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I abused the search function to find a like thread and couldnt so my apologies if this is a dupe thread.
Anyways, I had never been into rimfire firearms, but recently was given a walther p22 and have been very impressed.
Whether you are prepping for the zombie apocalypse or the aftermath of a hurricane, self-defense is an important aspect of surviving any disaster. However, a rifle should only be part of what many preppers refer to as a layered defense system.
Though handguns and shotguns are also to be considered, a rifle will give you the most versatility for handling a variety of post-disaster needs from hunting to perimeter security. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own personal preferences and needs, as there is no such thing as the perfect survival rifle. The semi-automatic AR-15 was designed by Armalite, who then sold the design to Colt in the early 1960s. One of the best start-up AR-15s for survival purposes is the DPMS Sportical, which will only set you back about $700.
The rifle has seen action all around the globe and is praised for its ability to withstand use and abuse in nearly any terrain, conditions, or combat scenario. That’s because unlike most modern-day tactical rifles, the 60-year old design of the AK employs loosely fitting moving parts that give it the ability to sustain abuse. Though AK-47 is commonly considered a “bad guy” gun, the stereotype attached to it in normal times may come as an advantage during a disaster. Designed as a more compact and lightweighted version of the M1 Garand, a WWII infantry staple, the M1 Carbine was an incredibly versatile rifle that had high effect and tremendous accuracy, especially at mid-range. A modern take on the M1 Carbine, the AOM130, is available from Auto Ordinance for about $800. Unfortunately, the original models from WWII and Korea are getting harder to come by, which is unfortunate given the fact that even the old ones are still battle-ready anytime. One of the biggest advantages of a .22-rimfire long rifle is the abundance and affordability of ammunition.
In addition to its sheer stopping power, the rifle classic employs a classic walnut and stainless steel design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical for battling against corrosion in rough weather.
The gun needed to be compact, lightweighted, and capable of taking down both wild game and enemy combatants with reliability and accuracy. To that tune, the US military adopted the Springfield Armory M6 Scout as their rifle of choice for aircraft pilots. Though the Scout could still be considered a good survival rifle today, a more modern take on the survival rifle can be found in the form of the Henry Arms AR-7.
The rifle comes with two 8-round magazines for chambering .22 LR ammunition, which is one of the best and most readily available all-purpose survival rounds.
The rifles featured above by no means constitute a comprehensive list of the best all-purpose survival rifles. If you want to have the best chances of surviving a disaster scenario you must equip yourself with a firearm that you feel comfortable shooting at both two-legged and four-legged targets to protect and provide for yourself. The selections above were chosen for their popularity, versatility, affordability, and ability to be handled by shooters of all levels. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Cody GriffinCody Griffin is do-it-yourselfer, and avid outdoorsman. I agree with the Saiga 12, and while I own a M-4 and an AK, I prefer my Ruger mini 30 and mini 14. 7 times out of 10 a (insert your favorite caliber here) handgun is the perfect survival tool, but it is NOT "easy" to get! I live in the great free state, that believes that if you make it harder for law abiding citizens to own guns the criminals won't have any. Handgun, and if I could find one of the origional ones,would have to move out of state to buy it. I've had a score of traffic tickets and warnings issued to me, sitting in the cop';s car, wearing a pistol that was a felony for me to possess in such a manner .
If I'm lugging around a longarm (possible exception of a Marlin Papoose .22lr) it's not going to be limited by using a pistol caliber. Actually, when talking about a long range survival situation, the only time you would want to have two weapons that shoot the exact same ammunition is if they were the exact same weapon, so that if one became inoperable, you could use it for parts to keep the other weapon operating. I think I would like to have (a bunch) of guys with the same weapon, but mostly able to use the same amm, rather than a variety - even my 'snipers'. But I got a question for readers, since I don't own a gun yet, other than a pellet rifle [RWS 56] (which may explain why my focus is more on escape and evasion). Obviously your actual violent combat police, or other tactical experience is quite limited, if you have any at all.
