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Aztec and Mayan tattoos are great for those of you who would like to show their ultimate tribal side. Aztec tattoos had a practical as well as a decorative use as they were used in rituals to gods such as Uitzilopochtle.
Nowadays, all kinds of information on this subject can be obtained through a spot of internet research. There are various websites and blogs that will not only inform you textually about designs but also offer pictures. While moderns might decorate their bodies for aesthetic pleasure, these ancients thought differently, drawing on specific and significant parts of their body such as on their stomachs, wrists and chests to prove dedication to a particular deity.

Most of them allow you to print out your favorites for future reference and are happy to help you find what you need. Whereas Mesoamerican societies shared artistic styles, Aztecs were very original in their design capabilities, teaching their people to pot from an early age and invoking so-called a€?sacreda€™ shapes. A distinct pattern would be used and, although they were very different and individual, much of the time they would reference the sun which was considered to be the starting point of all living things.
The Ancient Egyptians shared this notion also and certain historians argue that the rising and falling of the sun is really the logic behind all world religions. If you depend on shops for designs you may have to bear in mind that the artists behind these designs may not be that knowledgeable about Aztec culture and added some of their own inaccurate details.

Go for reputable shops and artists that definitely know their onions when it comes to the culture.
Remember a€“ you dona€™t want to make a mistake and end up quite literally scarred for life.

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