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So a lot of you may be wondering why I decided to do a reality show… Yes, we know that some of the shows have put a bad taste in your mouth, and people say that it’s for sell-outs blah-blah-blah, but think about this as an artist in the industry… Some of us are looked up to for advice and guidance from younger artists. Our cast also includes Tommy Helm runner-up of Ink Masters Season 1, and a new face to the community, Jazmin Rodriquez. I totally agree that there is gonna be tattoo reality shows, and great artists like Gus should step up to try and make sure that these shows reflect as well on us as possible. We as professionals have the responsibility to inform clients of the best methods to achieve the best ends. Spike is looking for the worst of the worst tattoos and the wildest stories for upcoming episodes of Tattoo Nightmares.
On Tattoo Nightmares, real people with really bad tattoos, ranging from hilarious to downright disturbing, seek the help of three of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them – Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez. Since its launch in 2006, 495 Productions has emerged as one of the television industry’s foremost production powerhouses.
Big Gus feels tattoos on the neck and face should be earned, so first timers looking for a little tribal art, or a unicorn or heaven forbid -a butterfly- might want to keep those badges covered up. I am so grateful for all the support I have received from my fans of Tattoo Nightmares i am beyond gretafull. I have been so fortunate to have an amazing clientele, for many years I have had a one to two year waiting list for many years but Since the first season of TATTOO NIGHTMARES aired, many new names have been added onto that list for tattoo work,with the airing of TATTOO NIGHTMARES my list is growing bigger everyday so please be patient. Please email photos in multiple angles of your ink that you want covered up, try to show me as much of area as possible,this is needed to see if i am even able to do cover up. There are so many artist in so many different cities, it would be impossible for me to refer you to someone.
Tattoo Nightmare Shop is only used for Jasmine, Tommy Helm and I to work together and film.
Thanks so much for understanding and we look forward to helping every one out! Please contact the shop 760-947-5538 ROBIN shop manager for any questions regarding tattoo work or media events,or anything i could have missed please allow 1-2 weeks for an email or phone message responses Thank you for reading! With more than 40 million Americans having at least one tattoo somewhere on their body, you are bound to come across bad permanent ink, ranging from hilarious tattoos to ones that are just downright disturbing pieces. I found this to be a great way of helping the industry, plus I’m getting paid of course. Somebody’s going to have a bad fucking tattoo and with scratchers, or uneducated artists doing tattoos we know this to be very true.
However my impression from the episode that I saw was that every tattoo that was taken on was not successfully covered. Through re-enactments, clients reveal the stories behind how their dreadful ink came to be. The company specializes in developing innovative, character driven non-fiction programming for network and cable. Thanks in part to reality shows, Hollywood stars and other pop culture references, a little ink is often considered fashionable. True artists who just might leave you feeling inspired or at least educated on the art of tattoo work.
Kris Richter will also host a seminar on how to dream up an inspired tattoo that will set you apart.
Internet, social media, word of mouth and reviewing portfolios are the best ways to find and choose an artist. The challenges focus on different tattooing techniques such as contrast, adaptability, balance and dimension as well as styles including New School, photorealism, American traditional and pin-up. The stakes are high as regretful clients go under the tattoo gun a second time to see if one of the three expert artists at Tattoo Nightmares (Big Gus, Tommy Helm and Jasmine Rodriguez) can work a miracle and turn their disaster pieces into masterpieces. Louis Magazine2010 Platinum List Best Floral Designer Ladue News and At Home Magazine2011 Platinum List Best Floral Designer -Ladue News (among the Top 3 in St. I was pulling 16-hour workdays six days a week for a little over a month, which was not an easy task. Yes, it’s gotten a bad rap in the tattoo world but when I was given the opportunity to film a show I took it so I could show America that we can be positive role models to the average person aspiring to be a tattoo artist. Some of which were so bad that they were hurting their relationships, self-esteem and outlook on life. They were not successfully covered because they were too bad and too dark to be covered, and should not have been taken on. The general public is does not possess the training we do, and to them these tattoos look like success’.
Veteran producer, SallyAnn Salsano is the founder and creative force behind 495 Productions. You MUST email me to be put onto the waiting list for any tattoo work,or cover up tattoo work. The series showcases real people with really bad tattoos who seek the help of some of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them. After every challenge the contestants face a tough panel made up of Navarro, Nunez, and Peck and a roster of guest judges.