So by your analysis, Hoff, what are you going to do, when a couple 'extremely' suspicious cars come creeping down your driveway, stop periodically, and unass a couple ugly looking zombs with weapons to start to flank your house and continue driving toward your house at the same time? While there is never anything wrong with having multiple guns, and in a military tactical situation, it is an advantage to have different equipment to suit different applications, but for all the practical purposes this won't apply to the average citizen, even in an all out state of anarchy and chaos. If it's a matter of money, The money spent on all those extra guns is better spent on a duplicate of your primary, more ammo and mags, and some other 'stuff', which would be much more valuable for self protection and 'helping' you in a firefight, than a rack full of guns sitting there that they'll just take anyway after they mob and kill you.
YOu won't have any chopper help coming, nor any buddies, so you'd better not miss, and you'd better not be slow, and you'd better not make a lot of noise. There are selections ranging from skeletonized, paratrooper-style folding stocks to sporter- and hunting-style entries, all the way to big, solid benchrest-type stocks.
The adjustable Bell and Carlson Odyssey target stock helps improve accuracy by allowing the shooter to adjust the stock fit for maximum comfort.
Now, the checkering is not to my taste, but the small added cost (retail for $449) adds significant value in my mind, as I still like my hunting rifles to be a solid wood stock. The new variant is available now (I checked with distribution, its already in-stock for your local gun shop to order). Attractive wood stock features front and rear sling swivel studs, checkering on the grip and forend, and a rubber buttpad to make for a comfortable length of pull. Patent-pending Power Bedding® integral bedding block system positively locates the receiver and free-floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy.
Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds. Satin blued, target-crowned, hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning.
A 60? bolt provides ample scope clearance, while an easy-to-use, receiver-mounted bolt release allows the bolt to be readily removed without requiring a pull of the trigger, a unique safety feature among rimfire, bolt-action rifles. One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry in weapon design, operations, and sales.
I would rather have a more honest laminate stock or just save money and weight with polymer. It is a sad and pathetic state of today’s firearm hobby with consumers and writers that offering a wooden stock for a hunting rifle would be considered a surprise and not a standard option. Not all consumers prefer polymer, there have to be enough who are willing to pay the extra cost for wood to for manufacturers to even offer them. The fact that the American line was designed from the ground up as a budget rifle is the only thing that makes this noteworthy…and somewhat puzzling. A major weakness of the CZ rimfire rifles is the lack of aftermarket support, especially in the form of sights. Allow me to clarify: My local scout council, which runs two camps, picked up a large number of CZ 452 rifles (~20-40) to replace their stock of largely worn out Marlin target rifles (Likely the model 2000L). The marlins were equipped with double-globe aperture sights, and the search to find similar sights for the current stock of 452 rifles has thus far been unfruitful.
Do you know of a reliable source for this type of sight, preferably compatible with the rear aperture sight that CZ sells*?

The front of the trigger guard is fitted with a small thumb latch that, when pressed, locks the bolt in the open position. The standard safety is a crossbolt type located at the front of the trigger guard, near the thumb latch.
One variation of the standard Carbine was called the Stainless, and it had a stainless-steel barrel, a natural silver-colored alloy receiver, and a hardwood stock. The Sporter, first produced in 1966, is still offered today, and it has similar dimensions to the Carbine, but it’s a little fancier. The International model, created in 1967, featured a full-length Mannlicher-style stock and was offered with either a blued or stainless-steel barrel.
The Compact model, which first appeared in 2006, has a 16.12-inch barrel and an overall length of 34 inches. The Takedown has a sunken lever under the fore-end and a knurled ring around the barrel just forward of the receiver.
Dad then turned the gun sideways and saw the words “Bart Skelton 1972” stamped on the side of the receiver.
