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These tattoo designs became popular during the mid90’s and has been a trend for many players in the amateur and professional league of basketball.
Variety of basketball tattoos can be created and designed according to your own preference. Color is highly recommended than the plain black and white color when it comes to tattoos designs. Although tattoos can b very exciting piece of body art, one must always remember that these are permanent.
Hey a€” have you ever wondered what your back would look like if, instead of simple flesh unadorned save for birthmarks and possibly hair, it was entirely covered with tributes to Michael Jordan? He has got the name of his mother on his hand and the nickname given by his grandmother on his arm. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on David Beckham Tattoos, Marine Corps Tattoos, Samoan Tattoos and Outlaw Tattoos.
Derrick and basketball, both are made for each other and his tattoos bring out that love more clearly.
Englewood, the neighborhood of Chocago where the player grew up also features on his forearm, etched in a graffitti style. Derrick Rose has his both arms filled with tattoo designs and they make for a cool display. Having grown up in Chicago, Derrick got a tattoo on his wrist with Chicago skyline and a basketball as a tribute to the place.
The name of his mother Brenda along with a rose features on his right hand that shows his affection.
The basketball player has tattoos on his hands that bear testimony to his love for the game. Derrick loves his family and attributes his success to them and to show his love has got a lettering tattoo that says family first. The basketball star’s most famous tattoo is his nickname tattoo, resting on the top of his arm.
Looking casual and relaxed, the wizard gives a cool pose with the ball held in his tattooed hand.

This first tattoo on Derrick’s arm is a pointer that he believes in god and has firm faith in him. The hunk poses on the staircase with his lovely tattoos clearly visible on the back of his palm.
The right forearm tattoo is the first, holy tattoo Derrick got on his body and therefore, holds a special place in his heart. Whenever Derrick is playing on the court, his tattoos attract as much attention as his maneuvers.
You can see the magician gazing at his crystal with the nickname of the football player also visible along side.
A rose flower with his mother’s name Brenda tattooed over it makes for a cute portrait.
The tattooed hands of Derrick look all the more splendid and attractive when they hold the basketball. Enjoying some victorious moment on the court, Derrick gives expression to it by patting his palms. The arms of Derrick have two prominent tattoos; one pertaining to his nickname and the other that started the tattoo history on his body.
Derrick is proud of his upbringing that made him the star he is today and his tattoos are a tribute to the same. The chicago skyline and the basketball with lovely words for his city show an endearing side of the man.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. One of the most unforgettable icons known for his fashionable basketball tattoos is Dennis Rodman who was then playing for the Chicago Bulls. It gives the tattoo a livelier and energetic look which will further describe the basketball sports attitude. Temporary basketball tattoos are  great tattoo of choice for young kids to use during basketball games in school or the community.
Starting from arms to chest and till stomach, the basketball star has various kinds of tattoos on different skin spaces and the total count stands at nine.

Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Basketball fans never get tired of seeing their favorite team players on court cheering for victory every season. Others use the number of their favorite team player to express their genuine admiration and support for the player himself.
Others may even use gold, silver or bronze colors to represent their goal for victory and success. Aside from its easy to apply feature you could put on any designs you want and wash them of later after the game.
A basketball tattoos are the most common figure added with a twist of sunlight, net or other things related to the sport to give it a more innovative and unique look apart from the usual basketball logos.
Basketball tattoos are commonly placed on visible parts of the body such as the back, shoulder blades or chest to boast your confidence with your team and its players. It's all most of us think about.Well, now we no longer have to rely on our paltry, malnourished imaginations to envision it.
Take your time in choosing the best permanent basketball tattoos you will love to wear for the rest of your life and save you all the worries of getting rid of them for some time. I should have known better, of course a€” every time I think we've reached the peak of the NBA-related tattoo game, someone finds a way to step it up.Someone gets LeBron James' face tattooed on his leg, and someone else gets Kobe Bryant's face tattooed on his leg even bigger. One Dallas Mavericks fan gets Dirk Nowitzki's one-legged fadeaway tattooed on his leg; another gets the German's face tattooed on his butt.
And when it comes to New York Knicks-related body art, just as John Starks' "The Dunk" was destined to be superseded by Nate Robinson's dunk, Nate had to be toppled by Chris Smith getting his brother J.R.

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