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Since around the 2070's, many retired, however some have stayed, most went on to do great things.
Harrison:Henry rose through the ranks in the late 2060's, serving in the 32nd division, he slowly rose to his spot. In the 2070's, he became the third in command of the Germ-Cloak Regime, and was appointed military general after Germ-Cloak became Emperor of Davinhia.
Born in 2052, he joined the ranks in 2068 after the death of his family due to a space cruise from Davinhia to it's moon crashing while landing.

Still being general, he ditched his thoughts about the Germ-Cloak regime, and proudly serves as the General of the Davinian Army under Francis J.
Under the hope of ATLAS, he was since able to walk again, and ultimately helped destroy the corporation, after learning that they wanted to stop wars.
He regretted his decision ever since, and grew comfortable with Irons, but moved on past that.
He was offered the spot of Commander of Davinhia's Military by President Underwood, after being exiled under the Germ-Cloak Regime.

Whittaker:Only serving 5 years in the service, she went through rigorous training to get to where she is.
She hopes to someday surpass Unim and his role as Commander one day, as she wants to be a leader.

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