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I Want To Make My Dad A Good Homemade Christmas Gift But I Dont Know What To Make What Should I Do? I take care of my dad who is living with me I also have a brother who is living with me and he continues to badger my dad and my dad wont do anything about his abusive behavior. Do any other Girls like talking about bras around nerdy boys just to make them feel uncomfortable?
Because I learned that one of my best friends grandfather is my dad's cousin so would I just call him a cousin to make it shorter? My mom got me a phone over the weekend for my birthday but my dad doesn't want me to have one.

So maybe you could pop into a tattoo parlour, explain the situation, and see if they'll sell you a voucher to go towards a new tat for your dad. He hasnt even made an Attempt to join aa or not buy beer what should i do about these feelings of hate i have for him? To make it even more personal, you could design a tattoo for him yourself!If not an actual tattoo, you could always buy him a book of tattoo designs. I have a pretty cool one at home of Old School tattoo designs by Sailor Jerry.You could even buy him a season of LA Ink on DVD. Maybe you could hunt down a rare hard-to-find record that he likes (or you could just get him a Spotify Premium subscription).What about tickets to a monster truck event?Tickets to any extreme sport may cut it, UFC through to X-Games depending on what your dad likes watching.

Maybe take him to see his favorite team play!Is there a particular style of clothing he's into?

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