Designed for serious accuracy, the Target model comes standard with a 20-inch bull barrel and is ready for a scope mount and optic. First appearing in 2006, the Compact model has a smaller 16.12-inch barrel and an overall length of 34 inches.
The pistol grip is finger formed to provide ergonomic comfort during shooting or while carrying. This polymer is impact, weather,  and chemical resistant for years of abuse while maintaining a brand new appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are bugging out or sheltering, your need to arm yourself with a variety of weaponry, self-defense skills and training is the same.
However, the options and varieties when it comes to choosing a survival rifle are nearly endless and even the most avid shooters and preppers struggle to choose a favorite. Below we will feature a handful of rifles that are commonly considered to be among the best all-purpose firearms to have on hand when SHTF. AR-15 – The AR-15, which is manufactured by dozens of individual companies and comes in a variety of styles, is one of the most widely used rifles in the world.
The updated fully-automatic Colt AR-15 became the standard infantry weapon of the US Military and has since become a favorite in military, law enforcement, and civilian communities alike. Both Armalite and Colt still produce semi-automatic versions of the AR for civilian purchase, but other popular manufacturers include DPMS, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and Bushmaster. AK-47 – Like the AR-15, the AK-47 is one of the most popular rifles in the world, and easily one of the most widely recognized. An AK-47 can be submerged in water or mud, go through a sandstorm, or fall off a cliff and still fire without fail. The tradeoff is relatively mediocre accuracy, but a 30-round magazine of 7.62x39mm rounds should be more than enough to hit your target in a survival standoff.
M1 Carbine – Though it hasn’t seen active duty in combat since Vietnam, the M1 Carbine was for years considered to be one of the best combat rifles in the world. The standard comes with a 15-round magazine of .30-caliber rounds, which aren’t the best for taking down targets at a distance, but serve their purpose at closer ranges and in hunting scenarios. The rifle, made in the USA at Kahr Arm’s Worcester, MA plant, weighs in at just 5.4-pounds and features an 18-inch barrel and traditional walnut stock. However, .30-caliber ammo is becoming increasingly more expensive and harder to come across giving the M1 Carbine what is probably its only disadvantage as a modern-day survival rifle. The .22-caliber rimfire ammunition doesn’t deliver any kickback or recoil, but can hit targets at 100-yards with deadly precision and ease. This will allow you to enjoy endless days of target shooting before SHTF and the opportunity to stockpile plenty of backup rounds to have on hand when disaster strikes. Marlin 1985 GS – If you want a compact rifle with big stopping power that will take down nearly any type of game in any kind of whether, look no further than the lever-action Marlin 1985 GS. Whether you’re up against a mob of angry looters, zombies, or a wild bear, the Marlin 1985 GS will have no problem mowing down anything in its path.
The rifle starts at about $650, a reasonable price to pay for a rifle that’s guaranteed to put food on the table and stop enemies in their tracks when the going gets rough. Henry Arms AR-7 – The term “survival rifle” was originally designated for those guns designed to be carried in the cockpits of military aircraft when a pilot was shot down in enemy territory.
The AR-7 weighs a mere 3.5-pounds and measures just 16-5-inches when broken down, making it ideal for concealed carry in a bug out bag, vehicle, or even underneath your jacket. The gun will only cost you about $280 and can serve as either your primary or backup survival rifle.
There is a nearly unlimited array of options to choose from, each of which have their advocates and serve various needs in the military, law enforcement, hunting, and target shooting community. The choice comes down to you, but in the end the best survival rifle is the one you have with you, the one you have ammo for, and the one you’re trained to shoot effectively. While it is good to own a hand gun, it is to be used only when your rifle or shotgun fails. If you pay attention to what it is and how you carry it, nobody else will ever know that you have one, much less ccw it.
While they average the same price in today's market, if you shop carefully you can easily assemble an AR for 100 bucks less than you can get a Saiga for.
