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Mississippi is not a particularly renowned place on the map when it comes to tattoo shows but the wonderful Matt Stebly is determined to prove otherwise to the world. This issue, we are mighty pleased to bring you this damn fine photo-set of Miss Kelly Bakewell who last year was nominated Scottish Miss PinUp 2015. Open until May 8th 2016, the exhibition ‘Tattoo London’—at the Museum of London—aims to show the vitality of the tattoo scene in the contemporary life of Londoners.
Photographer Masato Sudo is a living legend in the contemporary world of Japanese tattooing.
When it comes to working with single colour ink–and that would of course be our old friend, the black–there are few in the world who can make it sing and dance like Robert Borbas.
It’s a bitterly cold December day in Newham Leisure Centre but that’s not going to dampen the spirits of the hollering crowd.
After celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, the Milan Tattoo Convention confirmed its vitality across the weekend of 5-7th February and is already thinking forward with some exciting news for the 2017 edition.
Continuing our look at tattooing on the other side of the world, this month we dig a little deeper into the lives of Borneo’s pirates, head hunters, lumberjacks, planters and tireless travellers. With Oscar fever beginning to sweep in, accompanied by the justified criticism over their complete lack of diversity, I feel its only right that we turn our gaze to the big screen and its portrayal of tattoos.
It’s no secret that the bossman appreciates blackwork as much as a morning coffee–and when he finds an artist that rattles his cage more than others, he makes sure we all know about it.
Fade FX is the only tattooist in the UK trained in the ancient art of Borneo tribal hand tap tattooing.

A swift tour around any convention will reveal a fairly high percentage of bodies geared up for characters from popular culture to be inked. Whether it’s an old school panther or a portrait of someone’s cat, animals have been the muse of tattoo artists for many years now, and will be for many more to come. Splitting your time between Valencia and Ireland sounds like fun, especially when you get to make some amazing tattoos along the way—Nicky Connor chats to artist Charles Huurman to find out more.
Since its inception in 2013, the artists we’ve met at Tox Cit’Ink are always full of praise for the Liege tattoo convention. There’s every chance you might consider the name Hieronymus Bosch to be attached to that of a hard-knock detective currently screening on Amazon Prime… and you would be right.
On Sunday, I had the immense privilege of being a competition judge at the first convention of the year, Telford's Tattoo Freeze.
Now in its fifth year, more than 8000 visitors attended the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival last November that featured over 250 tattoo artists from around the world. In an occasional new series, we thought it would be interesting to throw a spotlight on a studio we—as writers and observers—collectively respect, and let the visuals do all of the talking for us.
One tattoo show whose reputation precedes it is the small but perfectly formed Ink & Ride tattoo convention held in Hamburg, Germany.
We as tattoo lovers might think that we can walk into any tattoo shop, point at the patch of skin furrowed on our foreheads, and get a big, beautiful design inked between our temples. The beautiful city of Budapest is home to Matyas Halasz and his colourful fragmented tattoos.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away (well, Caerphilly to be exact) a young Chris Jones was sitting with his Gramps watching a pirate VHS. With seven studio albums, a Grammy Award nomination and a two decade-long musical crusade under their belts, Buckcherry are about as rock ’n’ roll as they come.
It is ten o’clock in the morning and I am nearly running late for my tattoo appointment with Mike Adams. Craigy Lee: No longer ‘man about town’, but ‘man just about as far away from town as you could ever be’. Skin Shots International is a sister title to Skin Deep and acts as a 'reference' magazine featuring top quality tattoo work from around the globe.
At the beginning of the 1980’s he published one of the most impressive books done so far on the subject: ‘Ransho’.
Yes, they help the great old school traditions live on, but more importantly, they have the balls to do what most artists only dare dream about: Pack up and hit the road. The movie was Return of the Jedi and it captured little Chris’ imagination in every way possible. A Tattoo Freeze that threw up exciting new talent and some raised eyebrows over where some people have been hiding?

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