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Ami James is the well known shop owner and star of Miami Ink – and I’ve learned recently, he is also an entrepreneur that has spread his artistic talents to other endeavors.  His business sense and ambition reminds me of the ideas we see in Mario Barth’s campaign to change the tattoo business. I love Ami James and everything he does- the blog forgot to mention that ami does bike- art-phone covers and that he is truly inspiring people to do more than they can for the animals!! This weeks Artist Spotlight is on Ami James of Love Hate Tattoo Studios in Miami and Wooster Street Social Club in NYC.
AnoTat2:  You have been tattooing since the early 90’s; what made you want to be a tattoo artist?
AnoTat2:  After you completed your civil duty in the Israeli Military you returned back to Miami and started your apprenticeship with Lou Sciberras of Tattoos by Lou; how did you get Lou to teach you the trade? AnoTat2:  You are known for your Japanese tattoo style; how did you become so interested in this style?
AnoTat2:  Some of the greatest tattoo artists have worked for Tattoos by Lou like Chris Gaver; is this where you and Chris met?
AnoTat2:  When did you decide to open your first shop, Love Hate Tattoos also known as Miami Ink?

AnoTat2:  Tattooing had always been a taboo and considered underground; what made you bring it to the spotlight with Miami Ink?
AnoTat2:  You now have studios in Miami, NY, Ireland, London and now your newest in Asheville, NC; did you ever think you would have tattoo shops around the world?
AnoTat2:  We love Asheville since we have been going to the Tattoo Convention there; what brought you to the mountains? AnoTat2:  You run an online tattoo design website called Tattoodo; how did you come up with this idea?
AnoTat2:  I remember in one episode of Miami Ink you talked about your Buddha neck tattoo and recommended not to get very visible tattoos; do you still hold these feeling with how tattoos became mainstream? Ami James and his staff of talented artists will be at the Asheville Tattoo & Piercing this weekend June 20-22nd. I’d also like to say that I was thrilled and SO excited when a talent like Ami James become a friend of this blog.  Very exciting – and I’ve been boasting to my friends (any anyone else I was trying to impress) – thanks for joining Ami.
Ami has been in the tattoo scene since the early 90’s and broke the barrier of taboo by launching Miami Ink on TLC in 2005.

To an artist tattoos are another form of expression. I guess being heavily tattooed I used to experience prejudice.
I think as a father, and traveling, you always think – would this be a good place to raise my family?
I know what happens behind the scenes is not always what you see on the TV, so I try not to judge those that struggle too much. We caught up with Ami before heading to Cork City, Ireland for the grand opening of Love Hate Cork City.
I guess it is always funniest for me when the guys are there or they are excellent artists I can watch and see fresh art from.

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