on those sore, teething gums.” Her response?
And here are three simple (hilarious) images from Dadcentric that show right and wrong parenting advice that will never change.

Watson believed that parents treated their children with too much sentimentality and that they should be treated like adults.
He believed that breastfeeding after the baby was nine months old would lead to deafness and blindness for the mother.
Every parent wants to do what’s best for their little ones, but whose recommendations do you follow?
He goes on to say that if a child is suckled at twelve months he will be pale, flabby, unhealthy, and rickety! He goes on to say that new mothers don’t realize that they are catering to their baby’s every whimper and that more experienced mothers start their children on whatever the family is eating much quicker.

The Sadlers believed that it should be applied to the mother’s nipple before and after feeding their baby.
Everyone and their sister has advice for parents – whether or not they know what they’re talking about.

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