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Eva Huber is a top female tattoo artist currently working in a shop called Horseshoes and Handgrenades located in Western Massachusetts.  She’s enthusiastic and motivated and believes that keeping an open mind is one way to improve your tattoo skills. She says she is inspired by tattoos that are still holding up over the course of time and the achievement of realism that artists are able to achieve. You can look at some sample images of his work, and there is info and links to various sites where you can find out more about the artist. Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. Due to a widely multi-cultural make up, Toronto is a mixing pot of design, lifestyle, and customs. It’s becoming common place for these sorts of lists to contain multiple names from the same shop. Bryndon is the third artist we’re featuring from just outside of Toronto (Burlington, Ontario), deal with it. We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattoo shops we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list. Philadelphia is known as being one of the “grittier” cities in America and locals really embrace this attitude. If you’ve had bad experiences getting tattoos or you’re not fond of what you currently have, you have options. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop!

Los Angeles is home to some of the most interesting people in the world and with over 150 tattoo studios, one can see that body art is very popular among the locals. Pavel is an amazing realistic artist in other aspects as well, and you really should take a look at his work! She has the ability to excel in a wide range of styles from traditional tattooing to the most intricate types of linework.
An avid student of the traditional game, Peter is not afraid to venture into the likes of new and uncharted styles. Whether it’s the sports scene or a new tattoo, Philly represents hard working Americans and tough attitude. There are laser removal businesses and you can even get a cover-up from your tattoo artist. If you’ve been exposed to it, it will likely burn a void in your brain that few trad-artists can fill. It was tough to choose a showcase image for Alex, because we did not want to give off a one direction perception of her style. Walking around the storied Queen West borough, it’s hard not to run into individuals adorning some of Peters ink. Tattoo shops pride themselves on the art, and artists that pass through their doors each and every day. When he his at home, you can find him working on his favourite designs of Tigers, Dragons, Wizards, and Buxom Ladies, etc, etc.

Here, he is the proud owner of one of the sickest forms of realistic illustration the province has to offer.
The point is, Philadelphia is home to some of brightest and best minds when it comes to tattoo art.
She’s got a vast range of other hobbies and you wonder where she can find the time to juggle all of them. A tough man to book an appointment with, consider yourself lucky if you’ve been or are soon to be tattooed by the man. TCB is no different, and Andres (the shops Owner) holds the keys to some very hallowed ground. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of body art, you can’t go wrong when you’re in the City of Brotherly Love. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of body art, you can’t go wrong when you’re in the City of Angeles.
The ambition may be genetic as her brother has a large variety of projects going at any given time.
Her style has been called classical illustration and I think that’s a good term to describe her style.

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