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Karina€™s interests intersect in the worlds of the environment, technology, activism and Middle East politics.
Bella pagina la escrtura arabe es tan hermosa,hay muchas paginas en facebook con imagenes preciosas, lamentablemente no les colocan la traduccion, seria interesante que lo hicieran, felicitaciones, buenos dias. I was just looking on your website and wondered if you could possibly translate these words for me. Also please could you translate love (meaning the love between a couple) and strength and courage (as separate words please).
Natasha in Arabic is ??????, which is the closest phonetically that you can get to the original pronunciation. If you do a Google search for this name in Arabic you will find that there are around 61,000 results for this spelling. There are two different versions of this word below, because one can write it with the shadda sign (the little “w” above the letter on the left) or without it.
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I am so scare to have the wrong spelling inked on my body, I have researched on the net, but i get different answers.
Soha, I appreciate your trying to help out, but please be aware that for a tattoo the grammar and spelling has to be accurate. I want an arabic tattoo that says love on my finger, which is best because I understand there’s different ways to write it, so I want to make sure I have the correct translation, either love or peace.
Irene, as I stated in my blog post above, it is really a matter of personal choice, whether to include the shadda or not; it does not alter the meaning or the main writing of the letters. Hey this is really useful thanks… So the way it is written actually makes sense in all fonts?
Arabic genie, i got given to me a book of fake tattoo designs that you could do on kids with paint and things… Anyway in the book there is a arabic symbol for love.
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with translating “Love Rules Without Rules” to Arabic? Well, I’m not too well versed in the Bible, but when I read the phrase I knew it was from Corinthians. As you can see there are two different versions, each version has the same phrase written in five different fonts.

Now, it is your choice if you would like to have the tattoo made from version 1 (with short vowels and harakaat) or from version 2 (without short vowels). As far as getting the actual tattoo done, I would suggest to find a tattooist familiar with the Arabic alphabet if at all possible.
For more Arabic tattoo designs see my new digital book that contains more than 1400 sizzling hot tattoo designs from 284 Arabic phrases and words. This entry was posted in Tattoos and tagged arabic tattoo, Tattoos, harakaat, diacritics by ArabicGenie. Do you reckon the right adjectival form would be ?????? instead of ?????? since amongst the three compared nouns (??????? ??????? ??????? ), two are masculine? Speaking from the strictly grammatical point of view of Modern Standard Arabic, it should actually be ??????, since we are talking about abstract nouns and not about persons. As far as I can tell the translation on that web page is the Van Dyck translation, which I gather is the most popular translation around (and used by the Copts amongst others).
However, a quick google search seems to suggest that the Van Dyck translation of this verse enjoys greater popularity.
I just want to know how to write Love in Arabic, but I have so far found about 10 different ways! Hi, would it be possible if you could you tell me what the arabic translation for serenity is?
Hi, you replied saying i should get it written counter clockwise, is there any chance you could show me a picture of the same tattoo but counter clockwise the faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love tattoo. If you want to have this name in different styles and fonts, then I’d like to refer you to my custom tattoo design service. I try to do my best, but I just don’t have enough time to translate all requests for free.
Sometimes it’s hard to think of the best word or phrase that will be both meaningful to you and accurate in Arabic.
Still looking for the perfect tattoo idea?We would be happy to help you choose and design your tattoo idea. Blogging for some of the most influential media outlets in the "green" world, such as TreeHugger, and The Huffington Post, Karin founded Green Prophet to share the enormous potential of new clean technologies, and environmental awareness emanating from the Middle East region. I have wanted an Arabic tattoo for some time now, but I have been so busy, and also trying to find the correct translation has been proving hard!

I’m glad you provided the pronunciation for your name, because the most important thing for translating names into Arabic is that the sound of the name is preserved.
I designed a tattoo around this symbol and just thought i better look to see if its right but cannot find it anywhere! So, I thought that the best translation and the most authentic would be the one found in the Arabic version of the Bible.
The versions differ insofar as in the first version all the short vowels and other harakaat are indicated.
However, the translation I provided is the one I found in the Arabic version of the Bible (e.g.
When I said that you should rotate the image 45° counter clockwise I meant it quite literally.
Unlike many celebs that wear tattoos with mistakes, Angelina’s is correct and is another great idea for a one-word tattoo. The spelling cannot be preserved and would in fact be misleading – Arabic words are pronounced as they are written. Also, many readers don’t have proper Arabic language support installed on their PCs, so it might be better to go with my Custom Tattoo Design service that includes the translations in PDF format. Luckily, there is an Arabic translation of the Bible (not surprising given the fact that one of the oldest Christian sects are the Egyptian Copts) and I found the verse in question straight away. These are the little signs above and underneath the letters that are absent in the second version (the sign that looks like a small “w” for instance indicates that the letter underneath is to be doubly pronounced). I went to the tattoo parlor earlier today (as soon as I got your email, actually) and met an artist from Lebanon who said he would be able to do the calligraphy.
My name is Natassja (or Natasha, I just spell it differently) would you be able to translate my name into Arabic? Yet, in the context of religious documents such as the Koran or the Bible, they are written to ensure that everyone can pronounce all the words correctly.

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