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This entry was posted in Health Quotes, inspirational quotes, Positive Thinking and tagged Health Quotes, inspirational quotes, positive thinking. Since every child is unique in personality, not every child can respond to one single methodology. A written behavior plan should be in place to meet the needs of each child’s targeted behavior(s). Step 2:The teacher will determine the time span of the intervention to ensure there is enough data to be collected to clearly demonstrate whether that intervention was successful. Step 5: Evaluate the intervention outcome, in which the teacher will directly compare the actual student progress with the goal originally set. To increase motivation, a less favored activity should be offered first, then a highly preferred activity so the student has to earn their preferred activity.
Data plans will be individualized to the student while also addressing the "core deficits" common to children with autism spectrum disorder.
If actual student progress does not meet the goal, another intervention plan should be considered.

Data should also be collected when students go to other areas of the school, such as specials, OT, PT, etc. Reinforcers can be primary or secondary, but should be age appropriate for the student’s age. Programs and methodologies used in the classroom setting should be based on the most current, valid research in both child development and autism.
All adults who work with the student or who come in contact with them should be informed of the plan and implement it. To establish a baseline, a Functional Behavior Assessment will be completed by the classroom teacher. Some example reinforcers may include toys, books of interest, food or anything a student finds motivating. A clipboard can be used to track current data and should then be placed into their binder once it is complete. Although positive and negative reinforcers can be used, positive reinforcers are highly recommended.

The use of visuals should be used to show the student what reward they will earn for positive behavior.
Standing over the student, folded arms and frustrated facial expressions can increase the probability. Folders or binders should contain the student’s objective for each area and activity that day.
To retrieve the Functional Behavior Assessment form click below.This assessment will then be used to develop a behavior intervention plan, where the antecedent, behavior and consequence will be determined. Data should be organized in the folder or binder according to categories, such as communication goals, fine motor, etc.

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