We cannot stop the ever-growing interest in this trade so why not educate them the best we can and with Spike TV in over 98.7 million homes.
On the show, we take on the task of these people’s TATTOO NIGHTMARES and give them new hope at the end of the long hours of getting tattooed on the show. I have the utmost respect for Gus, but his tattoo was very deficient as well, the old design showed right through clearly even before healing.

You will also get to see re-enactments of their stories, which I can’t wait to see, because some were just too damn crazy to hear. As if people don’t already cop an attitude when we try to inform them of the proper way to acheive the best result when they have a tattoo that is beyond the limits of a coverup. What better way to show them clean tattooing, sterilization, customer service, pride in your art and community. We are not magicians and can not cover up the worst of tattoos the way this show is incinuating. Trust me, man… the pressure was high representing this community and also all my great friends that I wouldn’t want to let down. We all know abou the cover up of the coverup, which resulted due to an artist not informing there client of the realities of there tattoos state, or biting off more than they can chew.
They reflect our home and personalities perfectly and we wanted you to know how thrilled we are. I know I would not be proud to wear any of the tattoos done, and as an artist that would dissapoint me tremendously.
Louis, MO 63124-2084* * *Hi Scott:I just wanted to thank you for sending, from what I am led to believe, the most wonderful and original arrangement of flowers. There haven't been enough days to complete some of the yearly maintenence chores, so before we get "crazy busy" again, we decided to take a day to do them.
Congratulations!Thanks again for the beauty you bring to this world every day!Lucie Springmeyer--Lucie N.
This is Starfighter, Rick Svedcoff, his wife Brenda and son Rick (Comrade Jr.), Rick's brother. Her she is with Gwen and ChefLarryshowing off one of her secrets to a long, healthy 100 year young life. A colleague of my daughter's had seen some of his designs at the Botanic Gardens a number of months back and recommended that we get in touch with him as the process began in choosing a florist. After meeting him, there was no hesitation about our choice in a florist, and, needless to say, all our expectations were met, even exceeded.
My daughter's bridal bouquet could not have been more perfect, my two daughters who were the maids of honor loved their bouquets being bigger than the other bridesmaids. As to the flowers at the reception, they were magnificent, and I could hardly believe the floral arrangements on Heather and Wes' wedding cake. I appreciated his phone calls as the wedding date approached making sure there were no changes and that we would have everything we needed. You are very fortunate to have Scott working for you, and I would be more than happy to recommend him to any potential clients. Chip Gillespie and date, Jessica before their very elegant evening at at an art and symphony event in Deland. Here is what she said to me:Ohmygosh Mendi, when I took one step into the funeral home I stopped and said, there are THE FLOWERS. Besides just dining on ChefLarry's RibEye with Caramelized Onions, Mona tells us just loving life makes her happy.
Deb was in the hospital once and had THE FLOWERS and she said those were the best of her life.
Then she said this tribute to her mother in law, who she adored and she was so deeply touched. The cascading yellow roses were awesome, she (and everyone attending) said they had never seen anything like this display.Deb was so grateful, she is a very humble person. Ben Peyet will be their server and sing a great big JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE in French and the entire Cafe' will do it again , in English.A Mr. We accomplish this with excellencein people, technology,innovation and customer service.* * *How can I begin to thank you for the unbelievable flowers. To be delivered next Tuesday around noon!Colleen O'Neill Marketing Director Saks Fifth Avenue 1 Plaza FrontenacSt. I am not surprised, because I know what you did for my wedding, but this arrangement is fabulous! The arbor was better than she had dreamed, the flower jars hanging from the chairs a real surprise, and she LOVED the flowers on the escort card table! The reception was supposed to end at 10pm but they asked for another hour and a half and it could have gone past midnight. We got a text from the airport as they were waiting for their flight to Thailand again saying how perfect everything was.
The arrangements are exquisite the flowers are breathtaking and along with the containers are so me. I am just speechless which as you could tell from our telephone conversation is not one of my attributes.Thank you so much. I have never experienced such magnificent service by any vendor in my life, (vendor is not the appropriate word for you, the Artist). I have printed the photos and stood them on my desk so that I can have some experience of their beauty.What a joy you are to work with. You make a customer you do not even know feel like she is special and your most important customer and that is special in itself. My encounter with you has certainly begun mine in the best possible way.Best regards,Susie WoodardP. I work for a Spanish company (parent company of Riviana) so the cherry brandy roses could not have been more appropriate.Elizabeth B.

