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Men often find the tribal tattoos most attractive and it so happens that the tribal zodiac tattoos do in fact look awesome and quite attractive. Ram is probably the most powerful symbol you can come up with when thinking of getting an Aries tattoo done.
You can either choose to have just the head of the ram or the entire ram in various positions. Fire, which is said to be the element of Aries, can be entrenched into the design of your Aries tattoo in a way that it looks attractive.
Intricate patterns are tattooed when getting a tribal tattoo done especially for Aries tattoo designs with fire.

Mind you, some of the tattoos of the ram’s head can be made to look powerful and evil at the same time. Furthermore, you also have the option to include the ruling planet of Aries, which happens to be Mars in to your design.
There are ram tattoos that are inked having red eyes, in other words bringing out the devilish side. Aries is one of the most powerful sun signs and is often seen being inked by an Aries man or woman. There are many more interesting and eye catching ways of showing off your zodiac sign through a tattoo.

In tribal tattoos, the Aries symbol of a ram with curved horns is generally the most used design.
You have many more options to explore, such as the 45 Aries tattoo designs presented below. Aries tattoos for men look quite exquisite and sexy, especially when they are done beautifully on their chiseled backs or forearms.

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