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This Aristotle Quotes is a nice wallpaper and stock photo for your computer desktop and your personal use, and it is available in wide and high resolutions. Diversity is finally getting beyond discussions of race and gender to include experiences, talents, and ways of thinking. Definition: It takes courage to challenge the status quo, to try something untried, to propose unprecedented solutions. Application: Do small, quick experiments, prototypes and tests, refine and do it again and again to discover the best solutions. Application: Hope is realized how you innovate — how you get ideas into the pipeline, vet them, test them and support the people involved.
Definition: Prudence is about empowering people so the organization is agile and adaptable.
Definition: Temperance is Greek for “the middle way,” moderation, balancing competing interests.
Application: Temperance gets to how you give your people the freedom to perform excellently and have a life. This isn’t a numbers game — you don’t need to make sure you have each virtue on the team and you may have more of one than the other. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your desttiy. Most disruptive innovations (products, services, supply chain, operations, management) take a lot of courage. This way, you mitigate risks rather than avoid them so you can learn from failure and have the courage to experiment-learn-apply iteratively.

The entire customer experience, hence your whole organization, has to live up to that trust. There are many tools for doing this, including giving people time to imagine, dream and try.
Justice also applies the triple bottom line to innovate solutions that are meaningful and effective and preserve the environment — think of Patagonia, Toms of Maine, and Whole Foods. Philos is how you treat your employees and your suppliers — with respect, honesty and the freedom to take risks to better the business and delight the customers.
Do you look at the bright spots (what’s working) as well as the dull spots (what’s not working) and ask why and why not? It applies to work-life fit, stakeholders, team’s diversity, policies for consistency but not constraint, long versus short term and accountability versus authority. Take a project your leadership team is involved in and identify what virtues are most critical to the project’s success. More than 2,500 years ago, Aristotle “created” the Virtues as a guide to leading a “happy life.” They still hold true; that’s why they’ve lasted this long!
These are examples of the classic virtues — the Greek four of courage, justice, prudence and temperance, and the Christian three of faith, hope and love (or charity). It means you are transparent, you align resources to truly delight your customers and you are accountable and responsible. The more “at bats” you have, the more chances of getting all the way around and back to home plate. Who on your team thinks holistically of the impact of their area on other areas of the business?

Do you align your people’s strengths and passions with their responsibilities as best you can? You need people with temperance to balance the passion for customer delight with sustained profitability to continue to delight!
Identify how to turn that into action for each member of the team without personalizing it. Let’s define them and see how having a diversity of virtues can apply in your organization and your teams to help you grow. Is Google’s market cap based on its computer servers and communication networks or on its algorithms, people, corporate culture and the belief, based on past experience, they will continue to produce worth, value.
This is not to imply we don’t question and analyze (which we will see with temperance and prudence). Are your team’s passions varied enough to compliment each other or are they so focused on one area that others are neglected?
Fundamentally, every single member of your team, your organization should be trustworthy — this is a virtue that all should embrace!
Justice accounts for your organization’s total impact — on people, planet and profits; on leaving things at least as good as you found them.

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