Louis, MO 63103314-286-4116* * *Scott,Thank you, thank you!!
I spoke to you just a few hours ago and ordered the flowers for my niece and nephew, whose first baby was born today at St.
I am so pleased with your work, and especially the promptness of your delivering it to them.
I was out of town, so didnt get to see the bouquet, but they were stunning.Thank you, Ann Simon* * *Scott,Oh my goodness the flowers were absolutely stunning!!!!
Thank you so much.Joyce Sipple* * *(Second Letter)Scott Hepper!All day long, nurses have brought other nurses in to my mothers room to see the flowersyou delivered.
She posted a picture on Facebook and captioned it "Who needs a Valentine when you have two amazing parents? Louis, is starting over again in trying to meet new guys and restart her "life" over again. She recently went out with a guy she met through eHarmony but he disappeared off the radar last week. So I guess what I am saying is that you did a wonderful job, the arrangement was beautiful and it lifted her spirits today!Thank you so very much for helping make it a better day for Mandy!Dennis E. Sullivan* * *Scott,I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers you created for my friend Lissa last week. She went on and on and on and on about how gorgeous they were and she was so surprised too. I have complete faith in Scott; Ithink he's like a floral design god - but the centerpiece budget wehad to work with was unrealistically tight.
Receiving the attached reminded me that I wanted to thank you for working with my colleague Leah Costantino to provide arrangements for our recent Leaders in Business Summit at the Knight Center. Louis - Olin Business SchoolAssistant Dean & Director of Corporate Relations Campus Box 1133, One Brookings DriveSt. Louis, MO 63130-4899* * *Scott,I am the very lucky recipient of a stunning arrangement you designed yesterday. As I run the front desk for a facial plastic surgeon, I will enjoy giving out your name and contact information as I know I will invariably be asked many times this week as to the origin of the arrangement.
The lady at the front desk had to bring it over on a chair because it is so big and everyone had to come in and see it because they saw it rolling by.Norma Rufkahr* * *Scott,I wanted you to know that that the flowers you sent for my grandmothers funeral are still providing me comfort. My grandmas favorite color was pink and my absolute favorite flowers in the world are the Esperance rose and peonies.
Ill enjoy their bloom even more now that Ill associate them with the memory of my grandma.We received so many comments on the flowers at the funeral home. My two sons picked two flowers and were drying them so they can be made into a rosary.My grandma was very dear to me.
Because my mother was young when she had me and tragically died early, my grandma was my second mother. Hopefully, that will give me enough time that I dont end up weeping when I see you ;)Youre a very kind man.
Your light hearted, witty approach was the perfect antidote to the winter blues and we all left inspired and overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts! I think my favorite part of the whole evening however, was when you played the piano, so unexpectedly and beautifully before anyone else arrived. I always try to use a local florist when I order flowers, it seems I always get better service that way. You've made my Mother's Day- Many thanks-You are gooood-Keep in touch and sorry about my tardiness!D. Thanks so much for the idea of using our water bottles as the basis for the flower arrangements, Im sure theyll love them. John is extremely happy that I located you.Thanks again for all your help with the corsage yesterday and having someone there after closing for John. Louis, MO 63132* * * Scott,Thanks again for making our event look marvelous on Thursday evening. As you can see from the comments below, the experience was very well received and I share the appreciation and credit with each and every one of our vendors, who ultimately are the glue that make it all come together. I loved the centerpieces, which were not only colorfully autumnal but the perfect size to provide a splash of color on each table without being disruptive to the conversation or overly ostentatious. It was a pleasure to know that you were going to provide exactly what I needed how and when I needed it.
So, thank you again for answering the call and I look forward to working with you again soon.
If you havent already, please be sure to e-mail me your invoice so I can get it processed ASAP and do let me know if there are any other loose ends that need to be resolved.
Going to Rolla this weekend for a tennis tournament, but will be back in STL and resuming my work Sunday late afternoon. How kind of you to remember that the flowers were for my mom and think about Mothers Day for me. Ive got another treat for my mom for Sunday so were all set.I know she loves the flowers each month.

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