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As co-owner of Ink Revolution Tattoo Studio, Justin is dedicated to his career and clients.
Page already has a high-profile clientele list with several musicians, UFC fighters, and NFL players among it; but make no mistake, he is as down-to-earth a guy as you will ever meet and provides his customers with 100% attention and care, determined to make each tattoo beautiful and meaningful. It was a true pleasure to talk to Justin for this Inkerview and I'm thrilled to present him and his work to you today. Who inspires you in the tattoo world and in the art world in general?In the painting world, Salvador Dali and Shawn Barber are a couple of my favorites. He recently did Zombieland and just finished up on a new movie coming out called The Crazies. I actually get pierced at Ink Revolution [since 2008] and hope to be tattooed by Justin very soon.
Please feel free to send a message to me via the email link on the right hand side of the page. Surprisingly, he has been tattooing for less than five years, but with the drive and determination he possesses he has climbed his way up the ranks quickly; and continues to learn and work hard, soaking in all the industry has to offer.

As he says, "I'm married to the love of my life, and we have three beautiful children and a silly ass dog. I first started tattooing in October of 2006, and had been getting tattooed since I turned 18.
How did you get interested in the realism genre and what is your favorite type of piece to work on?I have always drawn and painted faces. In the tattoo world there are so many: Mike Devries and Nikko are some of my biggest influences.
Can you tell us about that and will you be doing more of this in the future?My cousin got me started in FX when I was a child. So although you have the latest of fashion trends and the seasonal favorites, they might not work for all.
No matter what I would draw or paint, I would always start with an eye and turn it into a strange face. I have been steered in the right direction by Darrin White; and one of my best friends and mentor, Kyle Cotterman.

I always think his work looks as though there really were brush strokes involved, in addition to tattoo needles. This talented artist in Kingsport, Tennessee will not only knock your socks off with his beautiful tattoo work, but will make you smile and feel appreciated the second you meet him. Page a few years ago at a tattoo convention and while we had been online pals for a long time before that day, talking in person made me feel as though we had been friends for decades. He has a kind demeanor that makes you feel comfortable and upbeat just by being at his side.

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