The Slide Fire SSAR-22 kit includes an OGR stock, chassis system platform, handguard with an integrated Picatinny rail, interface block, nut retainer, hex key and mounting hardware. There is no fore-end contact with the barrel, so the stock will accept all barrel contours: lightweight, sporter or varmint. It was a popular report, and you can now have a similar carbine without all the custom fitting he performed with the West One M1 Carbine replacement stock. Its vertical grip and high comb place the eye in position for proper scope alignment and maximum eye relief. I personally am one of those consumers, with the only thing trumping a wood stock on a firearm of equal quality is a left handed or ambi action. I think that for a lot of lefties, just shooting 10-50 rounds from a right handed bolt action rifle, operated as a right hander would, would make them realize that it would work just fine with a bit of getting used to and training. The rear face of the bolt is fitted with a groove and cam that causes the end of the bolt to dip slightly on impact with the stop pin. My favorite is the Carbine, and I believe it’s probably the most popular configuration in the lineup. Its overall length is 37 inches, and it’s available with either a hardwood or a synthetic stock. It featured a full-length Mannlicher-style stock and has been offered with either blued or stainless-steel barrels. It weighs a comfortable 4.5 pounds and is fitted with fiber-optic sights rather than the diamond rear and gold bead front.
It comes with a 16.12-inch barrel and either a black Hogue OverMolded stock or a black synthetic stock. To disassemble the gun, the bolt has to be locked in its rear position, then the recessed lever is flipped forward.
I’m not going to get into all of those configurations, but a few very interesting models were the MSP (Military and Special Police), the “FBI” gun, and the 40th Anniversary model.
One afternoon in the early 1970s, I was visiting with my dad at our home in southern New Mexico when a package arrived. I needed cash for college, and he had a buyer for the gun who was a serious Ruger collector. The model with the Hogue stock utilized a target bull barrel while the version with the synthetic stock sported a standard barrel fitted with a flash suppressor.

The stock is completely ambidextrous with an perfect mirror image design to fit both right and left handed shooter. History has proven the rifle to be the best all-purpose firearm to face a variety of combat and self-defense scenarios. With that said, if you could have only one firearm in a survival situation it should be a quality rifle. Like most ARs, it can be upgraded with an endless array of accessories to suit your post-disaster survival needs. If not, the sheer intimidation of the gun’s appearance and rate of fire will be enough to send a clear message to your attacker not to mess with you. AKs are great considerations for preppers on a budget who want to send a clear message to anyone who tries to harm them when SHTF. Others believe basic is better and consider the .22-caliber Long Rifle (LR) to be the best and the only rifle you need to survive any disaster. The carbine-style rifle comes in stock with a 10-round rotary magazine that sits flush with the stock of the gun, helping to give it a lower profile and more comfortable carry.
Fortunately, ammo costs shouldn’t be much of a concern to begin with, as the gun itself will only set you back a couple hundred bucks. Despite the appearance of a menacing big-game hunter, which is indeed, the 1985 GS only measures 37-inches overall and weighs just 7-pounds.
You either need to be extremely lucky to have your permit approved, have a sitting Judge as a golfing buddy, or risk arrest by getting one illegally. A hand gun is a last resort at really close range, while your rifle and or shotgun is to keep the threat at bay. Bolt action because it's more reliable and lower maintenance, especially when you are in the boonies far from a gun store (or all the gun stores have long been looted), and, "Red Dawn" fantasies aside, you are going to want to avoid tactical situations that require rapid fire and high capacity if you want to survive long in a SHTF scenario. Its internal fiberglass body provides solid support, and its light weight makes for easy carry. I have come to appreciate this style of stock—especially for offhand shooting—and Stocky's Stinger laminate thumbhole stock is a real eye-catcher.
