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Last year, one of the biggest impacts in the tattoo industry was side tattoos for guys and the demand for this trend just continues to grow.
Let’s take a look at some of the ideas around at present for side tattoos for men and while this is not a complete list, it does cover the most sought after designs around.
Another popular design for any area is the dragon but this has to be one of the best side tattoos for men as the thin layer of flesh gives the impression of additional dimension.
These are just four main trends that are currently popular designs in side tattoos for men but there are many more. Previously, these were definitely for the more hard-core tattoo enthusiast due to the level of pain involved in this process. Tribal designs have been popular since the nineties as the bold black lines and patters make a bold statement that appeal to many men. If the design is interwoven on the rib cage, the dragon almost appears to be flying in and out or off the side when the body is in motion. The options available are abundant and with so many designs from which to choose one you like, it is important to thoroughly research these ideas before going to your tattooist.
Now, with more and more people opting for tattoos, more of us are looking for the ultimate in cool designs and locations that will make us stand out from the crowd.

These are also now big news for side tattoos as updated versions work very well in this area, a suitable alternative to the overworked and somewhat common tribal designs used for the shoulder. There are many English and Western style dragons now to choose from with elements of popular fantasy and adventure games as well as the more traditional Asian style designs originating from Japan and China which work equally well too. If you can resource as much material as possible it will be easier to determine what you want, to get your ideas across and explain to your tattoo artist so he knows exactly what you desire.
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While this is definitely one of the hottest and stylish ways to do so, this does not mean you should rush off to your nearest tattoo parlor and opt for the first image that comes to mind. Other ways to update the tribal tattoo is to mix and match the traditional with new age designs to produce an ambiguous twist on the standard version. Another popular oriental design is the Japanese Koi Fish as they tell a powerful story and have strong symbolism that appeals to many.
In turn he will be able to transform your ideas into reality to produce a really cool tattoo that is beyond even your imagination. Like any other tattoo, you should take some time to research the designs available and consider all the possibilities involved before getting your side tattooed. Alternatively opting for the lesser used Hawaiian, Maori or Samoan styles will make your tribal tattoo more individual.

The vibrant colors of blue, gold, orange and yellow means the make a bold impact as a side tattoo also. Taking a methodical approach like this will ensure you find a unique tattoo of a high quality that you are guaranteed to love forever.
One of the most popular trends at the moment has to be script tattoos which involve written words such as well known quotes or sayings to convey a message. The shape of the fish also works well as a tattoo on the side as it can be curved upward giving the impression of jumping from the water as well as bending or twisting around the body.
This is an easy way to make a statement with your tattoo without worrying about whether the meaning or symbolism comes across.  The words are there for all to see clearly and you can choose from a variety of differing fonts and scripts to make it look great too.
The water itself can be extended as splashes as far as the back or stomach giving additional impact that will definitely catch the eye and captivate attention with this complex design.

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