The grip angle allows your hand to assume a natural position, and the palmswell on either side provides a comfortable grip. Features include an ambidextrous charging handle, sling point mounts, safety and magazine release, integral trigger safety, rail system for mounting optics or other accessories, and an adjustable trigger interface. The butt assembly is fully adjustable for height at comb and length of pull, and it includes a rubber recoil pad. The new version comes complete with all the normal American Rifle goodies including adjustable trigger, free-floated barrel, etc.
I’m glad to see Ruger offering a wood stock on this rifle, if I were in the market I would certainly consider one, especially if they offered a lefty version. When in the “Off” position, the safety shows a red line, indicating the rifle is ready to fire. Let’s look at some of the different configurations that this classic autoloader has been offered in since its birth along with the current configurations. That’s because it has a fancier American walnut stock with nice checkering and sling-swivel studs. The model fitted with the Hogue stock comes with a target bull barrel; the version with the synthetic stock has a standard barrel fitted with a flash suppressor. And I have to tell you it wasn’t exactly easy for the company’s engineers to make it happen.
The barrel is then turned a quarter turn counterclockwise, and the barrel slides out, forward from the receiver. The Fingergroove Sporter was a .22 LR carbine with a Monte Carlo-style stock and a beavertail fore-end.
Cartridges are moved into the feed position by a spring-driven plastic rotor in the magazine. The rifle incorporated a Picatinny rail for optics and a bipod attached to the fore-end of the Hogue stock version.
The collapsible stock includes the Tapco Intrafuse rubber butt pad for decreased recoil and comfort. From there you can customize and accessorize your Ruger to suit your specific survival needs.
The Stinger’s unique fore-end has a free-float design, but also offers a firm hand hold or a steady rest. The USGI model is stained to replicate the dark red-brown color of the original M1 Carbine’s tung oil finish. This is one of the reasons the magazine rotor spring tension doesn’t have to be heavy, thus making the rotary magazine easier for the shooter to load. The bolt cannot be dropped by retracting and releasing it, as is the case with other semiautos. Like the Target, it doesn’t come with sights, but it’s fitted with a Picatinny rail, enabling the shooter to pick and choose optics. The FBI model (which stands for Faber Brothers Inc., not the Federal Bureau of Investigation) had laminated-wood stocks in reddish brown, light walnut, and tan colors, and they were marked FBI 00000 to 01500. The special anniversary model includes an 18.5-inch stainless-steel barrel and natural silver-colored alloy receiver, a black synthetic stock and military-style sights. I'm surprised that no one mentioned the SKS as a very dependable rifle, more durable than an AK47 anyday. Just in case have you're 12 gauge ready to go with a case of shells and a Remington 16 gauge.
The stock is fully inletted for drop-in installation, and Hogue offers models to fit factory standard barrels and bull barrels (0.92 inches). The SS Evolution is made of Stratabond laminate and features a laboratory acid-based satin finish to resist chemicals and harsh weather.
The flat bottom and tapered fore-end prevent shifting, making for greater benchrest stability. Beginning in 1980 it was called the Deluxe Sporter, but today it is back to its original name. It’s available with either a brown or a black laminated-wood stock with either a blued barrel and receiver or a stainless barrel and satin silver receiver.
The stock has replaceable comb-and-butt units (like Ruger’s American Rimfire bolt-action rifle), and the barrel has a flash suppressor. The buttstock is skeletonized for maximum weight reduction without sacrificing stability or comfort. The composite construction is fiberglass with Kevlar and graphite and is designed to be stable in all climate conditions. The Sporter is a little more expensive than the Carbine, but many shooters think it’s worth the price for the upgrade. Unfortunately, I shot it so much that a hairline crack developed on the left side of the receiver, and my dad ordered me to permanently retire the rifle, much to my dismay. Features on both models include a Parkerized, stamped-steel buttplate with horizontal antislip grooves, sling-swivel loop, upper handguard, and barrel band. In the meantime I’ll just shoot my automatics and catch the occasional burn powder to my nose. I am not saying that this is my opinion of the best rifle to own but cheap and dependable and better also at close range or CQB.

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